cinnamon buns

Work smells lovely today - I think there´s cinnamon buns on the way! If you want it to smell wonderful at your house too - make today a baking day!

Swedish Cinnamon Rolls from Janice 

100 g (6 2/3 Tbsp - 15 g = 1 Tbsp) margarine
2 c milk
2 cakes fresh yeast
1/2 tsp. salt
2/3 c. sugar
2 tsp. ground cardamom
5 1/4 c. (13 deciliters) bread flour
1 egg for brushing on top of rolls

5 Tbsp margarine melted
1/4 c. sugar
3/4 Tbsp cinnamon

Melt margarine; add milk and heat to body temp. Break up yeast cakes in large mixing bowl and pour enough to melt yeast and blend evenly. Blend rest of liquid. Add salt, sugar and cardamom.

Gradually add flour (about 1/2 - 1c. at a time ) setting aside approx. 1/2 c. Work dough (around and back and forth, front and back) until it release from the sides of the bowl (with a whisk or wooden spoon). Sprinkle with small amount of flour, cover and let rise 30-40 min. Using rest of flour, kneed dough until rollable. Divide into 4 parts. Using rolling pin, roll each fourth into rectangles, about 10-12 inches. Brush with filling mixture. Cut into 10 strips, 3/4 inch. Roll each strip into a bun and set on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper (4x5 to a sheet). Cover and let rise 20 minutes. Brush tops with beaten egg. Sprinkle with pearl sugar (Janice has friends bring her from Sweden). Bake about 5-7 minutes at 475
° until tops are golden brown. Makes 40 rolls. 


daylight savings time...

Yesterday we gained one hour, as we changed into daylight savings time, and that hour got me up early out of bed, so I made my sister a bag for her bday (on Xmas Eve, poor thing...). I´m going to make a scarf to go with it, and then she´s done. Then it´s just all of the other stuff on my waiting list...

Went to IKEA yesterday, they´ve got a whole bunch of "wants" now, small things and big. I got glass swans for my Xmas tree, and some zebra print wrapping paper. I could easily spent a whole lot more money there...

I know it´s early, but I can´t wait!

Am I a bit early, or right on time? Here´s some Xmas stuff I really like, anyway. I want my Xmases to be white and pink, a bit on the kitschy side, and with a very Danish twist. The white plastic Christmas tree is the one I´ve got, I´d wanted it for years, and bought it last Xmas, and love it. Everyone I told about my white plastic tree were very sceptic, but when they saw it, all decked in white and pink, they all agreed that it was beautiful. I actually can´t wait to get it out! But I just love the month before Xmas, sometimes before New Year´s, all the decorations are put away, then I can´t stand them.




Agreed to work late tonight (as late as it gets when working with kids - about 6PM), and I already regret it. I can´t believe how tired I am, and have been for the last week. And it´s only noon, I´ve only been at work fpr 1½ hours... Can´t wait to get home!

I´m hoping for nice surprises in the mail, package from Jenn in Japan is on it´s way, and so are books from Bokus, this years S´n´B calendar and a book on vintage accessories. I love vintage and I love accessories, how can this go wrong?

It´s time to get Pei´s package together (the third!). I´ve got some ideas, and I hope she does too. Myself, I´m getting presents from her trip to Singapore, and kawaii from Singapore is great, I know from experience.

It´s actually only two months til Xmas, can you believe it? Better get working on those gifts...

shop yourself pretty - all on the net!

Here´s some fashionable links. Go take a look, and don´t blame me, if you spend all of your paycheck in one go! Cheap fashion, jewellery and beauty, inspired by fashion icons like Sienna Miller and Kate Moss. British. These are some of my likes:


Mint & vintage Vintage clothes and accessories (fairly priced), as well as new design. Fun stuff! Swedish. I like these:


Accessora Beauty, scents and accessories that may be hard to get your hands on otherwise in Sweden. Swedish. How can you not like a site, that greets you like this:


this´ll be the last one for the day, I promise!

