tape and order: special kawaii unit

I got my Cram Cream tape yesterday, and must confess that I got a bit disappointed, it had a bit of a used feeling to it. But - it´s Cram Cream, and I love it never the less, especially since it´s the only one I´ve got until xmas, and until my finances have improved and I can order me some. Want deco tapes, tote bags, purses, passport cases, and just about everything else there is.

Got busy last night, and refurnished my bedroom, flipped the furniture so to speak. Everytime I do it, I think the new way is better than the old, even though the new was old before. There are basically two ways to furnish my bedroom, so I don´t have a lot of options. This way feels good, anyway, and I moved some other things around, and removed some, so I have more room for my crafty stuff. I´m thinking of a way to display my Hello Kitty/kawaii collection, I saw a transparent CD/photo-wallhanging-pocket-thing on Lagerhaus last weekend, but the bigger one was sold-out. That would otherwise be perfect, I think. I´d like some Cram Cream tote bags to store yarn and stuff, too, kind of like this:



Did I get disappointed yesterday, or what? When I opened the Corpse Bride DVD, it was empty! So now I have to return it and get another copy, and I really wanted to see it NOW. Crap.

more cram cream...

Another Cram Cream link:

Peppermint Pig

16274-428 16274-429 16274-430 

cushion? skirt?

I made myself a pillowcase from the green/pink asianstyle fabric I got from Tania in Portugal in our swap. Turned out very nice, works well with the pink and green stuff that was already in my livingroom. I have a skirt, in the same pattern as another cushion, but pink and green instead of only green, and I´m thinking of making it into a cushion to, as it´s to small for me. On the other hand, the skirt is so pretty, I have a hard time cutting it up, and tells myself that I will be able to wear it some day. I won´t probably not cut into it for a while, maybe I´ll put up a dead line - fit into it in .... months, or make something out of it. Or maybe not. I don´t know.

I got some movies today, Pirates of the Caribbean 2, Ice Age 2 and Corpse Bride, so I´m going home to spend the afternoon in front of the TV. Nice!

My Cram Cream tape should arrive tomorrow!

this and that...

Now I´ve got an Flickr-account, too. There´s not much there yet, but I did put all of my swap pics there, feel free to take a look! Eventually there will be Cram Cream pics, too, and when I get a camera (whenever that is...) there will be a bunch of pics.

I´ve been working on a gift for someone (can´t tell, if she reads this...), I knew she had to have it, the minute I saw it. It´s small, and it´s felt, and that´s as much as I will say about it.

I sent Catherine in California a part of her swap package a couple of days ago, too. It had to wait for the holiday season. Sent Kwoozy her package also, and yesterday, when I made dinner, I found that I forgot to put something in her package. Fortunately, letters will find their way too...


I just found out, that I won an auction on Tradera (kind of like eBay), I got some Cram Cream tape for 14 SEK ($2). Sweet! I didn´t want to tell you before, because I wanted to keep my find for myself. Does that make me a bad person?

I posted pics today

and they turned out great! Scroll down for swap pics, and raggy flower is seen here.

if you ask nice...

Ok, Katarina, an amigurumi pattern in Swedish:

Amineko is the base of almost all of my amigurumi´s. Once you know the basic shapes, you can play with them and alter them, and make pretty much whatever you want. Japanese patterns are good to, since they are not made up of words, but pictures and diagrams. But the English ones are not hard either (if you speak some English of course), and the internet is full of them. Good luck!

I´m sorry, but I´m obsessing again...

If you´ve read me for a while, you know me - I get really obsessed about something, and then I get tired and let it go. My Cram Cream find a few days ago really got an obsession started, so here´s another post on essence of cuteness - Cram Cream that is. I think that it´s even better than Decole, so that´s really cute!

Ok, here´s what I found today:

There´s a flickr-group on Cram Cream.

16274-421 16274-420 16274-419 16274-418 16274-417

There´s a "We love Cram Cream"-community.

Actually, there´s a whole lot of people out there loving Cram Cream, I can tell you! Anyone who knows where to buy the stuff in Sweden (except on Skansen, of course...)?


I made a whole bunch of Christmas baubles last night, and they turned out quite nice - I might be able to give them away without being to ashamed!

Next week it´s the 1st of December - it´s about time! I play xmas music, drink glögg and read xmas magazines (I´ve got a quite big collection), making presents and decorations, and dreaming of snow. Next week I get to decorate! Or perhaps this weekend...

santa´s workshop

I´ve been working on my niece´s Christmas present, she gets a sheer pink layered skirt, with a matching skirt and a knitted cardigan for her dolls (she´s four, she loves dolls).  It looks like it might turn out nice.

