absolute cuteness

Some new books in the mail from YesAsia.

16274-246 puchi a puchi chitsuchiyana beatachi no sasayaki anano kafue ISBN4052014170

This is actually a childrens picture book, but with these übercute Ananö-bears, it´s for anyone who appriciates really cute stuff!

kawaii kuchiyu ru rime ku okiniiri no hankachi ya se ta o tsukatsute sekai de hitotsu no fukuzukuri  ISBN4579110250

If you want ideas on how to transform your wardrobe, you´ve found a  nice book. It begins with the basic scarf, t-shirt and handkerchief, and elaborates from that. The style is quite young and Japanese cute/boho, which I actually really like. 

16274-237mamegurumi nuigurumi no chiisana chiisana wankotachi ISBN4579108884

The absolutely cutest little dogs you can imagine, all for you to make. The book presents several diffrent breeds (including my favourite, the bullterrier, yay!), and some accessories for them. You got to love this book!

16274-219mamemame gekijiyou wanko mo gutsuzu mo tsukuremasu  ISBN4579109368

Another "teeny-dog"-book, basically the same lay up as the previous, but with more accessories. Need I to say that I love this one too?


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