alice in wonderland returns

I got my returns from the Alice in Wonderland swap today, and they are really nice - colourful and whimsey, just like a Wonderland should be.

swapped cards

I´ve got some more returns, from the Join the Movement swap and the Hieroglyphs, Runes and Ancient writing swap:


I made the cards for the Alternative Alice swap I´m hosting:

And I have finally caught up with making the extra card for me from all of the swaps I have done (I saw some people doing that, and thought it was a great idea, so I stole it...):

(pay no attention to my feet...)
From top left corner:

Triptych swap
- Marimekko swap
- Hieroglyphs, Runes and Ancient writing swap
- Kawaii swap
- Design-a-pony swap
- Queen of Hearts swap
- Join the Movement swap
- Pointy hats and crowns swap
- Under the Big Top swap
- Fans of Narnia swap
- Hoot hoot, an owl swap
- Alternative Alice swap
- Alice in Wonderland swap
- All things Egyptian swap
- Let them have wings III

and then there were the Oz with a twist, that ended up lost in the mail... Well, I didn´t manage to come up with an idea for my own card, so maybe that´s a blessing in disguise...

for a trade with Skumring

I wanted mor of her cards, so we did another trade, this is what I made for her:

it´s been a while, but here´s a puttery treat!

I haven´t been into vintage housekeeping for a while, and I have been dead silent on the Brocante Home forum, mostly because I have been so much into ATCs. But now I´ve got a new, very vintage-y background on my blog, and got inspired, so - here is a puttery treat for you (from the Brocante Home):

*Cultivate the habit of leaving your dishwasher, washing machine doors and drawers open overnight in order to let the air circulate and prevent smelly mould taking a hold.

This is a treat that doesn´t take much work or thought for me - I always leave the dishwasher door open, because it´s the easiest thing to do - usually the dish will end up inside, and not in the sink. Usually, I said! And for cupboard/wardrobe doors - well, I don´t have much say there, my cats have decided that they are meant to be open, not closed, so that is how they usually are - open. I close them every time I enter my kitchen or bedroom, but the cats are there again every time I turn my back. I guess now I´ll see it more from the bright side: the air circulates, and it prevents smelly mould. Maybe I should appreciate the work my cats do for me from now on...

PS! I do wish the Vintage HouseKeepers Circle was up again!

And a quich treat: a 5 minute chocolate cake in a mug in the micro!

celtic zodiac, or are you a tree or a star sign?

YEARS ago, I read about tree horoscopes in an evening paper, and then I didn´t keep the article. Every now and then, I´ve been looking for them, with no luck. Until today, when I stumbled upon one. And realized that I should´ve been searching for celtic zodiac instead... Well, now I´m keeping the link, so I won´t have to look no more.

Since I´m born in September, I´m a vine:

Or in a Swedish site I found, I´m a linden tree:
Lindpersoner är osjälviska. De bryr sig alltid om andra och deras bekymmer. De är väldigt bra på att ta hand om andra och är fantastiska föräldrar. Eftersom lindpersoner är så känsliga och hellre ger än tar lämpar de sig bättre för kreativa jobb än sociala. Det är viktigt att göra klart för dem redan i unga år att de måste vara sparsamma med sin energi.

Lindpersoners styrka är deras känsliga och delikata natur. Med sitt öppna sätt är de bra på att hörsamma personer i sin omgivning och att inbringa hopp i dem. De tror alltid på människans godhet.

Lindpersoners svaghet är deras mjukhet. De får ofta inte igenom sin vilja i svåra situationer. De flyr hellre in i sin inre värld. De löper dessutom risken att bli utnyttjade av mindre känsliga personer. Deras exakta sätt att tänka kan dock skydda dem.

Lindpersoner bokstavligen blomstrar i ett förhållande när de väl hittat en partner som förstår deras själ, är tolerant och ger dem mycket frihet. De skulle aldrig kunna stå ut i ett förhållande där den andra parten strävar efter dominans.

I don´t have the energy to translate, but in short: apparantly I´m caring, sensitive and creative. Well, the creative part is at least correct...

rather clever, I think!