And today I got the things I´d ordered from Panduro, so I can start making baubles for niece, nephews and friend, who all get some for Christmas. Every year I give the children in the family pretty, kiddish baubles, so some day they will have quite a collection. I´ll just have to change the style as they grow - a 15 year old might not appriciate a car bauble, or a cat, or whatever.

Because I work now, more than in a long time, I get in money trouble - strange, huh?! No wonder people turn down work, to collect unimployment compensation (a-kassa, that is). Next month I get more money, this month I might not be able to pay my rent.

cram cream

Yesterday´s lovely find, inspires me to a post, all about Cram Creams, another of these cute things Japan do so well. Feast your eyes on these goodies:

16274-408 16274-41016274-409 
16274-411 16274-413 16274-414 
16274-415 16274-416 16274-416

You can shop for Cram Cream here:

Retro Depot 

Sugar Pure Beauty

Colorful Cute   (have Decole too!)

Juice Planning

Uncommon Industries

Giant Robot Store

The Glitter Workshop

And in the search for Cram Cream, I found this lovely shop: Cutie Fashion

Found this too: Phoophie Kawaii Shop

discoveries in strange places

I was in Stockholm yesterday, with my sister and her son, and we went to Skansen, which is actually the world´s first open-air museum. For all you with kids out there, you know it better as a zoo. We made it to animal feeding time, which was great, as we got to see wolverines and wolves up close. But best of all, I found in the Aquarium shop: Cram Cream trays! I didn´t even think you sould get those outside Japan! My very kind sister bought me all ten diffrent kinds for Christmas. Yay! I think my trays are the smaller ones:


But none of these patterns, I got mushrooms, and apples, and pigs, and...

you know how I love customizing...

Now I found a blog entirely on recycling clothes and making new ones, Wardrobe refashion ´06. Recycling rules!

for you IKEA lovers out there....

Found this great site, you got to love it! Actually, this is pretty much what I do with my IKEA stuff, I alter it, or mix it with thrifthed things. My worst fear is to find that I´m living in an IKEAcatalogue! So check it out: IKEA hacker. It´s definately going on my permanent links...

If you´re just into IKEA, period, go shop: http://www.ikea.com

retired? me? can you believe it?!

Do you believe me, if I tell you that I retired from Gimme Your Stuff? I´m sure I don´t have to tell you that it became quite all consuming, it took all my time and all my money, and became a true obsession. Now I´ll just finish my swap with Pei (don´t know if it still counts as a GYS swap, after three times...) and do my swap with Shikin in Singapore, and then I´ll try to use my money for something more useful (according to my sisters...). I know I want more tattoo´s...

mostly glögg

I´m in such a Xmas mood, and then I discover it´s more than three weeks until the first of Advent. How is that possible - there are all these Christmas magazines and decorations in the stores, you can buy glögg and pepparkakor (ginger cookies). Well, I´ve gotten started, I´ve had my first glögg, Dufvenkroks non-alcoholic vanilla, which was really good, and I´ve had pepparkakor and gorgonzola(type)cheese. If you can´t buy your glögg, try this recipe. Me, I like my glögg white, so try it with  white wine or apple cider instead of red wine.

Glögg or Mulled Wine


  • 1 bottle of red wine (inexpensive)
  • 1/4 - 1/2 cup (50 ml - 100 ml) vodka (optional)
  • 5 - 20 whole cloves
  • 1 large teaspoonful cardamom seeds
  • 2 - 4 pieces (sticks) cinnamon
  • 1 - 2 pieces ginger
  • Peel from half a lemon
  • 1/2 - 1 cup (125 - 250 ml) sugar
  • 1 large teaspoonful vanilla sugar


  1. Crush the cinnamon and cardamom. Peel the lemon. Put all the spices and peel into a glass jar with the vodka.
  2. Cover. Leave overnight. Strain the vodka, discard the spices.
  3. Mix the spiced vodka with the wine and sugar.
  4. Heat all the ingredients in a large saucepan until steaming hot. Do not boil! Stir and taste.
  5. If not sweet enough, add more sugar. If too sweet, add more wine.

I had my glögg in my lovely glögg cups, which I bought last year, after wanting them for a whole year. You might not be able to buy them, but you can look at them:

The words inside are all pretty winter words - I really love these, and I´m so happy I bought them!

