poor, poor me...

My throat is sore, my head is aching - and I have to work this weekend. All I feel like doing is curling up at home in front of the tv, knitting (socks possibly). I just might have to comfort myself with some candy, I know that will cheer me up a bit. And then I´m heading home again, to my tv, and my knitting...

I got tagged!

Kwoozy just tagged me, and all I have to do is list 7 random things about me, and then tag 7 more people. This is actually my first one, so bare with me.

1. I have three tattoos, a scarab on my right ankle, a ball of yarn on my right wrist and a bird (butt ugly!) on my left upper arm. The bird will become a black, rather shaggy wolf, I am going to make bats and a bat-catching girl on my back, and a whole lot of stars on my right arm. And when that´s done, I´ll probably make some more!

2. I love vampires but hate horror movies. I actually never saw any Chuckie-movies, but had horrible nightmares about him. But give me a vampire movie any day, and I´m happy! I wish that I could, somehow, become a vampire.

3. I am the eldest of five sisters. Go figure.

4. I can read the same book lots of times, and the same with movies. For me, it´s no different than listening to the same song more than once.

5. And speaking of songs, I love Indian banghra and Bollywood.

6. If I had to chose one thing to eat for the rest of my life (ok, two), it would be Swedish crisp bread and chocolate. Man can´t live on love alone, but on crisp bread, no problem!

7. I hate strawberry flavoured foods - jam, cordial, icecream - anything that´s not actual strawberries.

I´m tagging

suicide girls

I saw CSI New York last night, and one of the cases was a Suicide Girl getting killed. I thought they´d made the whole Suicide Girls-thing up, but I had to google it - and wouldn´t you believe it - they are for real! And since I´m into both pinup girls and goth, well, it couldn´t be more perfect. They are so beautiful, if I was younger and thinner, maybe I´d try to do it myself, well, now I´m neither, so I´ll just have to look at them, go ahead, you can do it too!

image560 image561
image562 image564

You know I couldn´t resist, I found the Suicide Girls book on Bokus, I had to get it, it was fairly cheap as well, about 25 USD, how could I possibly pass it up?

UPDATE: I got the book the other day, and it was lovely! Plenty of nudity, I have to admit, but not in the cheap, porno way. It´s lots of piercings and tattoos, and all of the girls are style icons! It´s defiantely a book I can leave on the coffee table, without it causing to many comments!

have I been abused?

Last night I found this huge, purple bruise on my upper arm, it looks like I have been man-handled severely, but I have no idea how I got it. I think I should remember hurting my arm that much - it must´ve been a real blow for it to leave such a mark. One of life´s mysteries, I guess...

I hoped for a bunch of fun mail today, and got none. Fortunately, I believe that good things comes to those who wait!

mmmm! she says, with a blissful sigh

It feels like summer today, it´s sunny and warm, even the wind is warm. The air smells so nice from the blossoming trees, the grass and trees are green, and a whole bunch of flowers are in bloom - could I ask for anything more in a day? Ok, a package when I get home, but then I would be completely satisfied!

I deserve a pick-me-up, I think!

I am soooo tired, I went up at 4.20 this morning, and went to work at 5. My teeth are aching (the still move a bit sometimes, even though I´m past thirty!). My feet are slightly moist, from the wetness outside. I had oatmeal for lunch today, as well as dinner and breakfast yesterday. My pay won´t cover all of my bills. Don´t I deserve a package or two in the mail when I get home? I think so too.


You know it was just  matter of time - I had to start a knit blog! You´ll find it at malinmerino in my links, and the thought is to save the fiber-related for that blog, and keep the cute, Japanese stuff here. If there´s any links you´re missing here, look over there, if I haven´t removed them altogether, that´s where you´ll find them - if they´re fiber-related, that is. I moved a couple of interior links to my interior blog, malinmöblerar (means "malin decorates"). And I´m adding more links as well - I like the thought of dividing them.

mr. men

When I was little, there were a lot of cute stuff, that´s totally right again - Hello Kitty, Smurfs and Barbapapa to name a few. I loved the Mr. Men as well, and think they should get a revival as well, they are cute and retro and nostalgic, and can be put on anything (love them on tees!), myself I would´t mind a Mr. Men bento!



