two for trade


sex grader av kärlek - an atc book

When I did the cards for the Narnia swap, I had an idea about making a book card, but that never happened. But the idea stayed in my head, and now it´s finished, and already traded away. The words are poetry I wrote in my teens, and the pics are zetti, inspired by the content of the poems.


owls recieved

I´ve recieved my owls from Hoot Hoot an Owl swap, the first swap I recieve. It was just like Christmas, opening that envelope - so much fun!

Aren´t they lovely?!

fingers crossed!

I have a job interview in two weeks, I hope I get it!

two for trades, one for swap

I made two cards for trades, and the last card for the Under the Big Top swap:

One for monarch, who collect clowns, and one for Lise Bu, who collects the Wizard of Oz.

glam girls

I made cards for two swaps and a trade:

The Wizard of Oz with a twist, the swapUnder the Big Top swap, and a trade with lildebi.


I made a Scarecrow for a trade:


 I´ve made two cards for Under the Big Top swap at Strange swap for me to do, really, since I really don´t like (animal) circuses....


ancient writing and wizard of oz

I´ve painted four cards for a swap on Hieroglyphs, Runes and Ancient Writing:


And two more cards for the Wizard of Oz swap:

Glinda, and the Wicked Witch.

perhaps for a tattoo?

I´m doing a pinup tattoo on my left arm, eventually, but I don´t know what kind of pinup yet. Should she knit? Do housekeeping? Something completely different? I found this picture, and do like it a lot. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland (the croquet game with the Queen), but is very vintage pinup too. Maybe it´s this one?

I also got a very lovely  postcard of a bird and some flowers (feels rather Asian), which I´m thinking about doing to cover up an old tattoo of a very odd bird on my shoulder. I have been thinking about covering that tattoo for a long time, and haven´t found anything good so far. Maybe the bird I´m thinking about...

My taste in tattoos have gone from all black to very colourful, and that bird and flowers would definitely go with a colourful theme. When I loose all of my excess weight, I´m tattooing stars on my right arm. When you are Weight Watching, you get a star for every three kilos you loose, so I´m doing all of those stars on my arm. Before, I was thinking black stars, but now I feel like colour: yellow, turqoise, green, pink... And one gold star, for when I reach my goal weight.

Yes, I do love tattoos, and some day, I want a lot of me covered - my arms, my back, my ribs, my ankles, possibly my legs... Yes, I think Kat von D looks great, and Pixie (also on LA Ink) looks even better. Colour does the trick!


I am thinking about self-publish a book of my ATCs, mostly for me (so I get to keep the cards I´ve traded), but also if anybody would like to buy. is a good place to go - everything is free, until you actually buy the book.

I searched their store for ATC books and found: A little book of ATCs, which I´m really considering buying.

ponies and oz

I joined two more swaps at - I have a long list of swaps I´m waiting to recieve cards from this summer, so much fun! This two were Design-A-Pony and Wizard of Oz, with a twist. The first one, you get to make a card, based on a finished pony shape. The other one, is to make Oz-cards, but with your own style - no copies from the books or films. So, my finished ponies, and my first Oz, Dorothy and Toto:


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