I hope it will become a book!

For the last five years or so, I´ve had this idea for a novel, and I began weiting on it  a couple of years ago, and after that, it´s just been lying there. And yesterday I finally brought it out, and wrote a few lines! I have my inspiration back - I even know who the killer is! I´ll try to write a bit every day, and maybe, just maybe it will be finished someday! And (fingers crossed) just maybe, I´ll even get it published!

spring - is it the best feeling in the world?

It´s absolutely beautiful weather outside, feels almost like June, instead of March. Lovely! And with spring comes cotton yarn, see for yourselves:


diavox find!

I did some thrifting a while ago, and got me this, a real bargain for less than 3USD. This is actually my favourite phone (sorry you Cobra lovers!), and the colours were perfect!


It goes wonderfully with my black/white theme!

what a nasty day I had!

Yesterday wasn´t the most pleasant day I´ve ever had in a while - possibly ever. I went to the hospital to do a gastroscophy, because of my stomach problems (I´ve had them for the last 16 years, you´d think I would have done something about it earlier...). It´s such a lovely procedure: first you don´t get to eat for six hours (I had an afternoon appointmen, which ment I couldn´t eat at all that day), then you get an anaesthetic sprayed into your throat (doesn´t help much, unfortunately), and then comes the tube, about 1 cm in diameter, which they puch down your throat and into your stomach. It was so discusting, and rather painful, and I almost threw up several times. I really don´t want to do it again - ever. They didn´t see anything wrong, but they took some tests, and I´m going to try some medication, to see if it helps.

On the bright side - later last nigh, my sister came by with a present - a grocery bag, packed with food (it´s a few days until payday, meaning my fridge/pantry is rather empty). I really appreciated it, both because she thought of me, and because I was rather hungry... Thanks Jessica - your an angel!

free 50s patterns

You know me, I don´t do things half-way! I had to find me some 50s patterns, both to share, and eventually to make for myself. Enjoy!

Glamarama.net Free vintage knitting patterns

Knitting-chrochet.com Knit/crochet patterns, for children, women and men

Vintageknitting.net 1952 Bow tie shrug

Vintageknitting.net Three piece angora set

Chile con yarne Rib stitch hat

I was actually a bit disappointed - I thought I would find more free patterns when googling. But this is a start, however I will continue my search later (got to do the laundry now), among others, I hope to find me some sewing patterns.

And a little bonus, more cute than 50s - a crocheted cupcake!

apparantly a new obsession is sneaking up on me...

If you´ve seen my last post, you know what I´m talking about. Somehow my internet surfing (and shopping!) has gone from Japanese cute to American 50s. That´s me, I guess, with an attention span of a two-year-old. I fall head-over-heal in love with something, and live it 120% for a while, then follows a new love. Which seems to be American 50s of all sorts: pinups, housewives, rockabilly, music, movies, clothes... Which means I HAVE to loose weight, because I have every intention to eventually wear those wonderful 50s outfits (dresses, skirts, twin-sets, pointy bras!). I saw Cry-Baby last night (I totally love that movie - and the DVD is an extended version!), and felt an immediate need to wear somthing 50s. I don´t own anything, I would look stupid in a dress with those full skirts, but I had a piece of fabric that might work, so I got started on a pencil skirt. Unfortunately (don´t you hate that!) I ran out of thread, and I need to buy a zipper, but I think it may be working out. And fortunately, 50s is a bit in fashion this spring, so I should be able to find clothes/shoes/accessories with the right feeling to them in the shops.

While I obsess at home, go browse on the net, you can start here:


Bernie Dexter (contemporary pinup)

The Antique Shop.com - Vintage Pinups



My house is cuter than yours

Brocante Home

I did some thrifting...

Last week I saw this beautiful glass bowl at a thriftshop here, for the wonderful price of 50 SEK (about $7). I didn´t have the money then, but I went back there today, and it was still there. So I snatched it! I can imagine it this summer, filled with strawberries, or perhaps with whipped cream, and the strawberries on the side. What do you think, a beauty or what?


I also crocheted quite a bit yesterday, and finished a square for my granny throw. 1 ball of yarn = 1 square turns out to be the perfect size. I´m 1/4 into my second square, but since I only have my three balls of yarn for a while, it´ll only be three squares, until I get payed in ten days. On the other hand, the great thing when making it, instead of buying one (even when the yarn cost turns our quite expensive in the end), is that I can spread the cost. I know, it would be the same if I would save up money to buy a throw, but the thing is - I can´t save, not even if my

japanese candy box memo pads

I found a great idea at My house is cuter than yours, where you can turn food boxes into memo pads. From all of my swaps, I´ve got some really cute Japanese candy boxes saved up (I couldn´t just throw them away, being so cute, and impossible to get my hands on here), and it dawned on me - Jap candy box memo pads! So I made three this morning, and they turned out rather nice, I think. I need to buy more paper, both white and coloured, and I would love a stapler that allows me to staple thicker bunches of paper, but as for a way to use thos pretty boxes - this is a great idea!

I ordered a couple of crafty books

I ordered a book a few days ago, and another one today, so I had to tell you about it. I really look forward to getting them. The first one is Sublime Stitching by Jenny Hart, the most inventive embroiderer out there. Today I found "The Crafter Culture Handbook" by Amy Spencer, with a lot of great projects. But I´m not sure if that´s the book I´ll recieve - the ISBN is right, but the publishing date is wrong, and so is the cover, I guess I´ll have to be surprised. I have to say, I have high hopes for both books!

image516 image515
click on the covers for links to Amazon!

