lots of cheshire cats

I think I have my idea for a tattoo all figured out. I´ll use this pinup, and make it into an Alice in Wonderland, and then I´ll cover my old bird tattoo with a Cheshire cat. I think it will look absolutely perfect, and more importantly, it will be an image that has a meaning to me, not just a pretty picture. I don´t like the tattoos you make, just because you want a tattoo (such as my bird, and pretty much every tribal I´ve ever seen), I want it to represent  who you are or what´s important to you at the time you´re making the tattoo. I got a scarab on my ankle from when I studied egyptology, and a ball of yarn on my wrist. Alice in Wonderland is a big thing for me at the momen, I love the surrealism of both the story and the imagery, and the whole look of Alice and the Wonderland is a big influence on my personal style. I´m also doing a girl chasing bats on my back, which is an hommage to my gothic past (and the past of my personality that´s still dark and very infatuated with vampires and death), stars on my arm for the kilos I´m loosing, and then I have to think about the rest. Because there will be more - I want at least both arms and my back covered.

All of this, just because I wanted to post some pics of the Cheshire Cat...

A whole lot of cats to consider!

successful week!

Last week (my first one counting points), I lost 2.2 kg, that´s almost 5 pounds. And that´s with my period (when I usually gain a couple of pounds)! So I feel very good about that, and I think that´s the best start I could´ve asked for. But somehow the week ended not that good: on Saturday I went with my sister to Stockholm, and in the morning I felt really good - I had lost some weight, I had done my hair and makeup real nice, I was looking forward to a good day. But somewhere in the middle of the day, I was getting blue, and it got worse and worse and finally, I almost started to cry in the middle of a store (and I usually don´t cry at all). It got a bit better, after I had some chocolate (low bloodsugar, I bet), but then, in the evening, I went to my other sister´s house for a girls party, and I had a miserable time, I was bored out of my mind, and I went home at 8.30 pm. So - a good week and a bad weekend.

nothing new...

It´s been said before, both here on the blog and in my life, hopefully I won´t say it again. Today I´m counting points again, trying to lose some weight with the help of my old Weight Watcher material. I have lost waeight on several occasions, but the most was the first time, and since that worked so well, that´s the material I´m using. So I´m paying no attention to some of the newer "rules" (limitless amounts of rice or pasta for a fixed points value, or as many empty points you want within your daily points). The old ways were less forgiving, I have to admit, but perhaps that´s why they worked so well the last time - I lost about 60 pounds, and hope to do that this time too. Because, of course, I have gained all of that, and then some.

image823 Here I´m almost at my least fat, this is what I aim for. I wat to get even smaller, but at least, I want to be like this.

Actually, I had no plans on trying to lose weight now, I was going to wait until it was time for my gastric binding surgery, and then let that be the solution. But my sister phoned the other day, and said she was going to do it now, and I know I can´t bare to see her get thin, and still being as fat myself. But it feels quite good doing it now, and hopefully I won´t have to go through with the GB later (I´m quite nervous and hesitant, and would be so happy if I could lose weight without surgery).

so far...

the weightwatching is doing quite well - I´ve been walking everyday, I´ve followed the program, and in two weeks I´ve lost about 2 kilos - I couldn´t ask for much more! Tomorrow I get payed, I really need to shop for food, my fridge is so empty, I haven´t had a fresh veg for a few days, and I really miss it. So yay - shopping! This Friday, I´m going to Stockholm for some swap shopping as well, I think, it´s about time I started putting Belles (from Canada) package together, and tomorrow I have to send Dianes package, she´s had to wait far to long. So yay - money! They really have a way of brighten up my life!
Unfortunately my sister is not feeling as good about this weightwatching, she´s ready to give up, after only two weeks. I guess we´ll just have to cheer her up, helping her stay on the right track - I know she would hate herself, if all of us got thin and gorgeaus, and she was the only one that remained chubby. For the rest of us, my other sister and my friend, it´s going well, they are both losing weight, and they are both feeling good about this.
Me, I do a lot of wishful shopping in my head - buying clothes sucks when you´re fat, but it´s such a delight when you fit in all of the clothes in all of the shops - I hate the big-sections, they all assume that you are in your 50s, and I´m not even close. I´ve barely turned 30, and I love fashion, and I love to have a personal style - shouldn´t I be able to buy clothes as well? Well, in a year or so, I´m going shopping!

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