recipe cards for free!

Very pretty recipe cards for you to download on cardstock, and they are free!

fabulous cleaning and oil- and camera decisions

On the spur of the moment, I went to Stockholm yesterday, with a friend and her two children, and we had a rather nice day, though cold. We looked in shops, went to see the window´s of NK (which every year in December have Christmas dispalys, and people go to Stockholm, only to see them), shopped a little. I had used most of my money when I went there last Thursday, but I did manage to find some things that really made my day: very fabulous cleaning products (I know, it´s a bit strange to get excited over such a thing, but that´s me - a bit strange!) from the same brand as the Christmas scented cleaner I bought earlier in the week. I got some Spring scented surface cleaner (cucumber scented), lemon & mint scented toilet cleaner and apple & thyme scented washing-up liquid, all very yummy - I can´t wait to do some cleaning at home!

I did some pre-shopping at home as well, you know, when you window shop and ask around and make decisions, so that the next time you go, all you have to do is pull up the purse and you´re done. I found a store that sells essential oils and Dr Bach´s Rescue Remedy, so I will do some shopping there on Sunday (the next time I don´t work when the shops are open), I want some eucalyptus oil, and orange, and maybe lavender to begin with. I also found a digital camera I´m going to buy. There are pink cameras (very pretty pale pink ones), but somehow I´m lusting after green cameras, and the one I found is the most darling green colour, it´s fairly priced, and simple and takes good pics, so I´m getting that one.

breakfast for poets!

I want this for breakfast too! A bowl full of greek yoghurt, drowning in rose syrup and sprinkled with pistachio's and a long glass of cranberry juice and mineral water. It has to be Alison to make breakfast into poetry!

cath kidston

I got the Cath Kidston Christmas catalogue in the mail yesterday (you can order it from the site, free of charge), I knew there were some fabulous fabric, but there are so many more wonderful things! And if you order/shop for more than £90, you get an apron for free. I could with no difficulties shop for twice that amount! But, as seen in my last post, I´ve already shopped up all of my money. But I can drool, and want and make wishes to Santa!

image647 image648

image649 image650

Have you seen - when you look at her fabric, there´s the possibility to order a swatch of the fabric, for free. I ordered a whole bunch, does anyone know how big the swatches are? I´m planning on using them in my quilt, and it would be lovely if one swatch would make more than one square.

new and very domestic books!

I got two new books yesterday, and they were very lovely both. First:

image638 The Perfect Hostess - Rose Henniker-Heaton

This book was first published in 1931, and contains advice on what to do when you´ve got gusts for lunch, what to serve different gusts for brakfast, little comforts for every room - everything you need to be a perfect hostess à la 1931. It is utterly charming, and since I can´t bare the thought of keeping it all to myself, I will post under a new category the best of "The Perfect Hostess". I  can´t wait for her Christmas book to come, I hope to get it before Christmas!

image639 The Gentle Art of Domesticity - Jane Brocket

A lovely, thick book with beautiful pictures, all about the treats that is domesticity. Sewing, baking, knitting, reading, gardening... The writer muses and delights us in short chapters about everything that makes life worth living, this is a book to take in slowly, thoroughly enjoying every word. Did I like it? Do you have to ask?

Two great buys, that was! And even though they are very different from eachother, both are really pretty, and I know I will enjoy them for a long time!

clean house!

You may have noticed my new-found fondness of housekeeping. With it comes a new-found interest in cleaning products, not your average Ajax or Jif (or what they are called in your country), even though they might do it for me if they are pink. No, I want special products, pretty packageing, natural ingredients, special scents, scrumptiously old fashioned ones... Usually, this means hard to come by and/or ludicrously expensive. I guess that´s the thrill of it - if you could simply go to the supermarket and pick up a bottle - no, where´s the fun in that?

I´ve found some irresistable cleaning products:

From Danish company Isabella Smith:

image618 image619 image620

(it´s Christmas scented!)  (apple scented washing-  ( lavender-mint scented
                                                 up liquid)                               air-freshener)

From Danish company House Doctor:

image621 image622 image623

(lavender-mint scented       (lavender scented uni-         (mint-lemon scented toilet
bathroom cleaner)                 versal cleaner)                       cleaner

Doesn´t ironing sound like such a treat when you use lovely scented linen water? You could make it yourself (mix 10-20 drops of your favourite essential oil with 1 teaspoon vodka in a spray bottle (the vodka makes the water and oil mix better), and fill it up with water), or you could buy some ready made.

image624 image625 image626

(lavender)                                 (lavender)                         (apple and rose)

And if none of these wonderful products makes you want to do the job yourself, maybe you should get someone to do it for you?

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