chunky pages PAT

I´ve been wanting to do a Chunky pages PAT, but no one hosted one. So I did. Join me on AFA!

two chunky trades

I´ve been asking some of my favourite artists for contributions to my Marie Antoinette and Alice in Wonderland books, this is two pages I´ve done for trades, one circus themed, and one great outdoors:


four sets of gothic alice

I´ve recieved four sets of cards for my Alice in the Dark swap, only one set left, and they will be in the mail - I´ve swapped and packaged most of the cards.

 meganspaperstudio LilMissFirefly plain janeadoonaisoul


I haven´been sure that my Wizard of Oz chunkies have been sturdy enough, and last night I glued on another layer of cardstock, and this morning I painted new backsides - a lot better! It was absolutley worth the extra work!

marie chunky available

I can´t seem to stop making Marie Antoinette´s! Just like I was making a lot of Alice in Wonderland before - yes, I do have a habit of getting obsessed... This chunky is available for trade, I´d love a Marie Antoinette in return, or perhaps an Alice!

whimsical goth girls

Even if I only want to make chunkies at the moment, I couldn´t resist this ATC swap. I mean - they are both goth and whimsical! Yesterday I did all of my girls, and I´m fairly happy with them - some are better than others, and I was daring enough to keep my favourite...

life is sugar sweet and alice in the dark

I finally got my returns from the Life is Sugar Sweet swap, and I love them - well worth the wait!

I also recieved Alice in the Dark cards from corduroy cat:

spring in istanbul

These are collages, not chunkies or ATC´s, but they are so gorgeaus, I had to share! The talented Moline made them!



These are just a few, she´s made atc´s as well, using this idea. It´s really inspiring, and some ideas are popping into my head...

dark alice from ryfraf, retro housewife, and a hostess card

I got a pile of atc´s yesterday (yay!), I hope I get a big one today as well!

I got ryfraf´s contribution to my Alice in the Dark swap:


My returns from the 50s Housewife swap:

And I made a hostess card for the Wizard of Oz Chunky Pages swap:

I chunked my chunkies!

Yesterday I finally got my hole puncher (finally and finally - I orderet it five days ago, so it was pretty quick anyway...), and I dived right into my chunkies, and now they look like this:

 Oden for Els.      
And these are of course my Pretty Girls!

chunky lovin´

I´m trolling the net for Chunky books, and this is some of the stuff I´ve found: lists the chunky books she´s participated in, both her page, and entire books. Some nice books in here!

crisparts beautiful "Dia de los Muertos" Chunky book.

potbellyarts beautiful Chunkies, 18th Century France (and assembled) and zetti (and assembled). These two books, esp the 18th Century one, is actually the reason I finally caved in to Chunkies!

Art Trader Magazine, all kinds of mail art, including Chunky books and ATCs.

kosmopooch gorgeaus chunky pages.

art-e-zine, an online zine for artsy stuff, with for example skinny chunkies.

batraplume´s recieved some lovely Chunkies!

I love the art of altermyworld, and her Chunky pages is as great as everything else!

cookala´s amazing Marie Antoinette Chunkies can be seen here, here, here and here. Don´t forget to look at all of her Chunky pages!

Latarnia´s Black Chunky book.

Got Bling Swap at artwithaheart55.

Black & White chunky pages at The Faerie Factory

Carpe rutila at KO...OK? Also loves the forensic one!

Moline´s got some gorgeaus chunkies!

The Sweet Marie Itty Bitty Book - tiny chunky!

This is just the tip of the iceberg (even though I don´t find as much as I do when I look for ATCs), there are lots of gorgeaus "I-want" Chunkies out there, just google, or search flickr or atcsforall!

alice in the dark from hokeycokey

Wonderful gothic Alice cards have arrived from hokeycokey!

new chunky pages

I´ve made three more chunky pages, one is for a possible trade, and the two Marie´s are available (I want MA chunkies in return). The one with Oden and the ravens isn´t quite finished yet, it needs some chunk, but I think the Marie´s are done, maybe I´ll add something little. (I´m amazed that I managed to paint something that even looks like a man! Usually I so suck at that!)


chunkies at ihanna

One of my favourite art blogs (pretty much the only one I read, actually...), is Swedish iHanna. She´s tried pretty much everything when it comes to arts, crafts and journalling, so I searched her blog for Chunky books as well. And of course she´s been there as well!

If you want to see what she´s done, looky here:

Tutorial for her page in the Vintage Valentine book.

marie antoinette

I felt very Marie Antoinette-esque this weekend, and this last week, and I really want a MA chunky book (as well as an Alice in Wonderland), it´s on top of my wish list. So I figured I´d make a chunky page to trade with. But it ended up so good, I´m so happy with it, so I can´t part from it. I think I will chunk it as simple as the page is, maybe just a gold lace or something.

