so far...

the weightwatching is doing quite well - I´ve been walking everyday, I´ve followed the program, and in two weeks I´ve lost about 2 kilos - I couldn´t ask for much more! Tomorrow I get payed, I really need to shop for food, my fridge is so empty, I haven´t had a fresh veg for a few days, and I really miss it. So yay - shopping! This Friday, I´m going to Stockholm for some swap shopping as well, I think, it´s about time I started putting Belles (from Canada) package together, and tomorrow I have to send Dianes package, she´s had to wait far to long. So yay - money! They really have a way of brighten up my life!
Unfortunately my sister is not feeling as good about this weightwatching, she´s ready to give up, after only two weeks. I guess we´ll just have to cheer her up, helping her stay on the right track - I know she would hate herself, if all of us got thin and gorgeaus, and she was the only one that remained chubby. For the rest of us, my other sister and my friend, it´s going well, they are both losing weight, and they are both feeling good about this.
Me, I do a lot of wishful shopping in my head - buying clothes sucks when you´re fat, but it´s such a delight when you fit in all of the clothes in all of the shops - I hate the big-sections, they all assume that you are in your 50s, and I´m not even close. I´ve barely turned 30, and I love fashion, and I love to have a personal style - shouldn´t I be able to buy clothes as well? Well, in a year or so, I´m going shopping!

links for your health (and weight!)




The BestLife

You are what you eat (Dr. Gillian McKeith)

Du är vad du äter (Anna Skipper)

more icons!

Here´s part two, in the "fashion icons series":

Audrey Hepburn:
She´s always absolutely wonderful - nothing ever looks bad on her!

image543 image544 image545 image546

The house of Eliott:
I love the 20s costumes in this TV-series, I wish I could have all of them!

image548 image549 

Modesty Blaise
Always stylish, no matter how much ass she kicks!

image550 image551 image552 

so far, so good!

I´m Weightwatching, if anybody´s happended to miss that, since a week, and so far, it´s going swimmingly. I´ve been walking to and from work (an hour total), with a lot of hills on the way to, and I have followed the diet plan. I haven´t been eating candy or chocolate for a week, I had to give it up, because it was taking charge of me, and not the other way around - when given the choice, I´d eat a chocoate bar for a meal, instead of food, so the candy had to go. And it works really well, no cravings or anything. I´m so looking forward to loosing some weight, i´ve got clothes to wear, and the summer is coming, and I hate being fat in the summer. This time, I will continue until I´ve reached my goal weight - and then I´m going shopping! I can´t wait to have a closet filled with only great clothes!

lovely day yesterday!

I went to Stockholm with a friend yesterday, simply to enjoy the marvellous weather - it´s like summer! In April! Basically, we just took a walk, dropping into shops that looked interesting, and then we took the train home, when our feet had enough. Very nice! I found some really nice ballerina shoes at Indiska, cheap too, which I will buy (I hope) in the end of the month, a yellow pair, and a red pair I think. Or maybe green. They were soo lovely! And then we looked in the vintage shop "Old Touch", which have clothes from the end of the 19th century until the 60s/70s, with a lot of gorgeaus 50s clothes and shoes and bags and underwear... I will definately shop there when I fit into their clothes!
On Friday I went to Stockholm too, to find me some shoes, and I got a pair of Vans-copies from H&M, so cheap, and so nice, with red stars all over. When buying shoes this cheap, I definately can buy more pairs instead - what´s not to love about that?

this and that, with some hope to end it with

I´m hoping for some nice weather tomorrow (they´ve promised 20-25°C!), because I´m going to Stockholm - I thought I´d have more money than I´ve got, so I had planned on a real shopping spree, but I´ll have to limit myself to shoes, a great necklace at Indiska, maybe a spring-y nailpolish, perhaps a top, and some tights. And some swap things, not much, and not that pricy. I feel I need a reward for making the decision to start weight watching again, and clothes is just the thing I need, when my closet feels like a hopeless wreck. I hope to outgrow some things soon, and grow into some other things (I´ve got a pair of Prada jeans waiting for me!). But I need some pick-me-up:ers.

I agreed to work for a couple of hours tomorrow as well (which is actually kinda good, since I´m planning to walt to and from work, about an hour in total), not that good, is that I start at 6.30 am, and I need to go about 5.45. I know, I´m awake that early most of the time anyway, but I stay in bed - I don´t have to get up and work.

Hope my package from Karen in the Philippines arrives soon!

