I´m mostly blogging over at malinmöblerar, but this has been playing in my head for the last week or two, a brilliant version of a great song! I definitely need to hear more from them! Thanks a lot, LA Ink, for playing it! Oh, and talking about LA Ink - three episodes have been shown so far, and I love it - even better than Miami Ink!

I forgot to say


Happy Easter, so you get some late greetings!

tic tac toe soon on my etsy!

I made a Tic tac toe-set for my sister, as an Easter gift, but I´m making some for my Etsy shop as well, so keep your eyes open - it shouldn´t be long before I have some for sale!


bad people and good

Yesterday, when I was going home from work, I discovered that someone had been in my bag, stealing all of the money out of my purse. Another co-worker had lost her cigarettes, and another one her keys (which were later found). Someone (probably one of the kids´ parents) had been in our changing room, and had gone through our stuff. Can you believe that someone actually would do such a thing? And then they come back the next day, pretending as it´s raining!
But there are good people too - our cook felt bad for me, and gave me the amount that had been stolen, can you believe the kindness? So I made her some chocolate cake last night, just to show my appreciation, I hope she´ll enjoy it!

But to you who stole my money - curse on you! May you never have any luck for the rest of your life!

I made another one!

I think this will be a series of tasty treats, my hommage to gluttony, one might say! This is titled "juicy", and cherries are definitely something that says juicy to me. I know what the next will be, but have no idea about the later ones - somehow it comes to me only after I have finished one, so there is no room for planning ahead.

image715 image716
Front and back!

a new thing for me!

Since I bought my ACEO from blacklilypie (it came in the beginning of the week, looks very lovely, and the print too!), I´ve been looking around flickr and etsy for ACEO´s and ATC´s. I have seen ATC´s at flickr before, but I haven´t really gotten what they were all about, but now I´m hooked! I´ve been thinking about doing some myself, but I haven´t done any drawing or painting for loads of years, so inspiration escaped me. Until I remembered - they can be done in fabric as well! And fabric is definitely something I do. I couldn´t even sleep this morning, I had some ideas buzzing around in my mind, and first thing when I got up, I got to work. And now I´ve finished my first ACEO! I thought I´d put it up for sale on my etsy, if anybody likes it, it´s yours for the taking!

image710 image711

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