I sewed myself a pretty raggy flower brooch last night/this morning, is black and white, following this tutorial. Now, I actually see, that mollychicken´s flowers aren´t as thick as mine became, but I like mine, never the less. I will definately make more!


scully socks update

I´ve finished my scully socks for the S´n´B calendar, now they´re drying after blocking. I just need to take some pics, I´m working on the pattern, and then they´re ready to send off to be published. I´m thinking of buying (who am I kidding - I will buy) this years calendar, so I´ll know what to expect, how it´ll look like. It´s so exciting - the first pattern I submit gets published! Ok, not in the original book, but published in any way is great. Now Debbie Stoller is looking for patterns for a book on men´s clothing, last day to submit is November 4th (I think), but unfortunately mensware is the thing I´m worst at, and I can´t think of any ideas.

kurikuri from Japan!

This lovely little book came with a lovely package from Momo in Japan!

16274-373 kurikuri 2  ISBN4576041002

I actually expected these KuriKuri-books to be smaller, being so cheap, but it was thicker than I expected, and filled to the brim with the cutest ideas. I so loved this book, and will buy many more in the series.

japanese treats!

I got a so very nice package from Momo in Japan today, it really brightened up a rainy day! The package itself was so nice, I barely had the heart to open it, but inside was things so great, it was definately worth it! Wrapped in a Hello Kitty bag, were a whole lot of Hello Kitty-stuff: Two tiny rice spoons, badges, nail stickers, photo frame, calendar and ziplock bags, dark chocolate from Australia and a Kuri Kuri-book, which had so many great ideas. I loved each and every thing, thanks a lot, Momo!


fashion role model

I went shopping yesterday, for black liquid eyeliner (can´t believe I´ve never owned one of those!) and red lipstick (found the perfect shade), I love that look, with simple, yet sofisticated eyes and bright lips - gorgeaus! One who does that so well, as well being a fashion icon (for me, anyway), is Dita von Teese (but how she could marry Marilyn Manson is beyond me, as is how beautiful Rose McGowan could ever date him). If I lost several pounds (many that is), her style is definately one I would try for myself. See what you think:

16274-372 16274-371 16274-370 16274-366
16274-368 16274-367  16274-365 16274-369

the devil wears prada (unfortunately I don´t...)


I went to the movies the other day, I saw The Devil wears Prada. I think I liked it (I may have to see it again to really decide), but I know I didn´t like how they portrayed Miranda Priestly, with a tough extierior, and a softness deep inside. In the book, there´s definately no soft spots in Miranda, and that´s how I like her. But, what I loved, of course, is the fabulous clothes, where the great Patricia Field (who also did the wardrobe of Sex and the City) did the styling. Can she ever go wrong?

worst week of the month...

and it begins today. It´s period time, and I´m having PMT. Bad. I wish I could get moody and irritable and cranky, but noooo, all I get is hungry and have cravings, and there´s no way to feel fulfilled, no matter how much I eat, or what. So I had to buy a big bag of sweets (yes, chocolate too), and I tell myself that I won´t finish it all in one go, but seriously: who am I kidding? Can´t wait for this week to be over! Can´t wait for menopause! It shouldn´t be more than twenty years now...

samhain issue

I just wanted to share with you - a new issue of the AntiCraft is out now! Go take a peak! It may not be my favourite issue, but it may be yours!

some links from the dark side...

Here´s my tip-of-the-day - do try some!

Knit yourself a Jack Skellington

Punk rock gift exchange

Make a haunted gingerbreadhouse

Crochet an eyeball

The dark-mark-bag

Stigmata Knits

Jack Sparrows favorite socks

Shop Emily the Strange

   I want this gorgeaus tattoo! 

  Found these lovely bats, too. 

halloween´s up soon!

