highlights - so the year ended in good stuff!

Yesterday I went to Skansen (open air museum/zoo), and I patted a moose!!!!!! Everytime I´ve been there, I´ve tried to touch one, and this time, I did! Ears and nose are really soft, and the body very coarse. And I touched it! Yay!
Oh, and I found a Cram Cream tray I didn´t already have. Somehow that wasn´t the highlight of the day...

The day before, I got my package from Shikin in Singapore, a box filled with Sanrio/Hello Kitty and Cram Cream and other kawaii things, and I absolutely loved everything. I will tell you more and show you later (tomorrow, maybe).

My eBay account is working, now I just need to fix the card problem on my PayPal account, and then I´m off shopping!


swap swamped... and I wasn´t supposed to...

I´ve got so many great things coming my way, from Singapore and the US, that I can hardly wait. But I´m not as clever as I thought I was, I thought I had spread the swaps all over spring, now I see that I only spread them all over February... I need to start to write things down. A calendar is exactly what I need, to keep track of my swaps, and of work, and of money. I´m going to Stockholm tomorrow, for the after-Christmas-sales, maybe I should look for a calendar of some sort...

I just bought a Hello Kitty deco tape, and I need to go to the bank tomorrow to pay it. It cost like $1.50, so that´s quite fair.


So, finally, I could create a PayPal account, after many problems, but I can´t change the credit card, because they say that the one I want to use is not valid. There´s someone out there that does not want me to shop on ebay!
I´ve got a package on it´s way from Shikin in Singapore!
I had a decent Christmas, how about you?

christmas shopping, just for me!

Ok, I made another entry before xmas, I´ll be home a half hour later instead, I think I should survive that. But after today, on the other hand, I just might not.... First I went with friend and kids to Stockholm for some last minute present shopping (toy stores are crazy two days before Christmas!!!), I managed the 5-year-old, she took the 10-year-old. Then, after sweating in the shops, I had to go meet my sister and son by the train, because she couldn´t carry all of her luggage, so I had to help carry. And then, finally, I could wave all of them goodbye, as they left for Jämtland (northern Sweden, back home). And then I could do my stuff. That is, I could shop just for me. Some things I wanted were gone, some were more expensive than I remembered, but I got some things anyway.
Pale pink bowl (so pretty!), pink plastic chopping boards and a tea ball with a pink handle, all for my kitchen, a couple of manga books, a gorgeaus nail polish (I had to let them gift wrap it, the wrapping bags were so beautiful, purple and black). Then I got some swap things too, for Charlene and Cat in California, USA, and for Shikin in Singapore. Yesterday I swap shopped some too, and found a dead cheap pink plastic bowl and a couple of plastic canisters. I love pink stuff, and I can´t deny...

xmas greetings!


Hope you all have a good xmas, with lots of cheer and goodwill toward men. Or that you eat well and get lots of presents, if that´s your wish. Talk to you after the holidays!

I found...

...a pretty, pink blog: Pretty in Pink. It´s in Swedish, but there´s pretty things there to look at, even if you can´t read a single word.


Soon it´s xmas, I´ve got nothing to say. Not today, anyway. Hey - it rhymed!

please, santa...

...bring me these for Christmas:

16274-457  16274-458

I promise I´ll be good all year!

japanese cooking

I made my first onigiri yesterday, filled with smoked salmon, gari and leek, very tasty! And today I made sushi for lunch. Just the healthy food I need before the Swedish xmas food I´m eating tonight (ris á la malta - rice pudding mixed with whipped cream and orange pieces - yummy!).

my babies!

If you ever see me talk about my babies, this is what I´m talking about:


This is Lipton, he´s the oldest, eleven years old, and he´s part Norwegian forestcat (Norsk skogskatt).


Titus is the newest addition to the family, he´s three, and has been with me for a year, I got him when I lost my other cat, Tiger.

Who would ever get children, when you could have these?

in with the new, out with the old...

Here´s a before picture:


See how it´s all dark and not so pretty? Ok, now look at this after-shot:


Wouldn´t you rather live with this? I first thought of pale pink, but thought that I´d might have to repaint when/if I moved out, since it´s not my apartment, but I will fill it with pink stuff!

some of my kawaii stuff

I took some pics, this is what I´ve got in Cram Cream so far:

A cute deco tape from Japan:

What I´ve got (so far) in terms of pretty pink kitchen things, my pastry towels and a tray hanger:

this is in Copenhagen!

This is a Tea Room in Copenhagen. I got to go there!




I found this pink kitchen...

Isn´t it to die for?



let there be light...

For almost two years, I´ve wanted to move the lamp above my kitchen table, just a foot or two, and today I did it. Finally. My kitchen is turning out really well, I must say. I´m out of paint, so I need to buy me some more, but there are not that many cabinet doors left.  It´s getting much brighter in there, just what I need in the beginning of winter.

I might sew some cushions any day now, in the most black/white fabric I can find.

I went to IKEA yesterday, in the search for fabric, I thought I´d sew a new cover for my chair, but they were all out, and it may take a very long while before they get it again. Crap.

I´ve made a decision to get only (mostly) pink kitchen utensils. The styles may vary, retro, kitsch, kawaii, oriental, but it´s got to be pink. Sweet!

CORRECTION! Thanks for the kitchen compliments, but they shouldn´t go to me, if you clic on the pics, you´ll find their rightful owners. I just wanted to share some kitchen prettyness. Whenever there is something to see from my place, I´ll show you! But these are great, aren´t they? There are an entire group on Flickr, only on Kawaii Kitchens, go drool!





in my own backyard...

