wardrobe refashioning taking place

There so much people out there, saying they don´t have anything to wear, and then stand in front of a packed closet. Well, I can in all honesty say that I don´t have anything to wear, because 1) I own very little clothes (shopping when your plus size and low on cash is no fun) and 2) everything I own is worn and torne. Until now! I´ve bought some clothes, just basics in black and gray from H&M (nothing funny or fancy, but everything goes together, and works with my very colourful skirts), and threw out some stuff that were way past due. And even though I don´t have any more clothes (if anything, it´s less), I have things to wear. And I just placed a new order at H&M, for some more leggings, a cardigan which I hope fits (and looks as pretty irl), and a sweatshirt that was for free. Free stuff is the best! I hope everything fits as well as the last clothes I bought!
And, to brighten things up a bit, I´m knitting socks - bright colourful cheerful socks. Lovely!
As said before, I´m cutting down on swapping, and now I´m prioritizing my wardrobe for a while. A very good side effect, is that I usually lose weight when I´ve bought new clothes, so hopefully they won´t fit me after Christmas or so...

icons part three

Of course this is one of my icons, her combinations of quirky and retro and very feminine, she´s so wonderful, so she gets a spread of her own!

Carrie Bradshaw
Sarah Jessica Parker´s part in Sex and the City - don´t tell me anyone missed her!

image553 image554 image555 image556

more icons!

Here´s part two, in the "fashion icons series":

Audrey Hepburn:
She´s always absolutely wonderful - nothing ever looks bad on her!

image543 image544 image545 image546

The house of Eliott:
I love the 20s costumes in this TV-series, I wish I could have all of them!

image548 image549 

Modesty Blaise
Always stylish, no matter how much ass she kicks!

image550 image551 image552 

my icons!

This will probably be an re-occuring post, since I can´t post all of my fashion icons in one sitting. Here´s some of the women I´d like to dress like:

Dita von Teese
The best at retro dressing out there - everything she puts on looks ab fab!

16274-372 16274-370 16274-367 16274-365

Gwen Stefani
Mixes retro and punk in a very appealing way.

image529 image530 image531 image532

Kirsten Dunst
Bohemian and laid back, all in one.

image533 image534 image535 image536

Elle Woods
What can I say - I´m a sucker for pink!

image537 image538 image539 image540

That´s all for now, but I´ll be back with more great dressers!

fashion blogs - links

I´ve you´ve read me for a while, you might have noticed a little trend: whenever I try to loose weight, I get interested in fashion. Since I started weight watching today, you know what is in the near future - yupp, fashion, in some way or another. Here´s some fashion blogs to start with, both in English and in Swedish:

Engla´s Showroom

Kiss me, Stace

Garderobsgrubbel & Byråbekymmer

I Am Fashion

Käthes modeblogg

The Sartorialist

Stockholm Streetstyle

Annas blog feat. Mel E


Modebloggen Expressen

Ebbas blogg

you know how I love customizing...

Now I found a blog entirely on recycling clothes and making new ones, Wardrobe refashion ´06. Recycling rules!

shop yourself pretty - all on the net!

Here´s some fashionable links. Go take a look, and don´t blame me, if you spend all of your paycheck in one go!

Asos.com Cheap fashion, jewellery and beauty, inspired by fashion icons like Sienna Miller and Kate Moss. British. These are some of my likes:


Mint & vintage Vintage clothes and accessories (fairly priced), as well as new design. Fun stuff! Swedish. I like these:


Accessora Beauty, scents and accessories that may be hard to get your hands on otherwise in Sweden. Swedish. How can you not like a site, that greets you like this:


this´ll be the last one for the day, I promise!

I sewed myself a pretty raggy flower brooch last night/this morning, is black and white, following this tutorial. Now, I actually see, that mollychicken´s flowers aren´t as thick as mine became, but I like mine, never the less. I will definately make more!


fashion role model

I went shopping yesterday, for black liquid eyeliner (can´t believe I´ve never owned one of those!) and red lipstick (found the perfect shade), I love that look, with simple, yet sofisticated eyes and bright lips - gorgeaus! One who does that so well, as well being a fashion icon (for me, anyway), is Dita von Teese (but how she could marry Marilyn Manson is beyond me, as is how beautiful Rose McGowan could ever date him). If I lost several pounds (many that is), her style is definately one I would try for myself. See what you think:

16274-372 16274-371 16274-370 16274-366
16274-368 16274-367  16274-365 16274-369

the devil wears prada (unfortunately I don´t...)


I went to the movies the other day, I saw The Devil wears Prada. I think I liked it (I may have to see it again to really decide), but I know I didn´t like how they portrayed Miranda Priestly, with a tough extierior, and a softness deep inside. In the book, there´s definately no soft spots in Miranda, and that´s how I like her. But, what I loved, of course, is the fabulous clothes, where the great Patricia Field (who also did the wardrobe of Sex and the City) did the styling. Can she ever go wrong?

fashionable reads

I just picked up two books at the post office:

16274-351 16274-350

They´re both on fashion and personal style, one of my big interests. The first one is more on your personal style, and the second one is more on style in general, and the style of the rich and famous. I think they will live very happy in my "fashion-books-shelf"!

UPDATE: The books are in Swedish, and not available at Amazon, sorry, guys. But there´s a lot af good fashion books in English, we need to have at least something for ourselves...


I made a bday-cushion for my friend this morning. Her day isn´t until October the 3rd, hope I can wait that long before giving it to her! And hope she likes it! It´s red and brown (mostly) and would look fab in her turquoise 60s couch.

I found a new swap that sounds fun, this vintage swap. I have too much fun with GYS at the moment, but later, maybe. I love vintage stuff, thrifting and great finds. At home, my coffee table, livingroom rug, kitchen table and book shelf are all thrift-finds, all from the 50s/60s. Lovely things, lovely decades! 70s are good to, and for clothes I love the 20s, but that´s hard to find. I got a black beaded flapperdress, but it´s so fragile, I can hardly touch it without beads falling off. But it´s gorgeaus, and a true find, I didn´t even pay $20 for it!

Now I listen to this. How great are crafty podcasts!?!

I better get moving on Momo´s package, October is coming up.

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