what I want you to do!

If there is one thing I recommend all of you to do, it´s to read some of your childhood/teen favourite books. It´s amazing, you´ll feel like you are back in those days, but you only remember the good things. I have re-read several old favourites, I´m now working my way through Anne of Greengables by LM Montgomery (they are so lovely!), and will then go to the Five-books by Enid Blyton - I loved them when I was little! So - go dig up some old books!

some lovely blacklilypie!

I just bought some more art from blacklilypie, I felt I could spend some money online, since I have sold some yarn on Ravelry, and I haven´t managed to transfer the money to my bank account, but have only spent a lot of money while trying. So I figured I might as well use the money for something nice. I got these, one print and one ACEO:

(click the pics for a bigger view!)


I kept seeing dots at home, and I put them together in a mosaic:


quilt for my niece

I just finished a doll quilt for my niece´s birthday, I hope she´ll like it!



vintage housekeeping swap

I organized a vintage housekeeping swap at the BrocanteHome forum, and yesterday I got my package. It was promisingly big and heavy when I picked it up, and the inside kept all of its promises.


Sasha/Domestic Goddes in Britain sent all of this great stuff: a rosy tea set, washing-up liquid (lemon and aloe vera), fabric softener (Christmas spice), rooibos tea, Carmex lip balm, dish cloths with pretty flowers, a heart shaped card/photo holder and a flowery screwdriver and tape measure. I had a crappy day yesterday, this package made it a lot better! Thanks, Sasha!

between a rock and a hard place

I´m somewhat torn: I went to the dietitian yesterday (good thing: on my good eating days, I eat very well, bad thing: on my bad days, I still have binge eating symptoms), and as a last question I asked her what she thought of gastric by-pass. She thought it was a good solution for a lot of people, but not for me, as long as I eat a vegan diet - my stomach will be to small for me to get the nutrients I need from a plant-based diet. That was something I hadn´t even thought aobut - I know I have to eat more now, but I hadn´t realized that I would have to do it later also (duh!). So, the thing is - find a solution now and loose weight on my own (the dietitian seemed very good, easy to talk to, and with some therapy for the eating problems I thought I had gotten rid of, maybe I can do it), or eat a ovo-lakto diet after the surgery (which I think is as morally wrong as eating meat). I feel I´m stuck between a rock and a hard place.
I know most of you are lurkers, but can I please get an opinion? Possible staying fat for the rest of my life, but ethically feeling good, or getting slim, but feeling like crap in my soul?

portrait of me!


For the first time, you get to see how I look like! It´s a portrait made by my friend´s 6-year-old daughter, and it does look a lot like me!

I know, I know...

I was cutting down on swaps, I know - I said it, and I did mean it, but somehow Jan/Feb ended up filled with swaps. I just got a package from Kellie, filled with the cutest things imaginable (an aqua bento with a monkey, a memo pad, a letterset, a cram cream wash cloth, re-ment, lipsmackers and fudgsicle lipbalm and a deery lou luggage tag), I´m waiting for my vegan pal package and my vintage housekeepers package, and I´m doing another two swaps as well - the packages are pretty much finished, I´m just waiting for my partners to finish theirs as well. Oh, and I´m doing two tiny swaps in March, I´m only sending some cram cream trays. But after that, I won´t do much swapping - there are lots of other things that wants to be bought as well!


alice in wonderland

I have always liked Alice in Wonderland, but now it has turned to an absolute crush! Of course I´ve got the Disney version on DVD, now I stumbled on another version too, it´s made by the same people that made Merlin, and I think it´s like Merlin, in the way it may need another couple of viewings before I love it. I don´t like Whoopi Goldberg as the Cheshire Cat, doesn´t work for me at all. Now I´m keeping my eyes open for more cinematic versions, older copies of the books, and I´m looking through Etsy for Alice enterpretations - there are lots! 

I almost don´t recognize myself!

I´m really surprising myself, lately. As you know, I get very tunnel vision-ed when I´m into something, and forgets about everything else, even the things that mesmerized me a week earlier. But now - my eating well is working, I knit and crochet and embroider, I sew and paint at my flat, I swap, I do a little bit of everything. And It´s working rather well, and I´m enjoy doing it all at once.

I went to Farsta (a suburb to Stockholm with a big shopping mall) last Saturday with my friend, Malin, and I did some serious bargain shopping (since a very serious lack of money). I got two pairs of shoes (about $12), three metres of lovely fabric (about $15) and a watch (for free - it was on sale, and I had previously bought a mobile charm in that store, and it broke, so I exchanged it for the watch). And I was treated to lunch. Cheap day, indeed!

Then, in the evening, I was invited to my sister for dinner, and we had Indian food (yummy!), and my sister (who´s a hairdresser) dyed my hair, so now it´s dark brawn, on the verge of black (the cowards version of black...).

I´ve bought some lovely prints at Etsy, and today I got the first one - I love it, and can´t wait to get the other three - I do need some nice pictures on my walls, now it´s mostly Ikea postcards, not that original. Buying prints from Etsy mean that I´m pretty much the only one in Sweden with that exact art - that is not to be said about "art" from Ikea...

I celebrated my freedom!

With a visit to the vet... My cat has been drinking and peeing obsessivly for the last months, and I´ve been thinking diabetes. Now I went to the vet to get him examinated, and it sure was diabetes. And then they charged me about $420 for telling me something I already knew. My choices are 1) to do nothing, and he lives pretty comfortably for another 2 or 3 years or 2) to give him shots twice every day, and he lives pretty comfortably for another 2 or 3 years. My first thought was, shots, absolutely, but now, I´m thinking - it´ll be a hassle for both me and him, it´ll cost a lot of money, and it won´t change a lot. So I think I´ll just let things be, as long as he doesn´t seem to be in any pain or discomfort. I hate it when pets get sick...  

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