lovely art

I just now discovered a great artist, Caia Koopman, go look at her work!

A Swedish artist I love, is illustrator Liselott Watkins. I also like Lisa Rinnevuo and Malin Leijonberg, they both paint very "simple" pictures, but very nice.

bookplates for free!

I love free stuff! I´m sure I´m not the only one, especially when it´s made by the talented Black Apple. Here are some pretty bookplates, for you to download and print!


some lovely blacklilypie!

I just bought some more art from blacklilypie, I felt I could spend some money online, since I have sold some yarn on Ravelry, and I haven´t managed to transfer the money to my bank account, but have only spent a lot of money while trying. So I figured I might as well use the money for something nice. I got these, one print and one ACEO:

(click the pics for a bigger view!)

alice in wonderland

I have always liked Alice in Wonderland, but now it has turned to an absolute crush! Of course I´ve got the Disney version on DVD, now I stumbled on another version too, it´s made by the same people that made Merlin, and I think it´s like Merlin, in the way it may need another couple of viewings before I love it. I don´t like Whoopi Goldberg as the Cheshire Cat, doesn´t work for me at all. Now I´m keeping my eyes open for more cinematic versions, older copies of the books, and I´m looking through Etsy for Alice enterpretations - there are lots! 

beautiful stationary!

So, you may have noticed my crush on kawaii stationary, well yesterday I got something even better! I had ordered some stationary from Cath Kidston (I have actually tried several times, but they never had any in stock), and finally got it yesterday. It may be the lovliest thing I´ve ever writen upon! And quite generously, there were as many envelopes as sheets, which don´t happen a lot. I will most definately try to get more of her amazing stationary!


delicious colours!

My favourite colour combination in the world is aqua, red and white, so I thought I´d treat you to some beautiful pictures. As always - click the pics, and you find the source!

image656 image658
image660 image659 
image661 image662

Isn´t that a perfect colour combo? Another favourite is pink/white/aqua:

image665 image664
image666 image667

And what about pink and brown?

image668 image669
image670 image671

And don´t get me started on polkadots... I actually blame Jody for getting me hooked on polkadots, I hadn´t noticed them much, until I began looking for polkadots for her - now I love them!

image672 image673

image674 image675

Ok, I take that back - I can´t narrow it down to only one favourite combination. Let´s just say I love the ones above!

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