green cheshire

I made another monochrom Alice ATC, for a trade over at ATCs for All. I´m actually so happy about my Alice monochromes, I´d like to make them into prints, but I don´t know if there is anyone here that does that. And I do need to send them any day. Well, I still have photos, even when they are gone, maybe I´ll make new ones later. I think I´ll do a blue flamingo next, and that may be the last one of the monochrome Alice´s.


health update

Our horse is well again, fortunately, they went back home yesterday, after having him at the horse clinic for five days or so.

It´s worse off with me - I, as well as my sister, nephew, brother-in-law, got the flu while they were here, at least I think it was the flu - like a cold, but worse. So now I´m caughing, sniffling and sneezing, and I spend all of yesterday in bed with a fever, and aching all over. The good thing about stomach flu, is that they´re gone after a day, this feels like it could last for a while.

Enough self pity - I have only been doing ATCs for a very short time, and already someone wants to do a trade! Yay!

it´s so much fun!

There were nothing on TV last night, so I did some ATCs instead, and ended up sitting there for 2½ hours. Time flies when you´re having fun! Then this morning, I made two more. So this is how they look:

image742 image744
image745 image746image743

The last two are for an ATC swap over at flickr, can you tell I love Alice in Wonderland?

I got a book too, yesterday, "Artist trading card workshop", and got some inspiration there, even though I´d like a more basic book - this felt like a book for the artist who has explored the more usual ways to make ATCs, and who want to take one step further with some more unusual techniques.

atc/aceo envelope album

I am in search of a good, nice looking ATC album, and was going to get one on etsy, but that has already been sold. So I made a little something last night, It doesn´t hold enough cards, but it´s a start. While I was making it, I thought it looked like crap, and I almost threw it away, but now I´m happy I didn´t!



I´m making cards!

Last night, I ran between the TV (yay for commercial breaks!) and my art cards, finishing the one I started the night before, and making another one, a die cut bunny. I am actually surpriced how well they turn out, since I´m really new at this, and I do find it harder to find inspiration when it comes to paper crafts (or dare I say it - art). But I get ideas when I work on them, so I guess it´s true what they say about inspiration. That it takes perspiration.



Our horse is a bit better, and bad things can bring good ones as well - my father and sister with boyfriend came to stay here while the horse is at the clinic, so we got a surprise visit, and a very welcome one.

Another good thing - my camera is fixed, and I´m getting it from the shop later today, whoohoo!

apparantly I like pretty and girly...

I do love etsy - where else can you find crafts and art from all over the world, reasonable priced, just a click away? It´s a bit dangerous, though, because it´s just a click away. I just bought a couple of ACEOs, one print and one original:

image728 image729

I´m also buying a book, maybe two, about ATCs and ACEOs, I do need some inspiration at hand at home, I´m so completely new to this whole collage thing, and I could use some hints on painting and drawing as well, and don´t even get me starting on printing! Deep water!

PS! Just before I went home, I had a last look at etsy, and bought this one too:


They have all been shipped, so hopefully I´ll have them next week!

And this somehow slipped into my shopping cart today (17/4):


our horse is so ill

My family has a horse, Krysset, we´ve had him for almost eleven years, and he´s the greatest horse I´ve ever met. And now he´s really ill, they had to take him 700 km, to the horse clinic, late last night. And they still don´t know what´s wrong with him, or if they can fix it. I so hope that thy can make him better, I don´t know how life would be like without him (even though I only see him once or twice every year).