I don´t know if you´ve noticed

but my blog has severely lacked in the kawaii department lately. Since it reflects me a lot, my obsessions and interests, it says that I almost felt like I was done with the whole kawaii thing. But usually it doesn´t take much to spark my interest, and since my latest Cram Cream purchase, I´m right back in the kawaii mood again. It feels good! One thing that I´m dying to get my hands on, is Cram Cream bentos, hope to be able to buy some later this summer, right now I´m half-way to the poorhouse. Why, you might ask? Because I´ve worked too much lately, that´s why. That means I won´t get unemployment compensation (that became a strange word, and probably not even the right one) now, and I won´t get payed until the end of June, when I hopefully will get rather plenty of money. So, I hope to get some kawaii stuff then. Maybe something like this:


feels like a long time ago

since I got my last swap package. It´s not that long, Feb, or maybe March (ok, I just checked - it was April, not that long ago...), but it feels like it´s time for a package now. I´m waiting for my package from Karen in the Philippines to arrive, she sent it in the end of March, and said it could take one or two months, and now it´s been a month and a half. My last package from my SP8 spoiler seems to never arrive, I guess I have to forget about that. Belle in Canada is sending a package soon, and Yurippe in Italy says a package is coming. I can´t wait!

I will look good, eventually!

I just got back from Stockholm, from a trip to the plastic surgent (!!!!!!!!). No, nothing drastic, I just removed one of the moulds I tried to get removed before, but they (and I) were´nt happy with the result, so I had it thouroghly removed today. I will get a scar, maybe an inch or so, but fortunately I don´t mind scars. Actually, I like them, they tell a story about who you are, and what you´ve done. I have a scar since I´ve fallen when mountain-climbing, I have a big scar, left by my late cat, I have a cigarette bun, made by my uncle, I have scars since operating my wrists... I think a life lived without scars, is not a life lived to the fullest. Just my humble opinion. But right now, I´m sore, with a big plaster in the middle of my forhead - not that attractive.

I could definately not afford it, but when I stumble on Cram Cream, I have to go for it, so I bought three totebags, one with trucks, one with pigs and one with letters. There were big bags with trucks also, but there was no way I could squeeze out the money for that one. Hopefully there will be bags left, the next time I go there, I need to buy for swaps, and there were lots of other swap-worthy things there as well. Good shop!

hopefully this means more money

I got another job! Not a new job, but one more, at a gas station, hopefully I get lots of work (I will work hours when they need me), which would mean that I get more money than now, since the pay is better. Yay!

I got some money today (unfortunately they are pretty much gone already...), and I found some things for swap packages, nice things I must say. I haven´t figured out recipients for all of them, but I´m sure they will fit in some package, since they are really kawaii. I´ve discovered that it´s a really clever thing, to stock up on great swap presents when I happen to stumble upon them, especially since kawaii is a rare thing here in Sweden.


I just found this, and had to share it with you - the stripe generator, perfect if you want to make a ripple afghan. Free pattern here!

An ordered book, Charmed knits, should be in the mailbox when I get home!

me being creative

I had an urge to make stuff this week-end, so I turned an old, brown, 70s-looking bread tin into a pink, vintage-y, 50s-feeling, cupcake-y candy tin. I´m so happy with the result (even though I should have placed the cupcakes an inch lower...), I´ll show you pictures later.
I also finished a Moomin thing for Sara in Minnesota, for our June-swap.
And I´m almost done with Belle´s package, I´m just waiting for some dotted felt to arrive, and hope to send it next week.

another blog for me!

I just started another blog, all about beautiful interiors, malinmöblerar, it´s in Swedish, but I hope to post lots of pretty pictures, so you might want to give it a go anyway.

icons part three

Of course this is one of my icons, her combinations of quirky and retro and very feminine, she´s so wonderful, so she gets a spread of her own!

Carrie Bradshaw
Sarah Jessica Parker´s part in Sex and the City - don´t tell me anyone missed her!

image553 image554 image555 image556

just a quickie...

I keep losing weight, but today I have a sudden craving for sweets, and gave in to it with a couple of pieces of dark chocolate. I blame it on yesterday, when I had sweets (only a couple) for the first time in about four weeks. I guess I can´t do just a little, it has to be nothing at all - I feel like an alcoholic! Sugarholic may be the word I´m looking for...

There´s a great Swedish site, where you can turn a photo or picture into a cross-stitch pattern, it´s so great, check it out: Ditt Mönster (Your Pattern).

I have to actually cook dinner tonight, since I´m working all day tomorrow, and I need to pack lunch. I hate to cook...

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