all in one day!

Today is a day of many good things!

1. I just finished the schoolwork that was due tomorrow, all I have to do is mail it to my professor.

2. I did a perm. A curly perm. And it came out wonderfully! I may not be a beauty, but at least my hair looks gorgeaus!

3. A package is waiting for me to pick it up at the post office.

4. Finally, I bought a new mascara. Much needed!

5. My finances seems to be solved, hopefully I´ll get my money in a week or two.

6. My parents gave me some money (they thought I´d starve...), 1000 SEK (135 USD) - thanks a lot!

7. The pattern publishing.

8. I heard from Jenn in Japan - the swap is on!

9. I´m not in my very un-comfy shoes anymore - yay sneakers!

How´s that for a day´s work?! I definately needed a pick-me-up day! Finally the karma-thing payes off!

I´ll get published!

A while ago, I submitted a pattern (for scully socks) to the new Stitch n´Bitch book, but unfortunately I didn´t make it. BUT, I was asked to be part of a calender instead. I´d get paid a little and I´d get a free calender, and I´d be published! Of course I said no. Nah, just kidding, obviously I said yes! Now I´ve got to go home and work on that sock pattern, I just sent the idea and a picture of the scull pattern to S´n´B. The only thing is, I´m not that at home with American yarns, I hope they can solve that. YAY! Something good comes my way!

sanrio from singapore

A very appreciated gift from Alvina in Singapore!

16274-321 Sanrio Characters Felt Mascots and Stickers  ISBN4834721256

Since I love Sanrio and I love felties, I think this book is wonderful! There´s only a little Hello Kitty, but there´s many of her friends, Keroppi, Little Twin Stars, My Melody to name a few. Unfortunately not available at YesAsia, so I feel very lucky to have been given this book!

cuteness from Singapore

I got my package from Alvina today! How come one package from Singapore disappears, and one arrives without a care in the world? I still blame those polarbears - something in Lizzy´s package must have smelled too good to resist. But Alvina´s package - so very nice! A japanese craft book (this one:  -yay!), a stack of Hello Kitty-stationary, Fruit roll-ups (I love those!), beads, earrings, chopsticks, bookmarks, Hello Kitty-sanitary pads, San-x clip thingys, tiny stickers, and I think that was everything. A whole bag filled with cuteness! Thank you Alvina, you made my day!


I made some very vegan treats for Momo yesterday, from one of the books I got yesterday. Quite nice, if I may say so myself. In my new book, I found something thet would fit very nicely in Pei´s next package, I just may have to get working on it when I get home...
I bought some trim for Tania´s bag, I may keep it, or I may make a new one. I can´t make up my mind!

at least I don´t have PMT!

I try to remember the words of Dr Phil: Just because you feel fat, you don´t have to look it. I´m on my period, I feel fat and bloated (and hungry), and it feels like three weeks of eating exellent made me gain weight. Which it shouldn´t. I look forward to this time next week, when the reds are long gone.

Long gone are my family too. I´ll miss my youngest sisters, hopefully they´ll move closer sometimes. The good thing with sisters that much younger, is that we didn´t fight much growing up, so we never had to work through that later, when we became older.

I look forward to Bazar on TV tonight. I saw the rerun of last program last night, and I liked it. Very me. And if you wonder what "me" is, it´s cheap solutions, thrift finds, mixing styles and time periods and making it very personal. When I´m all done at home (whenever thet is) there will be elements of the 50s, 60s and
70s, some kitsch, some north african/east indian, some black/white combinations and some self made ideas/solutions. I´m partly there, but there´s a lot missing to. It´s an ever growing process.

As my previous post said, I got Japanese craft books today. Yay!

I found a great link at Hanna´s, you MUST go check out Twinkie´s Fridge!

I´ve sewn a bag and purse for Tania, but were having doubts about both. Today I made another purse, and feel very good about that decision. Now I have to decide if the bag needs to be remade too.

I got books!

I got books from YesAsia today, but somehow they managed to sent one book wrong, I had ordered this book:  but I got this book:  Fortunately the book I got was very nice, so no harm done, but this means I´ll have to order the piggy book again. This was what I bought:

16274-320fueruto no doubutsu masukotsuto puchi buteitsuku shiri zu  ISBN4834764184

Filled to the brim with cute little felt mascots, this books is a bargain for $5.75. Monkeys, dogs, cats and frogs are just a few of the pretty stuff you can make, and I like them all. Good buy!

16274-241 asoberu tsukaeru fueruto no masukotsuto  ISBN4529040763

There´s not one thing in this book on felt mascots that isn´t absolutely lovely! There´s of course the felt toilet, even better is maybe the felt kitchen supplies (fridge, microwave oven, pots and food), dolls with changable clothes and hair. Everything is a must do, and I will definately make me some. The shrimp is on the list! 