I´m going shopping!

I´ve decided to crochet a granny square throw, and for a while I´ve been thinking about what colours to use, and then it hit me - all white of course! And with really big squares, an entire ball of yarn per square, or something. So now I need to buy me some yarn!

what a beautiful day it is indeed!

Last night I actually painted one of the walls in my livingroom, white of course, that´s how far the paint stretched. Now I only have three walls to go, none of which have windows or radiators - yay! But they are quite big, and I need to move my book cases (they are two, and FILLED with books). But one wall is done, and it feels so good!

It´s spring outside! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, it´s several degrees above zero. And I noticed that I need to clean my windows - I hate to clean windows...

I went up early this morning, and cleaned my apartment - if I have to do it (I should do it more frequently than I do), I prefer to do it in the morning - the sun brings out the domestic qualities in me, I guess.

And I got a wonderful swap package! I did a mini swap with Diane in New Jersey, just to get my hands on these babies:


and she didn´t sent just the knitting needles, but prety pink buttons and pink fabric (for my quilt-to-be) as well! Is she a nice person, or what?! Thank you so much, Diane! 


bought the new issue

of Maire Claire Idèes, the spring issue, that is. There were some ideas that I really liked, and the idea of owning a gypsy mobile home (ok, I admit, I just invented the word, what is it really called?) stuck. I could have two, than I would be living relatively big, and if I wanted to go on a vacation, I´d rent myself a couple of horses, and off we´d go. I know, they only showed the mobile home, the living/vacation part is all in my imagination. I also liked their craft room ideas, among others. You might want to give it a look:


a busy little bee, that´s me!

I´m in a mood, at the moment, you might call it a decorating mood, or perhaps it´s just spring time. I just really want to make my place look white and fresh and nice, and I even feel an urge to clean (I hate vacuuming, but I´ve got a feeling I might do it when I get home anyway...). I want some nice flowers, I want to go to IKEA for fabric and carpet shopping (ok, not all white, black and white, but it will look good with the overall white theme!), I may even get busy painting (even though I only have paint for one wall). These last few days, I´ve re-painted a vintage sideboard, from brown to white, today I´m going through my book case, dusting and sorting out books, yesterday I went to my storage room to get some frames - oh, that was a nasty surprise! A year ago (or was it two?) our basement was flooded, and I thought I´d looked everything over. well, apparantly not, apparantly I haven´t touched my picture/painting box since I moved here, two years ago. Apparantly the box stood in the water, thoroughly soking it up, and now all my frames, all my pictures were ruined (I could save two, out of perhaps twenty). Most wasn´t that special, but at least a couple were irreplacable. I need to shop for frames too, and need to find me some art. Hmmm, a shopping mission... Ok, I might survive this...

I´m leaving you with some beautiful inspiration for spring:

image509 image510

image511 image512

Are you inspired yet? Click at the pics, and you´ll find my sources!

pin-up girls

If you can recall, a while back I wrote a post about Dita von Teese, one of my fashion icons. If you can remember that, it might not come as a shock, when I tell you that I love pin-up girls. Not the porno kind, but the 40s-50s ones, the "Vargas girls", the ones that are both naughty and nice, and even a little bit naive. See for yourself, and tell me what you think - aren´t they great?!

image505 image506
image507 image508

A girl on flickr told me about the Cristel pin-ups, they are also really great, take a look!

pretty white country homes - links

A collection of some beautiful white blogs:

An angel at my table

Lantliv i stan

Lazy afternoon chez Lisen

Spets och snor

Vita sinnen

Vintage house


Anyone more than me, with a weakness for cupcakes, or perhaps muffins? Ok, here´s a link to cupcake heaven: Cupcakes takes the cake. I´ll give you a little sneek peak of the good stuff:

image498 image499 
image500 image501  

Tasty, yes?


If this isn´t spring, I don´t know what it is! The snow is melting (you can tell by all the dog poo coming out), the birds are singing, it´s above zero - it´s the best feeling ever! I hope this will last, I really don´t want a winter backlash. And if this is for real, it means we only had one month of winter - could it be the best winter of my life? Yay spring!


it feel so good to finish!

Today I pretty much finished the crocheted skull cushion (which I mentioned here), I only need to sew the bottom edge together. And if I might say so, it turned out darned good! Even better than I imagined! I also threw together a little cat blanket (to save my couch from all the hair), turning an old knitted cardigan and a piece of an old bedspread into a small throw. Hope they enjoy it as well!

I´m an inspiration!

Lovely Belle from Canada (who I´m doing a swap with later this spring) liked my name, so much that she named one of her felt cats after me! She is very pretty, like this:


You can even go to her Etsy shop and buy her!

awaiting new knitting books

There´s a few knitting books I´m waiting impatiently until they´re published. They look simply irrestible!

16274-494 16274-493
 16274-492 image495

Click the pics, and you´ll get to Amazon!

I almost can´t believe it!

Quite unexpected, but much awaited, came my package from Jody yesterday, two months after she sent it from Singapore. It was a box, filled to the brim with Hello Kitty (bento stuff!), Cram Cream, stationary, candy... all the best Singapore can offer! Thanks Jody!


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