It´s almost halloween, and I love halloween! Despite it being such a new holiday in Sweden (especially older people dislikes it, being "American import and just an excuse for spending money, and people forgetting the old ways of celebrating All Hallow´s Eve, with lighting candles on the graves of our dearly departed" - I can´t see why you can´t do both), it feels like a natural way of lighting up fall. And it fits my personality like a glove, with the sculls, and Jack o´lanterns, and bats and stuff. We´re in no way near the Americans in the way we celebrate or decorate, but a carved pumpkin face is an absolute must. I´m thinking of inviting sisters and friend over, but the thing is, it´s on a Tuesday, and all of them have kids, and I don´t plan on inviting the kids, just a girls night.
Another reason, I think, that I love Halloween, is that it´s also the Wiccan new years eve, Samhain, and Wicca is the closest thing to a religion I´ve found. Christmas for me is not about the birth of Christ, but instead it´s Yule, celebrating the Winter Solstice, and the return of light.


a sockwork orange

I´m almost finished with my first sock for the Stitch´n´Bitch calendar, and I´m pretty much done with the pattern, I just need to translate it into English. All I´ve got to do then, is to do the second sock, take pics and send it all to the publisher. Oh, and I need to get hold of the attachments to my mail from them, with contract and pattern-how-to´s, I can´t open them, not here and not at work. Crap.

If there´s anyone out there, who has been reading me for a while, you might remember my green shawl/scarf, that never got finished, because I couldnt find the yarn I needed. Well, no more. I found my yarn! The shawl will be perfect for autumn/winter/spring - it´ll be large, green and fuzzy, with fringe and beads. Lovely, I hope. And it´ll be finished!

backlash and somethings completed

I´m sending some packages today, and of course, I forgot the addresses at home, and now I can´t get into my hotmail-account, to reach the addresses there. And I don´t want to carry the packages back home, and then back to the postoffice again. So I´ll blog a little, and then try again.

I´ve been taking some pics today, so if you scroll down a bit, you´ll get to see them, there´re some swap pics, and some finished stuff.

I´ve almost finished my felt toilet, the only thing missing is the towel, and I think it worked out quite nice. It´s a bit crooked, but not too bad. It looks like this, what do you think?


Can you tell, that pink´s my favourite colour? How are you doing on yours, Pei? Did we say that it´d be finished in october?

I took a picture of my felt pastries, too. I don´t really like the choc chip cookies, mostly because they don´t look like it.


And a picture of my lovely alpaca mittens:


fashionable reads

I just picked up two books at the post office:

16274-351 16274-350

They´re both on fashion and personal style, one of my big interests. The first one is more on your personal style, and the second one is more on style in general, and the style of the rich and famous. I think they will live very happy in my "fashion-books-shelf"!

UPDATE: The books are in Swedish, and not available at Amazon, sorry, guys. But there´s a lot af good fashion books in English, we need to have at least something for ourselves...


16274-312 teami kafue sutairu retsutsu nitsuto shiri zu  ISBN4529040941

A book on knitted and crocheted things, for your home and for you. I need to take another look at this one, to decide what I think about it, but at first impression it looks good.

16274-310 Cozy Handbags and Pouches   ISBN483472235X

A wonderful book on handbags and purses and other related things. Very nice! I can´t say anything I don´t like (I just picture the maybe´s in diffrent fabric, and presto! - I like!), but I really love the bird bag and purse. Love those! If you´re stuck in a rutt, and need some new ideas, or simply are crazy for bags - buy now!

16274-309 chiisana sashiko kantan ni tsukureru zatsuka ando fukuromono kitsukakebon handeikurafuto 53   ISBN4277490530

This was not what I expected, I saw purses on the cover, and expected something like that, but instead this was a book on embroidery. Some things were nice, some ideas I may use, some things were just not me. But for less than $5, I don´t mind buying this one.

16274-311 fueruto no masukotsuto kitsukakebon handeikurafuto 54   ISBN4277490549

A tiny book, judging by the cover, but filled on the inside, with pretty felt mascots. Favourites are the dough-nuts and the Eiffel tour.

feels like Christmas!

I get my money on Thursday - yay! That means: I can buy food, I can pay bills, I can repay loans, I can send packages, I may even shop (a little, anyway...). I´m a happy camper!

