I sold them!

I have just sold my pile of Japanese craft books, and got about 160 USD, not bad I think. I want to buy one, maybe two, or perhaps all three of these. Or I´ll get one, and some other things (hmmm, maybe food...) for my flat. I love online auktions!

kurikuri from Japan!

This lovely little book came with a lovely package from Momo in Japan!

16274-373 kurikuri 2  ISBN4576041002

I actually expected these KuriKuri-books to be smaller, being so cheap, but it was thicker than I expected, and filled to the brim with the cutest ideas. I so loved this book, and will buy many more in the series.


16274-312 teami kafue sutairu retsutsu nitsuto shiri zu  ISBN4529040941

A book on knitted and crocheted things, for your home and for you. I need to take another look at this one, to decide what I think about it, but at first impression it looks good.

16274-310 Cozy Handbags and Pouches   ISBN483472235X

A wonderful book on handbags and purses and other related things. Very nice! I can´t say anything I don´t like (I just picture the maybe´s in diffrent fabric, and presto! - I like!), but I really love the bird bag and purse. Love those! If you´re stuck in a rutt, and need some new ideas, or simply are crazy for bags - buy now!

16274-309 chiisana sashiko kantan ni tsukureru zatsuka ando fukuromono kitsukakebon handeikurafuto 53   ISBN4277490530

This was not what I expected, I saw purses on the cover, and expected something like that, but instead this was a book on embroidery. Some things were nice, some ideas I may use, some things were just not me. But for less than $5, I don´t mind buying this one.

16274-311 fueruto no masukotsuto kitsukakebon handeikurafuto 54   ISBN4277490549

A tiny book, judging by the cover, but filled on the inside, with pretty felt mascots. Favourites are the dough-nuts and the Eiffel tour.

sanrio from singapore

A very appreciated gift from Alvina in Singapore!

16274-321 Sanrio Characters Felt Mascots and Stickers  ISBN4834721256

Since I love Sanrio and I love felties, I think this book is wonderful! There´s only a little Hello Kitty, but there´s many of her friends, Keroppi, Little Twin Stars, My Melody to name a few. Unfortunately not available at YesAsia, so I feel very lucky to have been given this book!

I got books!

I got books from YesAsia today, but somehow they managed to sent one book wrong, I had ordered this book:  but I got this book:  Fortunately the book I got was very nice, so no harm done, but this means I´ll have to order the piggy book again. This was what I bought:

16274-320fueruto no doubutsu masukotsuto puchi buteitsuku shiri zu  ISBN4834764184

Filled to the brim with cute little felt mascots, this books is a bargain for $5.75. Monkeys, dogs, cats and frogs are just a few of the pretty stuff you can make, and I like them all. Good buy!

16274-241 asoberu tsukaeru fueruto no masukotsuto  ISBN4529040763

There´s not one thing in this book on felt mascots that isn´t absolutely lovely! There´s of course the felt toilet, even better is maybe the felt kitchen supplies (fridge, microwave oven, pots and food), dolls with changable clothes and hair. Everything is a must do, and I will definately make me some. The shrimp is on the list! 

16274-289 dasa kawaii fueruto masukotsuto ando gutsuzu geibun mutsukusu 

A whole bunch of little felties, key rings, mobile accessories, covers of stuff (book, mobile phone, scissors...). Very nice indeed!

16274-245 tenuide tsukuru doubutsu masukotto chiisana tomodachi 190 ten 

Gorgeaus felt animals! Very detailed and well made. There´s the wolf burying it´s pet, the orchestra, mouse painters and baseball players, just to mention a few. This is definately one of my favourites, and if making felt mascots is your thing, you must have this!

zakka from japan

Anjali from Japan sent me this lovely book:

16274-243 daisuki na nuno de tsukurou handomeido zatsuka

It´s not a big book on the outside, but it´s big on the inside! So many good ideas (why haven´t I thought of letter shaped cushions before?), such nice lay-out. I really liked this one, and more in the series is a must!

spoiled rotten

My crazy sister gave me 250 SEK ($35) to shop for! Not to mention tasty treats and pretty flowers. What have I done to deserve so much? No more complains from me on getting no bdaypresents! Thank you Linda, you´re a sweetheart in every sense of the word! The money will be spent on these books:

16274-312  16274-310 
16274-309 16274-311

The one with the bags have been a "want" for a while, the others are browse-discoveries. Hoping for some good ones! (Am actually quite sure of it - can you go wrong with Japanese craft books?)

may I cry a little?

The Kuri Kuri book 16274-210 I ordered on YesAsia is out of stock, hope the other four are available. Hope they get it back, because I´d really like that one...

I can´t help myself!

A new order from YesAsia is prepared (it may be added on). Again. But it´s my birthday soon, and I´m getting so old, that I don´t get presents anymore. If I don´t buy them, that is. What can I say? Happy birthday to me!

These are coming in September:

16274-245 16274-241 16274-210

16274-289 16274-288

Japanese craft via California

In the mailbox, this wonderful book arrived from Babs in California. By my revue, you can tell, that I loved it!

soba ni oitene honobono nuigurumi ISBN452904114X

An absolutely fantastic book, of both amigurumi and nuigurumi, and I can definately think of some things do do from it. I can´t tell you my favourites, because they all are. Lovely, and a must buy!

absolute cuteness

Some new books in the mail from YesAsia.