I have a hard time finding zetti stuff in Sweden, and I haven´t had the money to order some either. Fortunately, some of the trades I have done, have included some wonderful extras, even some zetti images (yay!). But I have hesitated using them - then they would be gone, never again to be found. So I glued them all onto a blank piece of paper, and today I went to the library and made copies, both natural size and half size. Perfect! And I still have the originals, so I can make new copies when the other ones are all used up! Clever, huh?!

queen of hearts my way

I have been wanting to join the Queen of Hearts swap at for a while, but I didn´t know what to make. Then I came up with this idea (thanks to the Alice card I made for Chronata), and I really like the outcome. So yesterday I joined the swap, and today I sent the cards. Unfortunately I have to wait over two months until the returns arrive...

swaps and trades

I´ve recieved two more swaps, the triptych swap and the Marimekko swap:


And this morning I made cards for a trade with Chronata:


And yesterday I finished the cards for the All things Egyptian swap:

Looks like my cards for the Wizard of Oz with a twist swap has gone missing, so I won´t get any returns - too bad, I think! And it´s too late to make new cards and send in. I guess I´ll just have to find happiness somewhere else - like in my own swap! I´m hosting an Alternative Alice swap at, should be fun!

I´m such a Virgo!

I love organizing and putting things in neat and tidy stacks/piles/binders/folders etc - I hate it when things look messy and/or is hard to find (which doesn´t mean that I have a problem with dust bunnies and such - I hate vacuuming more than I hate those). So when I ran out of space in my gallery at, then I had to re-organize. All of my swap cards were spread out one and one, now I put them together - one swap, one picture - and voilà! I have room for lots more pics! A downside, though - all of the comments were deleted together with the photos, which is too bad - comments are definitely part of the fun! And even though you don´t get as close views of the cards, they are still in my flickr, in all of their former glory.

Another thing I have been doing: I have seen that some people make one extra card in swaps, and keep it for themselves, and I thought it was such a good idea - sometimes I am really happy with my swap cards, and then I have to send them away. So I have been making cards for myself this last week, I have almost made cards for all of the swaps I´ve done so far. I think I counted 14! (I´ve only been active on for 3 months!) Now, I+m going to host a swap of my own, Alternative Alice - I can´t wait!

zetti style collages

I have never done collaging before, but when I joined the Let them have wings III and Hats and Crowns swaps at, I couldn´t resist, and last week, I sat home, collaging. It was so much fun, I really need to do some more of it!

Can you see which swap is which?

And there was an extra card, which is now for trade:

It was the first one I made, and it didn´s really fit in with the others.

alice and snow white zetti style

They both are traded (ok, Snow White is only reserved so far, but hopefully traded):


See the little dwarf in the Snow White card? It mysteriously appeared in my flat the other morning, I found my cat chewing on it, and I have never seen it before. I don´t have kids, so I have no idea how it turned up. I just knew it had to become an ATC!

lots of cheshire cats

I think I have my idea for a tattoo all figured out. I´ll use this pinup, and make it into an Alice in Wonderland, and then I´ll cover my old bird tattoo with a Cheshire cat. I think it will look absolutely perfect, and more importantly, it will be an image that has a meaning to me, not just a pretty picture. I don´t like the tattoos you make, just because you want a tattoo (such as my bird, and pretty much every tribal I´ve ever seen), I want it to represent  who you are or what´s important to you at the time you´re making the tattoo. I got a scarab on my ankle from when I studied egyptology, and a ball of yarn on my wrist. Alice in Wonderland is a big thing for me at the momen, I love the surrealism of both the story and the imagery, and the whole look of Alice and the Wonderland is a big influence on my personal style. I´m also doing a girl chasing bats on my back, which is an hommage to my gothic past (and the past of my personality that´s still dark and very infatuated with vampires and death), stars on my arm for the kilos I´m loosing, and then I have to think about the rest. Because there will be more - I want at least both arms and my back covered.

All of this, just because I wanted to post some pics of the Cheshire Cat...

A whole lot of cats to consider!

more runes for trade!

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