And - yesterday I got some great books from YesAsia. Goody!

and to think I was going to throw them away!

I did some customizing yesterday, an old, beat up pair of jeans, became a long (to my feet) skirt. I used what used to be the beginning of a jeans quilt to fill the gaps, and put in some extra width in the side seam of the legs. It turned out quite ok, not your usual "altered-jeans-to-a-skirt"-skirt. I´m thinking of dying it, black or bue, to even out the colours, but I´m wearing it as we speak, and it´s working fine the way it is.
UPDATE: I got some compliments on the skirt at work, that´s good, and I looked in a mirror, and I looked taller and thinner in my new skirt, and that´s great! So my new jeans-skirt is definately a keeper!

I went to Stockholm this weekend (what´s new?), did some shopping with my sister (how I love Odd Molly - gorgeaus clothes, with a handmade/vintagy feel to them) and went to the Historic museum (nice, but felt to big). An ok day, all together! Oh, and I ate a ridiculus amount of candy, it was long time ago! And I could tell immidiately - my stomach wasn´t happy, and the day after, my face broke out in zits. It tasted marvellously, but wasn´t worth it, at least not in that quantity!

A bunch of Odd Molly-loveliness!


The toilet is doing well, I´m actually more than half way done, but I need to buy some felt before I can continue, and that will hopefully happen in the end of next week. But my toilet will look a lot diffrent than the original, I´m going for a more luxurious, budoarish feeling, with black/white checked floor, pink walls, and I´d like to make the towel rack and toilet paper holder in gold, but felt don´t come in gold. Maybe they´ll be black. Or white. But it´ll look good. The toilet on the floor, with the pink rug, already looks great. But I´ve got no idea where to put it when it´s finished, I don´t have that much room for knick-knacks, however pretty they are. If I had any shelves in my bathroom, that would be perfect, but no shelves, not a single one. Over all, I need more shelves in my apartment, and I definately need another book case, the two I bought a year ago is full, and that´s not even all of my books.

for you alternative crafters out there

If you haven´t had a look at the Anti-craft yet, go do it. Now! The best alternative internet craft magazine there is! You can make these lovely things (among many other):

 16274-336 16274-337
16274-335 16274-334 16274-333

the good, the bad and the ugly - all in one day

After doing my hair myself this morning, I must conclude - it´s too frumpy. 2" may save it, but that takes a few months. Talking about bad hair months...

My bday-books from YesAsia is on their way, they should arrive in the beginning of next week. Yay! I especially look forward to the bag-book, I need some new ideas, and that one is filled to the brim with good ideas and great bags. How I love bags!

I´m working a couple of hours today, that´s perfect. One should only have to work two hours every day, and still get payed a lot. Does anyone know where I can find such a job?

My jacket is getting baggier - that means I´m getting smaller! YAY! And I don´t feel I have to sacrifice anything either, cutting out flour/bread took away most of my cravings, even my PMT-cravings, how great is that?! And I still eat my chocolate, only it´s the dark kind, I had dessert yesterday, at my friends bdayparty, and I´m getting smaller! How perfect is that?

I need to buy shoes! I don´t have any shoes (except for two pairs of sneakers on the verge of melt down) that I can actually walk in, and there are no black shoes. I need shoes!


Made myself a black-and-white tote bag yesterday, pomegranatey things on the outside, dots on the inside, and then I hang a crocheted scull on the handle. Very nice.


Which got me thinking about Christmas presents, I think I´ll make a bag and matching scarf for my little sister, my step-mum is getting a scarf and mittens, my dad gets socks - I need to start working, if they´re going to get it for Xmas!

I just had my hair cut, am not totally sure I like it. I wanted it wild-in-the-woods-y, and it came out way too close to frumpy and middle aged. I´ll have to see how it turns out when I´ve had a go at it at home. Now I´m not so sure... It may have been better before the haircut, even if I had some issues then too. But frumpy it wasn´t. Here´s a glimpse of the do. It´s dark and it´s curly, and that´s all you get to see...



thumb out...