I made time for some atc´s as well!

I didn´t just make chunky pages this weekend, I made some atc´s as well, two for a trade, one as a hostess gift (for the Pretty Girls chunky pages swap), and one to finish off the Gothic Wizard of Oz swap:


Those little evil munchkins totally freaked me out before I painted their eyes and mouths, what do you think - creepy, right?

wizard of oz chunky pages

I painted Wizard of Oz pages all day yesterday, and the last ones this morning - so much fun! I still need to add danglies and chunk, but I need that darn hole puncher for that (I hope I get it this week!).


And all of them together:

I´m not sure how I´ll chunk them up, if I´ll just add ribbons and yarns and such, maybe some beads as well. I don´t know what else to add, to go with the Oz theme.

ETA: I made a back for my chunky Oz book too:

last chunky pages for the pretty girls

I finished my last couple of pages for the Pretty Girls Mixed Media Chunky Pages this morning, including a page that eventually will become the front page of the chunky book to be. I have ordered a hole puncher, and hope it will arrive soon - I can´t wait to get my chunk on!


As usual, I´ve made one for myself to keep, it might not come as a surprise, when I say it´s the Alice´ one...

I have a bit of a problem, though - I´m running out of card stock! My ATC cardstock is not sturdy enough, and I don´t have many more notebooks to slaughter. And it´s more than a week until I get my pay! Oh no! I guess I´ll have to make some atc´s instead...

ETA: I took a photo of all the girls together - they would look really nice, if I made a book out of them! But I´m sure the book that I will eventually make, with all of the pages from the swap, will look even better!

Also - I made the Wixard of Oz cards from my atc card stock, I think they might work, I hope they aren´t too flimsy. And I hope my pretty girls aren´t too heavy...

ETA: I made a back for my Pretty Girls chunky book also:

first set of alice in the dark in

Yesterday I got the contribution from BekahStargazing for my newst swap, Alice in the Dark.

pretty girls pages

I´ve been working on my chunky pages for the Pretty Girl Mixed Media, and four more are finished (except embellishment - though I´ve been going through my stuff, and found lots of things to use!):


I thought I had saved some bat confetti from a Halloween a couple of years ago, so I went through my flat in search for it, but couldn´t find any. I found some bat stickers, though, but I´m not entirely happy with those. The bat confetti would have been so perfect...

4/4 with mikascupcake, and dark gathering returns

I´ve finished my 4/4 with MikasCupcake (first I had remembered it as a 5/5, but I´m quite happy I remembered it wrong!), and I´ve recieved my returns from the Dark Gatering II.

chunky books

I´ve been oogling the chunky book pages I´ve seen on AFA and flickr, but haven´t had the nerve to try them out for myself. Until now! Yesterday I joined two chunky books pages swaps, one Pretty girls (à la Suzi Blu), and one Wizard of Oz. And last night I began working on the Pretty girls pages, and now I´ve finished three. Well, almost finished - one of the things with chunky books, is the dangly parts, and I yet have to add them. But they are painted, both back and front.


I´m actually liking what I´ve made so far! But I don´t know if they´re mixed media and layered enough, though...

Oh, and if anyone wonder what the heck chunky books are, you can check out these links:

Chunky Book Arts on flickr.

Or this chunky books search on flickr.

This should answer all of your questions about what, how, and what to make.

10/10 trade with meganspaperstudio

I just finished my ten cards for my trade with Megan, yay! I usually get so caught up with the joy of recieving that many beautiful cards (she´s a great artist!), that I conviniently forget that I have to make that many cards as well. And without a theme to fall back upon... But I finally finished the last card today, hope she´ll like them! There are several dark cards, a couple of cupcakes, and some odd ends, which pretty well represent what I pain - goth and cupcakes are on the top of my list.

favourite artist PAT

I had been lurking on this swap for quite a while, but felt to intimidated to join - some of the artists I would have to do were rather challengeing! But finally I caved in, and I had lots of fun making the cards. I didn´t make any copys of actual art, I did it more in the style of the artists:

From the top, the artists are: David Roberts, Mark Ryden, Frederic Leighton and Miró.

a bird for trade

It´s quite odd, I´ve done four cards these last few days, with no theme or anything, and usually, I have such a hard time coming up with ideas out of the blue. Ok, I admit, the cards of my cat sort of made themself, but yesterday I made a card with no reference to anything else, and rather different from my usual cards as well. And it´s available for trade!

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