magickal returns and wonderland cards

I got my returns from the Magick swap yesterday, I love how they all are very light, with a very positive feel to them. Very much the opposite of my Dark Gathering returns...

I was also very fortunate to trade with nezumitoo, who has made the most amazing gothic Wonderland set, and she wanted some Wonderland in return:

wonderland cards coming in and going out!

I´ve finally recieved the last set of cards for my Wonderland Tarot swap, lildebi sent gorgeaus cards:

I´ve also sent out all of the cards, I hope they all will be happy with their returns! The returns I kept for myself are:

I also recieved my returns from the Dark Gathering swap:


I´m waiting for the last set of cards for the Wonderland Tarot swap to arrive, and when they are all in the mail, I will start another swap. My original plan was to make it a Victorian Villain swap, but now I´m having second thoughts - maybe I´ll do a Moomin Valley swap first... I had fun making cards last night!

wonderland cards from isisjean and swap cards for me

I got one set for my Wonderland Tarot swap yesterday, so now I´m only waiting for the last one. Hopefully they arrive tomorrow, so I can swap out the cards.

I also got my returns from two swaps, Gothic Alice in Wonderland and Baba Yaga:


Today I also finally recieved my cards from Renmeleon, a 9/9 trade we´ve planned forever. Wonderful cards, all of them!

wonderland goodness!

I´ve recieved no less than three sets of Wonderland Tarot cards, from platypus, JupiterPsyche and messmaker:


Only three sets missing, and six days to go!

mixed media cupcakes

I can´t resist cupcakes, so of course I had to join a cupcake swap! I made these cards last week:

I´m back on track with the ATCs, but in a less obsessive way, which feels good. Hopefully I can remain this state for a while - I do enjoy making and trading them, and I wouldn´t like for them to end up in my big pile of forgotten interests.

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