Ok, I´ve officially started, the toilet-along is on. I spent this morning tracing pattern, cutting pattern, cutting cardbord and cutting felt. All before I could even make one little stitch. But then I made a couple of lids, and now it´s becoming a toilet. I think I found cardboard a bit on the wobbly side - too thin, that is. Or maybe I worry over nothing, I guess I´ll have to wait and see how it turns out. It´s supposed to turn out like this:


How great is that?! But the only toilet museum I´ve found isn´t Japanese (how strange is that?!), but Indian. The only thing I´ve ever heard about Indian toilets, are that they are more like a hole in the ground than anything else. But I can be wrong, that has happened before (believe it or not!).

kawaii or goth? personality crisis!

I´ve got very schizofrenic taste. One one side, I love pink and sparkly and cute - kawaii, that is. On the other side, my taste is very gothic - black, victorian, vampires, heavy make up (but I don´t do the white face-red "blood"-black stripes in the corner of my mouth - not so pretty - I like pretty goth), sculls (I love sculls, they are the perfect shape I think). This gothic lolita Hello Kitty pretty much sums it up:


Japan is a very good place to turn to, either way. They have both the gothic stuff, and they are the home land of kawaii. I found, that I need to shop for new clothes. Somehow the all-black that was my closet a few years ago, has transformed into colour and prints. I need some black stuff! Is it the up coming fall that brings out the inner goth, or Halloween just around the corner? Or is it just me, missing the good times we had in my teens (when I was very goth and punk), thinking some black can send me back in time? But I think my mind is very goth, my prince charming would definately be a vampire, one of my dream careers is as a pathologist, and I still loves the Sisters of Mercy and the Cure. I just sent for a comic subscription, a Norwegian comic called Nemi, a girl that´s definately goth:


Maybe the closest thing I can get to show you how the inner me looks like. Most of the time, my outer me looks more like this:


But my skirts are a bit longer. I told you - schitzofrenic!

More great gothic stuff:

16274-330 16274-329 
16274-328 16274-331

bag emergency!

I did some sewing too (not in felt, on my machine, in fabric). I decided to give away my most recently made bag, my friend´s having her bday tomorrow, and she likes it more than me, so she gets it, together with the cushion I made her. But I really felt that I needed a new bag, preferably in the black colour range. So I quickly threw together a purple and black tote, with a golden-and-black trim on the inside edge, while running back and forth to the tv, watching Miami Ink, reality tv about a tattoo shop (very nice, I love tattoo´s, I liked the show). I was very happy with the result, so happy, that I decided I need a black-and-white bag too, so fabric´s waiting on the kitchen table at home. I made me a little pouch too, for storing the little stuff that need to be in the bag, but get lost if not secluded. First I made a pouch way too small, then I discovered that it´s perfect for my camera - how excellent is that?!

I decided I needed some badges too, and remade some old, boring ones. A coat or two of nailpolish in a nice colour, and done! I added a stencil frog on one, and that was nice too. But very smelly - stay close to an open window if you try this at home!

I customized an already customized skirt too. Before, I´ve shortened it and sewn on a ribbon and bow, now I added a tulle edge. Very nice. I´m thinking of adding perhaps some lace and some more tulle. Maybe. But that little tulle really made a difference, in a positive way. I actually wear it now, with too small pantyhose, so they keep falling down - how annoying....

good things comes to those who waits!

Remember the package I had to pick up? It was from Lizzy! From Singapore! Polar bears obviously don´t like the taste of Japanese candy, fortunate for me. She sent me a bag full of Japanese treats, that will last me a long time. Yay! Thanks, Lizzy! This is what it looked like:


This morning I got a nice surprice too - a package from Genevieve, my SP8 spoilee. Filled to the brim with pretty Hello Kitty, dark chocolate from Trader Joe´s and other lovely things. That really made my day! Thanks a lot Genevieve!


I actually went to my sister´s house to take pictures and show you (I have three packages waiting to be photographed), but there was no one home. I really need to fix my phone problem, so I can call ahead...

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