Or to be more precise, in the tiny town I live in, I found some Cram Cream! Tote bags and small trays (yes, the same ones I´m getting), and very good prices. I got two totebags (so far), with sweets and with frogs. I will probably buy some more for me (to use, and not just to keep), and some to swap. I´m keeping my fingers crossed for some Cram Cream in swap packages for me too.

good things and bad

One good thing: I found Cram Cream yesterday!
One bad thing: It was the same trays that I already have (am getting for xmas).
How typical is that!
But I got my kitchen towels, and the new Adorn magazine (liked the deer cushion - might make it).

I´m doing a couple of new swaps with some old swappers, Charlene and Catherine, both from sunny California, USA. Why throw way a good thing?

One of my co-workers are going to Japan this Easter. I want to go too.... She promised to buy me things if I sent along some money, so that´s the next best thing.

found a new one...

...and it is good!

If you need a project for xmas (or anytime) try Cut Out + Keep. The first one on the list (Absinthe Lolly Pops) really caught my attention!

I´m what?

I Googlismed me, do you too!

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nothing new - just more of the old stuff...

I keep painting my kitchen, it´s turning out great, so bright, so pretty. Since I don´t have room to paint all cabinet doors at once, it takes forever (2-3 weeks for all, I hope to finish by Christmas - I´d really like a white Christmas, even if it´s only in my kitchen), and I don´t get the full effect, that I would if I changed them all at once, but I´m still happy.

I just sent for "Ernstologi", the book I wrote about a few days ago. Weee!

I think I´m going to Stockholm for a fast one after work today, to look for Cram Cream, and buy some kitchen towels with pretty pastries for my new, white kitchen. Maybe even stumble over the last Christmas presents.

ichigo, nashi, zakuro....

As some of you might know (....), I´ve got a huge crush on Japan, and all their cuteness, and my dream above all else, is to go there, preferably on a massive shopping spree. But I basically don´t speak a word Japanese, and I think that would make a Japan-obsessed life much easier. All I know are the words for some fruits/vegetables, hello, thank you, and kawaii of course. I should have taken a course in Japanese instead of archaeology (which I have a hard time to muster up even the slightest enthusism for at the moment). Konnichiwa, y´all. 

if you saw my previous post...

you know I couldn´t help myself any longer. I re-joined GimmeYourStuff. I could not stand being on the outside, looking in on something beautiful. And I miss getting great stuff in the mail. And my inspiration is back, I have ideas for swap packages again. But I will try to restrain myself, and not to do so many swaps, only one, or maybe two in a month, not many. Yay - I´m back!

anyone missed me? cause I´m back again!

You know I couldn´t resist going back to GYS! Such a wonderful thing, and me being left on the outside, I don´t think so.

I´m in Sweden, so I can offer Swedish stuff, like:

- Swedish candy and snacks
- magazines
- crafty stuff - yarn, beads, fabric, patterns...
- food - spices, Kalles kaviar, cookies, whatever that´s shippable.
- postcards, stationary, stamps...
- souvenirs - moose, Dala-horses, vikings...
- my homemade stuff - totebags, felties, purses - make a wish, and you may have it come true!
- or if you´d like something else!

I´ve got a HUGE crush on Japan, so anything Japanese, please! Like:

- Cram Cream
- childrens bento boxes and accessories
- craft magazines and books
- Sanrio, Q-Lia and San-x stuff, I love Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, Deery Lou and Mamegoma
- stationary (cute cartoony ones - kawaii-style)
- deco-tape
- crafty stuff: fabric, buttons, trims, yarn....
- re-ment (yeah, I´ve discovered them too...)
- candy and chocolate, I don´t mind if it´s kawaii!
- or if you have any ideas, my taste is very kawaii.
- And a bit out of style: things with pin-up girls!
- I´m going to make a quilt, so I´d love cotton fabric with small prints (roses, flowers, dots, stripes, checks...) in mainly pink and white, and some pale green and turquois.
- home made things

Looking forward to a fun swap!

NOTE:  I´ve got all the swaps I want, and more, for this year, so I won´t take on any more! And I probably won´t do GYS next year, so ask one of the other great swappers out there instead!

tree trimming

Yesterday I couldn´t put it up any longer - I trimmed my tree. For Sweden it´s very early, as most people do it the day before Christmas Eve. But since I can´t stand xmas after Boxing Day, I begin early, and end it soon. I´m really happy with my tree, to most it wouldn´t be the most xmassy, to me it´s perfect. I got a white plastic tree, lots of lights and all the decorations are white, silver and pale pink - gorgeaus, if I might say so! But I discovered - I have too much decorations, they almost didn´t get on the tree, all of them. And I love buying more every year - what to do, what to do?


This is for you guys in Sweden. I found this book today, Ernstologi, about home decorating, but mostly about Ernst Kirschsteiger, a decorating guru here. It´s filled to the brim with his most memorable quotes, and it´s brilliant, and I got to have it!


xmas spirit

Yesterday was the 1st of Advent, and all the windows in all the houses are glimmering with xmas lights, both stars and candles, and it´s so beautiful. For all of you, not so familiar with Swedish Advent decorations, here´s a peak for you:


It´s only three weeks until xmas, if you haven´t started decorating yet, maybe you should, and if you need some inspiration, looky here:

Martha Stewart

Bo Bedre (in Danish)

Nu är det jul igen (in Swedish)

And don´t forget to play some Christmas music, light some candles, and relax. Xmas is best enjoyed in a mellow mood, I promise. And for you non-celebrating: it´s only one month of the year, and it´ll soon be over.

new kitchen

I´m painting my kitchen cupboards, they were dark green, they´ll be white, very pretty. Someday, when I have some extra money, I´ll put in a new floor too, either black/white tiles, or an almost white wood laminate. Now it´s brown and horrible, and never feels clean.

O want to buy some fabric at IKEA too, to sew a cover for a chair, and to cover my bed, this:

I want this one too:


Can you feel my black/white mood?

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