atc and aceo goody bag

I hasn´t been happening much on the ACEO front lately, I have an idea for an ACEO, I have even cut out the fabric for the front, but I haven´t gotten around to it. I guess I just needed some inspiration - I´ve been cruising ACEOs/ATCs on the net, and I really want to get home and get to work. I also want to try making some in paper, I want to buy and swap, and I feel the need for an album to keep them in. You know I don´t do things half way! I found a very nice album on Etsy, I´m pretty sure I´ll end up buying that one. Making one myself would be great too!

Some artistic links:

Honey Girl Studio´s ATC tutorial

Artdoll´s Fabric ATC tutorial

Alaska Album (very nice travel journal, with ATCs inserted in the journal)

A whole lot of ATC links

Carmen Keys´ Watercolour ACEO tutorial and another one

Altered dreams´ How to make a trunk envelope book for ATC/ACEO

Big Cat Art´s Scratchboard and acrylic tutorial

Art Trader Magazine (PDF)

ATC envelope template

Inspire Me Thursday´s A little demonstration on creating an ATC

ATCQuarterly Sample (PDF)

Art E-Zine

image719 image720
image721 image723 image724
image722 image725

And do go look at flickr and etsy for ATCs and ACEOs, thay are beautiful, and really inspiring!



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