16274-289 dasa kawaii fueruto masukotsuto ando gutsuzu geibun mutsukusu 

A whole bunch of little felties, key rings, mobile accessories, covers of stuff (book, mobile phone, scissors...). Very nice indeed!

16274-245 tenuide tsukuru doubutsu masukotto chiisana tomodachi 190 ten 

Gorgeaus felt animals! Very detailed and well made. There´s the wolf burying it´s pet, the orchestra, mouse painters and baseball players, just to mention a few. This is definately one of my favourites, and if making felt mascots is your thing, you must have this!

expecting packages

Somehow everything I just wrote just disappeared. Just as well, I was feeling a bit negative, now you didn´t have to read that.

Hoping for a package tomorrow. YesAsia-books is on the way, so is package fron Lizzy (still!) and Alvina in Singapore and Genevieve from Washington, my SP8 spoilee, who thinks I deserve some nice stuff. Possibly is package from Melanie, my SP8 spoiler on it´s way sometimes soon, I´m expecting my last package from her.

That was more on the positive side!


I made a bday-cushion for my friend this morning. Her day isn´t until October the 3rd, hope I can wait that long before giving it to her! And hope she likes it! It´s red and brown (mostly) and would look fab in her turquoise 60s couch.

I found a new swap that sounds fun, this vintage swap. I have too much fun with GYS at the moment, but later, maybe. I love vintage stuff, thrifting and great finds. At home, my coffee table, livingroom rug, kitchen table and book shelf are all thrift-finds, all from the 50s/60s. Lovely things, lovely decades! 70s are good to, and for clothes I love the 20s, but that´s hard to find. I got a black beaded flapperdress, but it´s so fragile, I can hardly touch it without beads falling off. But it´s gorgeaus, and a true find, I didn´t even pay $20 for it!

Now I listen to this. How great are crafty podcasts!?!

I better get moving on Momo´s package, October is coming up.

fab place and some animal loving

My apartment looks so fab, that I can barely move in it, afraid to get it dirty again, and I almost vacuumes my cats´ behinds after they´ve been to the litter box, so they won´t spread cat litter all over the floors. Lovely!

I´m hoping my finances is untangeling, hopefully in time to pay my rent and bills. I would very much like to have a roof over my head, and some money to swap for. By the way, Alvina got her package, and says she liked it. Goody!

I want a dog! The family dog (a collie girl named Frida) was so happy to see me yesterday, even though the cats may be happy too, they never show it like that: licking, tail-wagging, barking... You feel like the most special person in the world. Although it feels really special when the cats both comes to bed with me, too. I could not bare not sleeping with my cats, and if anyone ever asked me to choose between them or that person, the choice is easy.

fabric, Jap craft and some vacuuming...

My phone´s not working. How typical is that?

I made Pei her Moomin pin cushion, all I need to do now is figure out the rest of her package. There´s no hurry, we´re not swapping again until november sometime. I found fabric for Tanja too. Actually it is a vintage fabric from my stash, which I´d forgot that it was so nice. It will begome a pillow for a birthdaypresent for a friend, too. And there´s still some left for me! Some will become a bag or two, some maybe a big pillow, maybe something else. I like the fact that it´s laying there, waiting for a good idea or two.

I re-read one of my Jap craft books yesterday, this one: Everytime I read it (that is look at it, I don´t read Japanese, though I really want to) I find something new I simply love, and I know I will use several of the ideas one of these days. Fun thing: on the first spread, there´s a fabric hanging in the top left corner, that´s Swedish. See what you notice when you look thouroghly at all the pictures!

I got some un-expected money today, not much, but a nice surprise!

I got to clean my apartment when I get home, partly because the cats make dustbunnies (dustdinosaurs!), mostly because my family may drop by at any moment, from tonight and througout the weekend. My dad´s a fussy visiter - he wants his coffee (he´ll get instant) and he want a clean apartment. It´s always tidy (more or less - it´s craft stuff and magasines all over every table), but since I don´t mind dust, well, out comes the vacuum cleaner. Actually, I don´t mind a freshly cleaned apartment either...


weight-stuff, mostly

You know, I was really looking forward to see that new TV-program yesterday, to end a bad day with something good. Well, guess what?! No TV. At all. Out of order! How typical is that! I ended up reading all night instead, and the book was rather good, but I felt deprived.

