tic tac toe soon on my etsy!

I made a Tic tac toe-set for my sister, as an Easter gift, but I´m making some for my Etsy shop as well, so keep your eyes open - it shouldn´t be long before I have some for sale!


do you want to make something less vintage, you say?

Well how about trying something from "Fuldesign" ("ugly design"), who has free patterns:

Cross-stiching (I love the poodle and the balloon girls!) and make your own ugly monster.

allsorted coasters

A new favourite craft blog is allsorts (which I actually found a long time ago, I discovered when I looked back in my old posts), I love how the blog looks, I wish I could make mine look as great. And she´s got tons of great ideas, I just found a really simple one, great idea for Christmas, and even if it´s so easy to make, it looks quite complicated, so you should get raving reviews from the recipient. Oh, and take a look at her house, it´s beautiful!


link to labels

I have a hard time finding labels I like for the things I make, but now I found this, and will try it out. I really like how the label look like, and how I can make mine look any way I want to.


I just found this really inspiring blog, I can´t understand a single word, but there´s lots of pics and tutorials, go take a look!

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