Hope the scale will show some minus on Sunday!

Hope that I find some really nice, cheap shoes tomorrow!

my LA-package

As I told you before, I got my package from Catherine in LA a couple of days ago, and here´s what it looks like:


Monokuro Boo bag and wallet, chopsticks with a case, Japanese candy and biscuits and a couple of ear-pokers (!!!!!!!). Everything is so lovely, especially the bag (even my sister loves the bag, and she doesn´t like kawaii at all!).
Thank you so much, Catherine!

my icons!

This will probably be an re-occuring post, since I can´t post all of my fashion icons in one sitting. Here´s some of the women I´d like to dress like:

Dita von Teese
The best at retro dressing out there - everything she puts on looks ab fab!

16274-372 16274-370 16274-367 16274-365

Gwen Stefani
Mixes retro and punk in a very appealing way.

image529 image530 image531 image532

Kirsten Dunst
Bohemian and laid back, all in one.

image533 image534 image535 image536

Elle Woods
What can I say - I´m a sucker for pink!

image537 image538 image539 image540

That´s all for now, but I´ll be back with more great dressers!

fashion blogs - links

I´ve you´ve read me for a while, you might have noticed a little trend: whenever I try to loose weight, I get interested in fashion. Since I started weight watching today, you know what is in the near future - yupp, fashion, in some way or another. Here´s some fashion blogs to start with, both in English and in Swedish:

Engla´s Showroom

Kiss me, Stace

Garderobsgrubbel & Byråbekymmer

I Am Fashion

Käthes modeblogg

The Sartorialist

Stockholm Streetstyle

Annas blog feat. Mel E


Modebloggen Expressen

Ebbas blogg

bag in a box!

And it was filled with goodies! My package from Catherine came this morning, it was so lovely, but I have to tell you more later - I´ve got to run! Thank you Catherine - you made my day!

"The crafter culture handbook" - Amy Spencer


Now, this is a book that was a pleasant surprise! I had high hopes, after reading about it, but it managed to succeed my expectations! The book is filled to the brim with non-traditional, new-thinking crafts, that makes you (me anyway) go oooh and aaah, and I want to try several projects. A really good book, I think, and somehow I managed to buy it cheaper (with shipping and all!) here in Sweden than on Amazon!

"Sublime stitching" - Jenny Hart


I´ve only taken a quick look so far, but I can already say, that I´m disappointed by this book. Jenny Hart is one of the most inventiv embroiderer out ther, I think, and her non-traditional patterns are the reason I bought this book, but there are very little of those here. Don´t get me wrong, I will probably use some of the patterns, but I had higher hopes.

less spots for me!

 You might say that I´m a "spotty" person - I know I say it! I have these birthmarks and moulds all over, and they keep popping up. Some years ago, I removed three from my face (how I hated those three!), and a couple of days ago, I had two removed from my face, and one on my neck. I absolutely love it! It´s still got to heal, but the moulds are gone! I´m especially thrilled over the one on my neck (the one that was on my neck!), it was one of the ones with a stem, and children could not help pulling it. Well, now they can´t!
I know, this entire post was a bit of an over share, but hey, that´s me - like an open book. I guess you´ll just have to take it or leave it.

I´m looking for china...

No, silly, I know where China is, I´m looking for new china to eat on - plates, bowles, you know. This is what I want, English, pink, with landscapes and castels, very traditional, very pretty. Like these:




Well, you get the idea. The point is, to be able to mix the patterns, but it will still work together. I used to have brown teacups, and at home, when I grew up, we had blue plates. But I want it to be pink. And then I want glasses with an old, sort of romantic look, like the ones from IKEA, who kinda looks like these:

my place

I posted some pics of my apartment on flickr, maybe you´d like to see as well. First is my kitchen:


The floor is not black, it´s really dark brow and plastic - so horrible! Then my hall:

image524 image525

And a living room view:


You might be able to see the black/white theme I´m going for...

Ok, this is how far I´ve come. If you look close at the living room, you might see that I´ve painted one wall white, the rest will follow. I´m going to buy a couple of black/white striped carpets at IKEA, sew them together, and put them under the lliving room table. The kitchen floor will most likely become white-ish. I need a new (or one more) living room couch, this is impossible to sleep in (for guests), and is getting a bit worn. But I´m somewhat on my way to being satisfied with my home.


Here´s a couple of pictures, of my last ventures into cushion land: the crocheted skully cushion, and some patchwork cushions:



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