wonderland tarot from obviousfront

Yesterday obviousfront´s contribution to my Wonderland Tarot swap arrived, and they are so pretty. And along with the cards came the cutest little robot!

wonderland tarot and tim burton

I´ve recieved Chronata´s beautiful contribution to my Wonderland Tarot swap:

I´ve also recieved my lovely returns from the Tim Burton swap:

two 5/5´s

For a person not very much into ATCs at the moment, I´m sure making a lot of them... I´m doing two 5 for 5 trades at the moment, with Suzee Que and with Mona in Denmark. I´m sending these cards:


more wonderland tarot cards!

Nuttynanner´s cards arrived today for my Wonderland Tarot swap:

marie antoinette, gothic girls and all things egyptian

I had to join the Mixed Media Marie Antoinette swap at atcsforall.com, I hope the cards are mixed media enough...

I actually feel rather good about these cards, I´m happy I´m making one extra card to keep!

I´m also doing a private 1/1 trade, and was going to do a goth girl with a cat. I had a sudden burst of inspiration, and made two cards. Since I can´t decide which one to send, I´m sending both:


And I got my returns from the All things Egyptian swap today:

I know I said i wasn´t feeling very ATC at the moment, but it´s getting better - the more cards I get to make, the more fun it is!

nine cards done

I finished the last cards for my trade with Sonja in Denmark yesterday, so I will mail them out today.

wonderland tarot swap - first cards are in!

I´ve recieved the first contributions for my Wonderland Tarot swap, lovely cards from artsihorse:'

atc slump

I´ve been so inte ATCs for the past 6 months or so, I guess it´s only natural (for me!) that the interest is fading - I´m finding other things more interesting at the moment. I haven´t signed up for a swap for a while, and haven´t traded much lately (saying that, I´ve got two cards in the mail, and I´m working for cards for a 9/9 trade). I still check in to atcsforall.com, but right now, all I want to do, is get into the Christmas preparations (yes, already!), hang at the Vintage HouseKeeping Circle (it´s finally up - yay!), and fiddle about in my flat. Very fall-y things, I guess.

So, I´m not quitting ATCs, but they might not get as much attention as they have lately. Heck, who knows - I might even get some readers back on my blog!

queen of hearts coming my way!

I got my returns from the Queen of Hearts swap yesterday. I didn´t get any of the cards I had hoped for, but I still got some pretty ones!

I haven´t been doing a lot of ATCs lately, but today, I´ve arrange a couple of swaps. At the moment, I´m more into decorating my home, vintage housekeeping and longing for Christmas. I guess that´s what fall does to me...

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