I kept seeing dots at home, and I put them together in a mosaic:


I´m looking for china...

No, silly, I know where China is, I´m looking for new china to eat on - plates, bowles, you know. This is what I want, English, pink, with landscapes and castels, very traditional, very pretty. Like these:




Well, you get the idea. The point is, to be able to mix the patterns, but it will still work together. I used to have brown teacups, and at home, when I grew up, we had blue plates. But I want it to be pink. And then I want glasses with an old, sort of romantic look, like the ones from IKEA, who kinda looks like these:

my place

I posted some pics of my apartment on flickr, maybe you´d like to see as well. First is my kitchen:


The floor is not black, it´s really dark brow and plastic - so horrible! Then my hall:

image524 image525

And a living room view:


You might be able to see the black/white theme I´m going for...

Ok, this is how far I´ve come. If you look close at the living room, you might see that I´ve painted one wall white, the rest will follow. I´m going to buy a couple of black/white striped carpets at IKEA, sew them together, and put them under the lliving room table. The kitchen floor will most likely become white-ish. I need a new (or one more) living room couch, this is impossible to sleep in (for guests), and is getting a bit worn. But I´m somewhat on my way to being satisfied with my home.


Here´s a couple of pictures, of my last ventures into cushion land: the crocheted skully cushion, and some patchwork cushions:



diavox find!

I did some thrifting a while ago, and got me this, a real bargain for less than 3USD. This is actually my favourite phone (sorry you Cobra lovers!), and the colours were perfect!


It goes wonderfully with my black/white theme!

I did some thrifting...

Last week I saw this beautiful glass bowl at a thriftshop here, for the wonderful price of 50 SEK (about $7). I didn´t have the money then, but I went back there today, and it was still there. So I snatched it! I can imagine it this summer, filled with strawberries, or perhaps with whipped cream, and the strawberries on the side. What do you think, a beauty or what?


I also crocheted quite a bit yesterday, and finished a square for my granny throw. 1 ball of yarn = 1 square turns out to be the perfect size. I´m 1/4 into my second square, but since I only have my three balls of yarn for a while, it´ll only be three squares, until I get payed in ten days. On the other hand, the great thing when making it, instead of buying one (even when the yarn cost turns our quite expensive in the end), is that I can spread the cost. I know, it would be the same if I would save up money to buy a throw, but the thing is - I can´t save, not even if my

a busy little bee, that´s me!

I´m in a mood, at the moment, you might call it a decorating mood, or perhaps it´s just spring time. I just really want to make my place look white and fresh and nice, and I even feel an urge to clean (I hate vacuuming, but I´ve got a feeling I might do it when I get home anyway...). I want some nice flowers, I want to go to IKEA for fabric and carpet shopping (ok, not all white, black and white, but it will look good with the overall white theme!), I may even get busy painting (even though I only have paint for one wall). These last few days, I´ve re-painted a vintage sideboard, from brown to white, today I´m going through my book case, dusting and sorting out books, yesterday I went to my storage room to get some frames - oh, that was a nasty surprise! A year ago (or was it two?) our basement was flooded, and I thought I´d looked everything over. well, apparantly not, apparantly I haven´t touched my picture/painting box since I moved here, two years ago. Apparantly the box stood in the water, thoroughly soking it up, and now all my frames, all my pictures were ruined (I could save two, out of perhaps twenty). Most wasn´t that special, but at least a couple were irreplacable. I need to shop for frames too, and need to find me some art. Hmmm, a shopping mission... Ok, I might survive this...

I´m leaving you with some beautiful inspiration for spring:

image509 image510

image511 image512

Are you inspired yet? Click at the pics, and you´ll find my sources!

pretty white country homes - links

A collection of some beautiful white blogs:

An angel at my table

Lantliv i stan

Lazy afternoon chez Lisen

Spets och snor

Vita sinnen

Vintage house

it feel so good to finish!

Today I pretty much finished the crocheted skull cushion (which I mentioned here), I only need to sew the bottom edge together. And if I might say so, it turned out darned good! Even better than I imagined! I also threw together a little cat blanket (to save my couch from all the hair), turning an old knitted cardigan and a piece of an old bedspread into a small throw. Hope they enjoy it as well!

I found this blog today...

It´s possible the most beautiful home I´ve ever seen, go take a look at Posie gets cozy. I added it to my link list, because I know I´ll be back to drool, it´s amazing. And besides her beautiful house, she´s really crafty, have a wonderful sense of colours and takes beautiful pictures (she´s on flickr too). At her blog, I found a link to a great gift too, Cocoa in a jar, I know I must be making some, both for me, and to give away!