I started reading Dr Phil´s "The Ultimate Weight Solution" too. For someone who says that his way is totally diffrent than anything else you´ve ever tried, and that this will work, he sounds a lot like every other weight loss book I´ve ever read. And that´s a few, since I´m always looking for the ultimate solution. At the moment, I feel like I´m doing something right, it´s easy, I don´t weigh or measure things, no counting, I eat until I´m full - it feels like I could go on like this permanently. I just eat my usual vegan diet (without the cheating), cutting out bread and pasta. I allow myself to eat candy, if it´s from abroad (no wonder I love these Gimme Your Stuff-swaps!) or if it´s vegan. And when I need a push, I watch or read "You are what you eat", which works very well with me, since it´s maybe not entirely vegan, but close, and makes a lot of sense (in my ears at least).

a lot of crappiness.... and some things good!

Could this morning possibly begin any worse? First I found a tick chewing on me, then I finds out I might have diabetes (or at least my blood sugar levels are too high), and then the conservative parties won the election yesterday, which I think is the worst possible scenario. At least for people with low incomes, sick people, children, elderly, animals and environment, which is a lot of people not benefitting from the change of ruling party. To top it off, the only mail I got today was bills, I think I deserved a package to cheer me up, but no...

Good thing: My parents, sister(s) and dog are coming this Thursday, and it´s been a while.

Another good thing: A new interior decorating program, Bazar, starts today, and it sounds like I will like it. Fingers crossed!

Great thing: Books from YesAsia is on their way, they should arrive in the beginning of next week. Yay!

mushrooms, IKEA and Chinese food

We went looking for mushrooms today, but found nothing (or noting we knew was edible). This was only like the fourth time I´ve been looking for mushrooms without finding any, because I have no idea where to look, and no idea which ones you can eat.

We went to IKEA yesterday, and I got my bdaypresent from my sister, a gift certificate at IKEA for 300 SEK (40 USD), which became fabric and thread, and my friend Malin bought me lunch (Indian - yummy). So a nice day was had, and very much on the cheap side for me.

Thread meant that I finished some felt pastries and then made me some felt cookies (not that good).

And now we´re off to eat dinner, Chinese, which is usually very good, but at this restaurant there´s only one thing I eat, so that can get a bit old sometimes. Chinese restaurants in Stockholm are much better, with sometimes up to ten dishes to choose between.

zakka from japan

Anjali from Japan sent me this lovely book:

16274-243 daisuki na nuno de tsukurou handomeido zatsuka

It´s not a big book on the outside, but it´s big on the inside! So many good ideas (why haven´t I thought of letter shaped cushions before?), such nice lay-out. I really liked this one, and more in the series is a must!

spoiled rotten

My crazy sister gave me 250 SEK ($35) to shop for! Not to mention tasty treats and pretty flowers. What have I done to deserve so much? No more complains from me on getting no bdaypresents! Thank you Linda, you´re a sweetheart in every sense of the word! The money will be spent on these books:

16274-312  16274-310 
16274-309 16274-311

The one with the bags have been a "want" for a while, the others are browse-discoveries. Hoping for some good ones! (Am actually quite sure of it - can you go wrong with Japanese craft books?)


Actually, this is just for the one´s of you who may be interested in what I´ve been sending out to people, you´ll find links here:

Anjali, Kwoozy and her birthdaypackage, Charlene, Catherine, Babs and Lizzy.

moomin-shops? anyone?

I´m sending Alvina´s package to Singapore today, it should arrive next week. As usual I´m a bit nervous, hope she´ll like it!

I´ve started on Tania´s package, though we´re not swapping until the end of October. I see, I forgot to tell you, I´m doing a swap with Tania from Portugal. I´ve seen what she´s sent, and there´s some nice stuff there!  Anyway, she´ll get a Moomin pin cushion, but not like the one Anjali got. Anyone knows where to buy Moomin-stuff in Stockholm? I know there´s some at Junibacken, but anywhere else?

So far, the only bdaypresent I´ve got is from Pei (birthdays suck when you´re older), but sister Linda has promised me money to shop Japanese craft books at YesAsia. Yay! Sometimes you actually DO get what you wish for!

screw me!

Went to Stockholm today, shopped for Alvina´s package, and some felt for me. Just realised: I forgot red thread. You can´t make strawberries without red thread...

Unpleasent monetary surprise: got over 2000 SEK ($300) less than expected. That screws up a lot of plans! Mainly buying food and paying bills. Happy Birthday to me....

I got lucky!

I had a package at the post today, I was rather hoping for Lizzy´s package, that it would finally find me (a month now...), but was surprised with two packages when I went to pick it up. Even if it wasn´t from Lizzy, I was very happy, both Anjali´s and Pei´s package in one stone. Woo-hoo! And right in time for my birthday too - perfect! There were some awsome stuff in there, this was what I got:

From Pei I got my bday-swap-package, all home made (almost). A Moomin pin cushion, a fabric origami box, a daruma in felt, a sewn purse and a Cookie dough KitKat (how good doesn´t that sound?).