I re-thought my parents presents, I´m not in the knitting mood. They are getting a calendar, which I make collages in. Hopefully it´ll turn out nice, and hopefully they´ll like it!

a bit of shopping, and some xmas music

I went to Haninge Centrum for some shopping with my sister, and brought back some good stuff - a couple of things for Pei, Hello Kitty socks for me (I need socks - all I´ve got are those short summer socks - way too cold now), a make-up case with sculls (dead cheap and really cute) and a Christmas/advent gift for my sister. Not bad for a couple of hours work... Now I remember I forgot my sweater in my sister´s car - coing home may be a cold venture...

I got my Chris Isaak Christmas CD, and it was great, exactly my style. It went straight up in my top three, together with Elvis Presley Christmas and Christmas Cocktails. Do we spot a bit of a trend here?

16274-404 16274-405 16274-403
Don´t they look pretty, all lined up?

you can never be too prepared...

I sent for some stuff from Panduro a couple of days ago, things for the Christmas baubles I give to my niece and nephews every year (they will be decoupage this year), and some felt.

On Friday I´ll go to Stockholm, to shop a bit for Pei, and perhaps some Xmas presents, or just some xmassy things for me - I´m in the Xmas mood, and can´t wait for December and the 1st of Advent. Decorating time!

packages up close

Ok, this is what I got:

From Tania in Portugal (if you want to see what I sent her, click here) I got some lovely fabric, in green, green/pink and black/white. I both want to use them, and keep them forever - what´s a girl to do? I got some Portugese candy, Hello Kitty-stuff (pencil, stamps, stationary...) and a homemade Hello Kitty pouch that was so perfect.


From Pei came quite unexpected a package from Australia/Singapore (so soon!). I got some requested  candy (limited edition KitKats and FruitRollUps - my new favourite), an owl (part of the owl project), a pink turtle, three kinds of Jap stationary, Cinnamoroll fridge magnets, Hello Kitty tape, Re-ment and more.


Thanks a lot, Tania and Pei, you made my day!


I got two wonderful packages this weekend, from Tania in Portugal and from Pei In Australia (now in Singapore), I will tell you all about it later.

I got the books I were waiting for too, and remember what I said, that vintage and accessories never could be wrong? Well, I was wrong, the book was not at all what I expected, and I´ll be returning it. I got the S´n´B 2007 Calendar too, and I must admit that I was afraid that my socks wouldn´t be good enough to publish. Now that I saw what they published this year, my worries are all gone - my socks are definately good enough, and a lot better than some of the patterns in the calendar.

In my package from Momo in Japan, I got Hello Kitty rice spoons, wrapped in a Japanese newspaper. This weekend I used the paper to cover a glass bowl (decoupage), and it turned out really nice. I did a candle holder covered in a Marimekko paper napkin, and together with two more it will become either a birthday- or a christmas present. Decoupage is so much fun, there´s so much you can do with it. For example, making cards for a swap...

no fun, then it´s getting better

No time for blogging or anything fun today - got a school assignment  I´ve got to finish.
UPDATE: Ok, now `m done. I procrastinated for a couple of months, then I crammed the work in availeble time slots, that is om my lunch break, after I were done blogging. All I´ve got to do now, is write a paper this weekend, and this part of the course is done. Only 3/4 left...

Will post swap pics later today.

Hope for my books to arrive, the snow yesterday delayed the package. Hope a package from Tania waits when I get home - it sounds very promising!

They want to buy some felt pastries at work! Perfect for the kids to play with, since they don´t break easily, and don´t hurt when thrown into someone´s head...

are there angels?

I´m sure there´s at least one angel out there, and she lives in Japan. Thanks Jenn, for the absolutely amazing package I got today! A big package filled to the brim with Japanese kawaii, and I love every single thing! There were re-ment, so pretty stationary (perhaps the best thing of all), four kinds of KitKats (I really wanted to try the Bitter, and now I got it - yay!), fabric samples (love the rabbit ones), candy, assorted cute stuff, and much more. I loved it! And it didn´t in any way make my crush on Japan any less huge! Thanks Jenn, you saved my day!


things to brighten up a november day

I´ve got me some treats at the post today, both books and a package from Jenn in Japan. Yay! Feels like a ray of sunshine in a cold, snowy day. Yes, we´ve got snow, just a little, but it´s the first snow this year. I love first snow, I love snow until New Year´s, then I want spring. Unfortunately, spring doesn´t happen until March or April, so there´s a bit of suffering going on for a few months.

I sent for a new CD, just in time for December and Christmas, I love Chris Isaak, so when I found a Christmas-CD with him, I went for it. I hope it´s as lovely as he usually is.

Brrr, it´s cold today!

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