If you have some thoughts, or prayers, or just a crossed finger or two, please send them his way. And while you´re at it, do send some towards my granny as well, she´s 92½, and has not been well lately. I hope they both get well soon!

busy little bee

When I got home yesterday (with some freshly bought paper and stuff), I got to work. First I finished the fabric ACEO I had begun cutting out (it became purple/black with a big piece of chocolate cake and a cream button on top, quite nice, actually), then I made one ATC in paper, I collaged some and wrote some, and then I got halfway done with another paper ATC. So 2½ in one night! That´s what I call creative! Especially since paper is definitely not my medium, I´m more in to fabric and yarn. But I did draw and paint some in my teens, I guess it´s about time to remember some old skills.

image734 image735
Front and back.


atc and aceo goody bag

I hasn´t been happening much on the ACEO front lately, I have an idea for an ACEO, I have even cut out the fabric for the front, but I haven´t gotten around to it. I guess I just needed some inspiration - I´ve been cruising ACEOs/ATCs on the net, and I really want to get home and get to work. I also want to try making some in paper, I want to buy and swap, and I feel the need for an album to keep them in. You know I don´t do things half way! I found a very nice album on Etsy, I´m pretty sure I´ll end up buying that one. Making one myself would be great too!

Some artistic links:

Honey Girl Studio´s ATC tutorial

Artdoll´s Fabric ATC tutorial

Alaska Album (very nice travel journal, with ATCs inserted in the journal)

A whole lot of ATC links

Carmen Keys´ Watercolour ACEO tutorial and another one

Altered dreams´ How to make a trunk envelope book for ATC/ACEO

Big Cat Art´s Scratchboard and acrylic tutorial

Art Trader Magazine (PDF)

ATC envelope template

Inspire Me Thursday´s A little demonstration on creating an ATC

ATCQuarterly Sample (PDF)

Art E-Zine

image719 image720
image721 image723 image724
image722 image725

And do go look at flickr and etsy for ATCs and ACEOs, thay are beautiful, and really inspiring!


I sold them!

I have just sold my pile of Japanese craft books, and got about 160 USD, not bad I think. I want to buy one, maybe two, or perhaps all three of these. Or I´ll get one, and some other things (hmmm, maybe food...) for my flat. I love online auktions!

it´s been on its way for a while...

but now it´s here! I got my package from Charlene in Singapore today, and it was so lovely! I haven´t done very much kawaii lately, but her package really hit home, everything was so perfect! I got: a San-X frog bento (it´s green! I love getting bentos that aren´t pink, because I´ve got so many pink ones), a strawberry photo frame, a Rilakkuma Café file holder, memo pad and notebook, Hello Kitty condiment containers and recordable CD, mushroom fabric, pins and purs and Monokuro Boo paper clips. Everything´s on my "I love"-list, and I can´t wait to get home, and really start going through it all!
 Thank you so much, Charlene, I love it!


I feel so spoiled, in the best possible way!

I got a swap package yesterday, from Iris in England. It was our second swap, and when I opened the package I was reminded why we did another one: she puts together amazing packages!
I got two hanks of white liks yarn, one hank of HipKnits sock yarn (lovely colours, can´t wait to see it on my feet!), a hank of homespun brown/white yarn, a knitting magazin, a Craft: magazine, some Cath Kidston fabric and very delicious chocolate. I felt spoiled like a princess, and loved everything! Thank you so much, Iris!


my mind is made up

I have put up a pile of my Japanese craft books on Swedish Tradera, I kept my favourites and decided to sell the rest. Why, you might ask. Well, I found some other Japanese books I´d rather have, so I feel it´s a fair trade. I hope I get them all sold, and soon, and expensive!

to sell or not to sell

I´m thinking about selling my Japanese craft books, I haven´t as much as opened any of them in a very long time. On the other hand, they are hard to come by here, and I have spend quite a bit of money on them, and they are very lovely, so the question is - will I regret it if I sell them? I need to think about this, long and hard. They don´t take up that much space on the shelf, and I will probably survive financially until the next time I get money. But there are other things I want to get, that I simply can´t afford now. What will I miss the most - my Japanese craft books, or going shopping? (The question is not as easy as it sounds, I do love to shop, and as I said, there are things I need/want to get)

photo on explore!

One of my photos got on the Explore front page on flickr, yay! It´s the most traffic I have had on any of my photos, the most comments, and all in a couple of days! If I knew what I did right on that one, I´ll do it again, that´s for sure!

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