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For almost two years, I´ve wanted to move the lamp above my kitchen table, just a foot or two, and today I did it. Finally. My kitchen is turning out really well, I must say. I´m out of paint, so I need to buy me some more, but there are not that many cabinet doors left.  It´s getting much brighter in there, just what I need in the beginning of winter.

I might sew some cushions any day now, in the most black/white fabric I can find.

I went to IKEA yesterday, in the search for fabric, I thought I´d sew a new cover for my chair, but they were all out, and it may take a very long while before they get it again. Crap.

I´ve made a decision to get only (mostly) pink kitchen utensils. The styles may vary, retro, kitsch, kawaii, oriental, but it´s got to be pink. Sweet!

CORRECTION! Thanks for the kitchen compliments, but they shouldn´t go to me, if you clic on the pics, you´ll find their rightful owners. I just wanted to share some kitchen prettyness. Whenever there is something to see from my place, I´ll show you! But these are great, aren´t they? There are an entire group on Flickr, only on Kawaii Kitchens, go drool!





Postat av: donna

wow, how did you manage to find so much pink stuff? It looks great! Did you somehow paint the stove yourself? I don't ever think I have seen a pink one!

Postat av: Lina

Wow, you have the cutest kitchen I've ever seen!

2006-12-10 @ 19:29:59
URL: http://krumbukta.blogspot

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