A few samples of the Posie goodness:

16274-486 16274-485
16274-482 16274-484
16274-480 16274-483

poke me, because I´m done!

This morning I hung the last painted cabinet doors in my kitchen! They are all white, and it´s so pretty! I´m doing a little touch-ups on my wall, so it´s a bit plaster-spotty, but after I´ve finished that too, it´ll look white and bright and so nice. All I´ve got to do then, is to do the floor, but that´ll have to wait for a while. Pink thinks will look so good in there!

I´ve made two black/white patchwork cushions too, and they turned out quite well. It´s so much fun to make things for my home - a little really goes a long way!

please, santa...

...bring me these for Christmas:

16274-457  16274-458

I promise I´ll be good all year!

in with the new, out with the old...

Here´s a before picture:


See how it´s all dark and not so pretty? Ok, now look at this after-shot:


Wouldn´t you rather live with this? I first thought of pale pink, but thought that I´d might have to repaint when/if I moved out, since it´s not my apartment, but I will fill it with pink stuff!

I found this pink kitchen...

Isn´t it to die for?



let there be light...

For almost two years, I´ve wanted to move the lamp above my kitchen table, just a foot or two, and today I did it. Finally. My kitchen is turning out really well, I must say. I´m out of paint, so I need to buy me some more, but there are not that many cabinet doors left.  It´s getting much brighter in there, just what I need in the beginning of winter.

I might sew some cushions any day now, in the most black/white fabric I can find.

I went to IKEA yesterday, in the search for fabric, I thought I´d sew a new cover for my chair, but they were all out, and it may take a very long while before they get it again. Crap.

I´ve made a decision to get only (mostly) pink kitchen utensils. The styles may vary, retro, kitsch, kawaii, oriental, but it´s got to be pink. Sweet!

CORRECTION! Thanks for the kitchen compliments, but they shouldn´t go to me, if you clic on the pics, you´ll find their rightful owners. I just wanted to share some kitchen prettyness. Whenever there is something to see from my place, I´ll show you! But these are great, aren´t they? There are an entire group on Flickr, only on Kawaii Kitchens, go drool!






This is for you guys in Sweden. I found this book today, Ernstologi, about home decorating, but mostly about Ernst Kirschsteiger, a decorating guru here. It´s filled to the brim with his most memorable quotes, and it´s brilliant, and I got to have it!


new kitchen

I´m painting my kitchen cupboards, they were dark green, they´ll be white, very pretty. Someday, when I have some extra money, I´ll put in a new floor too, either black/white tiles, or an almost white wood laminate. Now it´s brown and horrible, and never feels clean.

O want to buy some fabric at IKEA too, to sew a cover for a chair, and to cover my bed, this:

I want this one too:


Can you feel my black/white mood?

for you IKEA lovers out there....

Found this great site, you got to love it! Actually, this is pretty much what I do with my IKEA stuff, I alter it, or mix it with thrifthed things. My worst fear is to find that I´m living in an IKEAcatalogue! So check it out: IKEA hacker. It´s definately going on my permanent links...

If you´re just into IKEA, period, go shop: http://www.ikea.com


Min favoritfärg alla kategorier är rosa, det här tycker jag sålunda är alldeles fantastiskt trevligt:



Jag har alltid gillat svart, klär mig mycket i svart, lyssnar fortfarand på en del svartrock från tonåren (Sisters of Mercy, håller definitvt i längden), men jag har aldrig tyckt om svart inredning. Men nu! (Jag törs till och med säga att jag var lite före nuvarande svart-och-barockt-mode.) Å, så mycket fint det finns, och å, så jag faller pladask för det. Svart och kurvigt och svulstigt och överdådigt.... Inga raka linjer för mig, trots att jag inte tycker om överlastade ytor, så tycker jag INTE om minimalism. Kallt och hjärtlöst, jajamen.

Marcel Wanders och Moooi är helt underbara:

  Det här dataskrivbordet är tex to die for. Wanders har också gjort svart, utsirad badrumsinredning som är fantabolous. Jag letade förgäves efter en bild, men tänk er ungefär så här.

  Fast svart!

Ikea har också fått till kombinationen svart och kurvigt, t ex med detta bord:

Och svarta kurviga lampor finns en hel del, här är några snyggingar:

Jag hade tänkt visa en underbar sekretär från Grange, men lyckades inte få hit en bild. Man kan dock titta på den här: http://www.grange.fr/, det är den svarta med rosa insida till vänster.

Kolla inredningstidningar, leta på nätet, och kom sen inte och säg att svart inte är snyggt som bara den! 

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