16274-246 puchi a puchi chitsuchiyana beatachi no sasayaki anano kafue ISBN4052014170

This is actually a childrens picture book, but with these übercute Ananö-bears, it´s for anyone who appriciates really cute stuff!

kawaii kuchiyu ru rime ku okiniiri no hankachi ya se ta o tsukatsute sekai de hitotsu no fukuzukuri  ISBN4579110250

If you want ideas on how to transform your wardrobe, you´ve found a  nice book. It begins with the basic scarf, t-shirt and handkerchief, and elaborates from that. The style is quite young and Japanese cute/boho, which I actually really like. 

16274-237mamegurumi nuigurumi no chiisana chiisana wankotachi ISBN4579108884

The absolutely cutest little dogs you can imagine, all for you to make. The book presents several diffrent breeds (including my favourite, the bullterrier, yay!), and some accessories for them. You got to love this book!

16274-219mamemame gekijiyou wanko mo gutsuzu mo tsukuremasu  ISBN4579109368

Another "teeny-dog"-book, basically the same lay up as the previous, but with more accessories. Need I to say that I love this one too?

and now I wait...

Now I´ve billed my YesAsia order  to my credit card (or, to be accurate, my sisters card - but the money is mine!), so now I wait.... It takes some time to process the order, but the shipping was fast, it only took like four business days. And it came from Germany, despite the fact that YesAsia is located in Hong Kong. But that´s OK, if it means that I get my things faster.

new order

I placed a new order at YesAsia yesterday, this time I think I calculated my incomes correctly. This will hopefully arrive in the mail in a month or so:

16274-246 16274-237 
 16274-219 16274-236

I especially look forward to the two mamewanko-books (mamewanko is a good word to know when you´re into Japanese crafts, they are absolutely gorgeous tiny dogs). The first one is a book of Ananö bears, not to make but to look at, and they are to die for too. The last book is one from my last (cancelled) order, on remaking old clothes. They all cost 500 kr or about $65, dirt cheap, and there´s no shipping! My message to the people is: shop on YesAsia, cheap books and often no shipping!

japanese craft from California!

16274-277jibun de dekiru tezukuri riratsukuma  ISBN4-391-13107-2

A very cute collection of these San-x figures. There´s amigurumi, stuffies, felt figures, sewn bags - lots of stuff! And really cute! I liked this book!

16274-278 cheesai nuigurumi ISBN4-8347-6348-X

A very nice collection of small stuffies, my favourites are the hamsters, but every time I look through it, I find more things I love.

knitting items for a walk

teami de fuyujitaku odekake komono ISBN4-277-17184-2

This book was in my first package from my SP7 pal, Amy in Japan. I had wished for a Japanese knitting book, and recieved this nice book. There´s mostly knitted accessories, but some crochet too (among other things, an amigurumi bunny - cute!). There´s quite a few things that I´d like to make, like this capelet, the cabled scarfs and the legwarmers, but there´s even more nice things, actually they tend to become more, the more times I look through the book. I liked it!

amigurumi in the mail!

Yesterday I got my package from YesAsia in the mailbox! Four lovely, lovely amigurumibooks, which I´ve got to tell you about. They´re all absolutely nice, I can tell you!
16274-140 tanoshii kawaii amigurumi seibidou mutsuku waku waku hobi 9
Dolls an animals, candy and treats, all lovely, of course, but the best is five bears, all with it´s own wardrobe. So kawaii! I absolutely adore the milk carton - cute isn´t it?

16274-258 16274-257   16274-256
16274-141obaachiyan ga oshieru amigurumi yasai to kudamono ISBN4-7974-5458-X
An entire book dedicated to amigurumi vegetables and fruits! I can´t name tham all (and I´ve been a vegetarian for the past 16 years...), but they would all do very nice in a fruit bowl in my kitchen. There are oranges, grapes and apples, potatoes, carrots and peppers, to name a few, and some are very realistic!

takamori tomoko no andene amigurumi kurukuru ande dekiagari ISBN4-391-13165-X
Perhaps the least varied content, most animals are variations of each other. But that´s not necessary bad, when they are this cute! Bears, cats and dogs are represented, to name a few.

16274-138amigurumi no nakamatachi ISBN4-277-17187-7
This one has my favourites: tiny dogs, not even 2 inches high, that are soooo cute. The hedgehog with a mushroom on it´s back isn´t bad either, nor are any of the other creatures.

I wish for more!

More wishes for Japanese craft books (actually I could dedicate this whole blog to Japanese craft books, the ones I want and the ones I´ve got - they´re plenty and they´re wonderful!). If anyone recall my last wishful entry, they may have noticed two books with dogs on the cover,  , they will most certainly end up in my shoppingbasket next time I shop on YesAsia. They´re absolutely gorgeous, teeny, tiny dogs, with teeny, tiny things for your dog. I don´t know if I have the tiny fingers needed to make anything, but I can always drool over them!
Now for more wonderful wishes:

405401920X   4391117584 4052014170

4277171850 404853744x  4569622798

 4529040941  4277490549   4277490530

 487465780X    4834763897  4834764184


I wish for....

This post is mostly for me, these are some of the Japanese craft books on my wish list. The idea is for new to be added, and bought ones to be crossed off the list. They are absolutely gorgeous, I tell you, and they´re SO MANY! A human life is too short to buy all of this wonderfulness, but I sure will try!

4576041819  4056041792 452904114x 


4579109686 457911017x 

 483472266x 4579110625 

 4579110080  4579110668


4893967835 483472235x 4579109368  


4579108884 4529040763 4387990317 




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