chunky lovin´

I´m trolling the net for Chunky books, and this is some of the stuff I´ve found: lists the chunky books she´s participated in, both her page, and entire books. Some nice books in here!

crisparts beautiful "Dia de los Muertos" Chunky book.

potbellyarts beautiful Chunkies, 18th Century France (and assembled) and zetti (and assembled). These two books, esp the 18th Century one, is actually the reason I finally caved in to Chunkies!

Art Trader Magazine, all kinds of mail art, including Chunky books and ATCs.

kosmopooch gorgeaus chunky pages.

art-e-zine, an online zine for artsy stuff, with for example skinny chunkies.

batraplume´s recieved some lovely Chunkies!

I love the art of altermyworld, and her Chunky pages is as great as everything else!

cookala´s amazing Marie Antoinette Chunkies can be seen here, here, here and here. Don´t forget to look at all of her Chunky pages!

Latarnia´s Black Chunky book.

Got Bling Swap at artwithaheart55.

Black & White chunky pages at The Faerie Factory

Carpe rutila at KO...OK? Also loves the forensic one!

Moline´s got some gorgeaus chunkies!

The Sweet Marie Itty Bitty Book - tiny chunky!

This is just the tip of the iceberg (even though I don´t find as much as I do when I look for ATCs), there are lots of gorgeaus "I-want" Chunkies out there, just google, or search flickr or atcsforall!


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