From Anjali I got a Jap craft book, Handmade Zakka (so nice!), the cutest fabric, buttons even cuter, and very Japanese KitKats (aduki bean, fruit parfait and french bretagne milk), and the little bags she put things in were just as great as the package itself.


Thank you, both! I loved every single thing (in fact, now I´m going home, to enjoy everything in full)!

system break-down?

I found Alvina - goody! Swap is on!
Also swapping with Mayumi in October/November.

Making Christmas presents. Very early, I know.

Very hungry, must go home to make lunch. Can´t communicate in sentences.

how disappointing!

I got a package today, and hoping for my package from Lizzy in Singapore, I went to get it at the Postoffice. But no, no luck, schoolbooks were what I got. I kinda suspected that, but one can always hope. Now it´s almost a month since Lizzy sent the package, but I have gotten things after up to four months, so I´m still hoping.

One who got her stuff, is Anjali, who says she liked the package I sent her. Goody! Her package to me is on it´s way and so is Pei´s bdaypackage. Nice things to look forward to!
I´ve got another swap on the go, with Momo in Japan, we´ll do it in October, which is actually perfect. I got a swap request from Alvina in Singapore too, but can´t write her at her blog, hopefully she´s coming back to my blog, and gets in touch again.

What else? Oh, it feels like fall here! It´s a bit chillier (but not enough), it´s windy and I´m wearing jeans without sweating to death. Yay! And I´ve got Christmas cravings already, a bit early, I know. But thinking of presents early never hurts, and I´ve got some ideas. And if I decide to go handmade, earlier is better.

I´m babysitting my 2-year-old nephew tonight. Fortunately I´ve been watching quite some nanny-programs this last week - he´ll never know what hit him!

may I cry a little?

The Kuri Kuri book 16274-210 I ordered on YesAsia is out of stock, hope the other four are available. Hope they get it back, because I´d really like that one...


Kwoozy got her bdaypackage just in time - perfect! She says she likes it, which is also perfect. And she sent me mine, which is even better. Lucky me!

I very hastily throwed together a bday present today, a croched scull keyring, for my friends son, who´s ten today. Hope he´ll like it! I like the fact, that I can bring a present, despite my empty purse, I guess thet´s the wonderful thing about being a crafty person...

Anybody´s got any ideas on something to serve on bday, without flour, eggs and such things? The only thing I can come up with is fruit salad, and that´s so done!

felt abusing, age ranting party pooper... who? me?!

I definately need to go felt-shopping again! Those felt pastries takes their fare share of especially brown and white felt, and I´m practically out of it. Unfortunately, the package I bought contained very much red felt (it was a Christmas package, but I don´t use red even for Christmas, since my Xmas is white an pink), and I don´t know what to do with it. You can only make so many strawberrys...

I had dinner at my sister´s last Saturday, it was a genuine girl´s night, with good food, some drinks and lots of fun. Everybody went out afterwards, but me, I went home to my bed, a book and my cats. Don´t in any way pity me, it was my choice, I can´t think of any better way to spend the night. Party animal is not my middle name! But I had a nice evening, so thank you sis!

I can´t believe I´m turning 32 next week... I liked 30 better, 32 sounds so much, then I´m soon 35, and then 40 is knocking... can you turn 30 every year, until you retire?

Oh, did you see - I´ve posted some package pics! Scroll down, and you´ll find them!

not a swapping word!

I´m going back to school this fall, I´ll be studying archaeology, a life long dream coming true. I hope it´ll be as fun as I hope. But now it seems huge, and I don´t know where to start. I printed out studyquestions, which have to be sent in by the last of this month, and there´s an assignment, looking for archaeological museums on the internet, that will have to wait, at least til next week. I haven´t studied for several years, and not even back then did I do much of actual studying, I´ve always had it too easy in school, so when I had to do real work, when I went to Uppsala Universitet, I couldn´t cope. I´d really like to work as an archaeologist, so this have to work. I may not become Indiana Jones, but I may have an education, and (do I dare to dream) a job, with a decent pay.


I thought I´d have some pics to post today, but the computer said no. Hopefully I´ll fix it in the weekend, if little sister haven´t erased my pictures. But she´s not usually that effiicient, she shouldn´t start now. I hope. What she did, however, is get me a VISAcard of my own, and allows me to use one of her bankaccounts for my internet shopping. Unfortunately, since my bankruptcy, they don´t let me have a creditcard of my own. It´s not enough that my whole economy and my whole life was turned up-side-down, then they won´t let you get back on your feet again. Fortunately, I have a very kind sister!

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