home again

I went to my parents/family this weekend, and it was very nice, I should definately go more often (1½ years since last).
I went to the doctors today, I´ve got problems with my neck and shoulders, and it actually felt good that he found something wrong in there, maybe there is a way to fix it as well. But now I´m really sore, since the examination.

going home for the weekend

Tomorrow morning I´m going to Jämtland (the northern part of Sweden) to visit my parents and youngest sisters for the weekend, it was a long time ago since the last visit, about a year and a half, and actually look forward to it. Otherwise I´m not the most family oriented person, but once in a while it´s totally ok. And it will be fun to see what they´ve done with their house, they´ve done some re-decorating since my last visit.

and a package from Charlene!

When I got home from work today, I found that a package from Charlene in California waited to be collected. You know I couldn´t wait until tomorrow, so I went back out to get it. And I´m so happy I did! I got three bento boxes (!), chocolate mushrooms and pine cones (or is it bamboo shoots?),  Cram Cream washclothes (two of them!) and deco tape, another deco tape, diy magazine, Hello Kitty stationary, pen and notebook, pink stationary... It was so many nice things, you wouldn´t believe it! Thanks Char!



Yesterday they found a murdered man in a park, just by my house! I feel like I´m living in a CSI-episode!

UPDATE: The police found that it was not a murder, just an accident, where he man had slipped on the icy ground and hit his head. It´s kinda relief, that there isn´t a killer loose!

I suddenly feel the urge...

to make a quilt! That´s a new one, quilting has never been one of my crafts, actually I´ve found the mere thought boring. But then I saw this:

over at mollychicken, and I have to have one of my own. I won´t probably have any blue squares in mine, maybe a few pale turqoise, but mostly pink and white, so now I need to start collecting fabric.

Another thing I really want to make is this blanket:

this one´s found at Posie gets cozy. Anyone knows where I can find a free pattern?

I got my package from Yurippe...

and it was lovely! In a big box came a wonderful, soft knitted black scarf and hat (am wearing today!), a Hello Kitty cup (which fitted perfectly in the toothbrush-mug-holder in my bathroom, so now it holds my toothbrush and toothpaste, very nice!), soybottles, Japanese/Korean food and candy (among which three diffrent kinds of furikake!). I loved it all! Thanks Yippe!


I found this blog today...

It´s possible the most beautiful home I´ve ever seen, go take a look at Posie gets cozy. I added it to my link list, because I know I´ll be back to drool, it´s amazing. And besides her beautiful house, she´s really crafty, have a wonderful sense of colours and takes beautiful pictures (she´s on flickr too). At her blog, I found a link to a great gift too, Cocoa in a jar, I know I must be making some, both for me, and to give away!

A few samples of the Posie goodness:

16274-486 16274-485
16274-482 16274-484
16274-480 16274-483

cram cream deco tape

I bought some deco tape the other day, one is a gift, so that one I won´t show you, but I got these Cram Cream ones too:

16274-479 16274-478

Aren´t they the cutest?

na na na na na na....

I am waiting for four packages! I just wanted to tell you guys, that´s not expecting any...

new issue out

There´s a new issue of The AntiCraft out, do check it out! You find stuff like this in it:

16274-476 16274-477 

I know which one I´d chose...

My bento package came today! Yay!

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