latest kawaii purchases

I just wanted to show you the latest additions to my stationary collection:

Memo pads and sticky notes.

Believe it or not, but most of these letter sets were bought in Sweden!

And these are the deco tapes I´m selling, $2 each, plus shipping:

deco tape auction won

I got these deco tapes for about 15USD, including shipping, absolutely a decent price I think (although not as cheap as the last one, where I got 60 rolls for less than $20), I´m keeping the cram cream tape at the bottom, and maybe the 4th from the top, I´m not sure whether I have that one or not. The rest will probably be sold over at flickr.


lotta kawaii!

I had an out of body kawaii experience yesterday! No, not really, but there were lots of kawaii in the mail, I recieved 60 (yes SIXTY!!!) rolls of mostly Disney deco tape (half is to be given away, half is to be sold, three is to be kept), tree large thin rolls of deco tape (one cram cream for me, two to be given away), two lettersets (one for a swap, one to keep) and my order from Ilovekawaii arrived as well, two lettersets, two memopads and two kinds of tiny post-its. Everything oh, so cute! I placed a bid on another 12 rolls of deco tapes (some cram cream, some Disney), one or two to be kept, the rest to be sold. See, what a good person I am, sharing my great finds!

I don´t do much kawaii lately...

But when I went looking for deco tapes at Tradera (they had so many cram cream ones!) for a swap next summer, there were lots of really cute stationary, so I had to have them. I mean, how often do I find that in Sweden? This is what I got:

image629 image630

I love food with faces, and the girly ones were too cute to pass by. The one with the icecream is very similar to another one I have, so I had to have that one.

I got all of these deco tapes too:

image632 image633
image634 image635

I will probably keep the red one with the bear in the top left pic, but the rest are presents.

hello kitty air line!

Yes, you read it right - there´s a Hello Kitty air line - take a look!

How´s that for air plane food!

auction won!

I just placed a bid on an online auction, for some kawaii stationary, and I won! It´s mine! I would´ve hated it, if I lost it, if there were some kawaii stationary sold in Sweden, and I couldn´t get my hands on it. It´s a good thing I did, I think, and it didn´t cost much either! It looks like this:


How I love food with faces!

mamegoma - cutest seal ever!

My favourite San-x character is Mamegoma (is it a seal? is it a whale? it´s cute, anyway!):

image38 image39
image41 image43 image44

If you want to shop Mamegoma (ok, - it´s a seal), check out this site, it´s where I found the money bank.

dunderklumpen - thunderlump

An absolutely fabulous childrens movie was made in 1974 (the same year I was born!), in the little town I grew up in. It´s about Jens, who´s in search of his toys that´s been stolen by the lonely Dunderklumpen. The drawings are wonderful and the music is great, go take a look!


more kamio came!

Yesterday (or was it the day before?) my new Kamio stationary arrived, I´m so happy with it, stationary with a bear and a lion, and memo pad wiith a duck - so kawaii!

my cram cream collection so far


kawaii stationary shopping

Thank goodness for Internet shopping, since kawaii can be a rare thing here in Sweden (we´re more into minimalism and retro, ok, not me, not the minimalism part, but Swedish style is very clean and minimal, and sometimes quite boring - the retro feel saves it a lot of the time). I bought some Kamio stationary on Tradera, an auction site here, first a letterset and a memo pad, and now two more lettersets and a memo pad - lucky me, no one else wanted to buy it, so she put the rest of the stationary up for auction again, and that´s when I snatched it! And it was not expensive at all, even with the postage, so yay! I will show you pics later, but I can tell you it´s lettersheets shaped like animal heads (a lion, a bear, and a burger gear), and duck and mushroom memo pads, so cute!

I was supposed to work 1½ this afternoon, but they just called and called it off, feels rather good, actually, going all that way for not even two hours of work feels a bit much. But I miss missing the snack - I´m between money, since the money that I was supposed to get today didn´t come, and it´s four more days until payday, which means I´m hungry. But I get to go food shopping on Monday - yay!

mr. men

When I was little, there were a lot of cute stuff, that´s totally right again - Hello Kitty, Smurfs and Barbapapa to name a few. I loved the Mr. Men as well, and think they should get a revival as well, they are cute and retro and nostalgic, and can be put on anything (love them on tees!), myself I would´t mind a Mr. Men bento!



I don´t know if you´ve noticed

but my blog has severely lacked in the kawaii department lately. Since it reflects me a lot, my obsessions and interests, it says that I almost felt like I was done with the whole kawaii thing. But usually it doesn´t take much to spark my interest, and since my latest Cram Cream purchase, I´m right back in the kawaii mood again. It feels good! One thing that I´m dying to get my hands on, is Cram Cream bentos, hope to be able to buy some later this summer, right now I´m half-way to the poorhouse. Why, you might ask? Because I´ve worked too much lately, that´s why. That means I won´t get unemployment compensation (that became a strange word, and probably not even the right one) now, and I won´t get payed until the end of June, when I hopefully will get rather plenty of money. So, I hope to get some kawaii stuff then. Maybe something like this:


japanese candy box memo pads

I found a great idea at My house is cuter than yours, where you can turn food boxes into memo pads. From all of my swaps, I´ve got some really cute Japanese candy boxes saved up (I couldn´t just throw them away, being so cute, and impossible to get my hands on here), and it dawned on me - Jap candy box memo pads! So I made three this morning, and they turned out rather nice, I think. I need to buy more paper, both white and coloured, and I would love a stapler that allows me to staple thicker bunches of paper, but as for a way to use thos pretty boxes - this is a great idea!

cram cream deco tape

I bought some deco tape the other day, one is a gift, so that one I won´t show you, but I got these Cram Cream ones too:

16274-479 16274-478

Aren´t they the cutest?

highlights - so the year ended in good stuff!

Yesterday I went to Skansen (open air museum/zoo), and I patted a moose!!!!!! Everytime I´ve been there, I´ve tried to touch one, and this time, I did! Ears and nose are really soft, and the body very coarse. And I touched it! Yay!
Oh, and I found a Cram Cream tray I didn´t already have. Somehow that wasn´t the highlight of the day...

The day before, I got my package from Shikin in Singapore, a box filled with Sanrio/Hello Kitty and Cram Cream and other kawaii things, and I absolutely loved everything. I will tell you more and show you later (tomorrow, maybe).

My eBay account is working, now I just need to fix the card problem on my PayPal account, and then I´m off shopping!


some of my kawaii stuff

I took some pics, this is what I´ve got in Cram Cream so far:

A cute deco tape from Japan:

What I´ve got (so far) in terms of pretty pink kitchen things, my pastry towels and a tray hanger:

this is in Copenhagen!

This is a Tea Room in Copenhagen. I got to go there!




in my own backyard...

Or to be more precise, in the tiny town I live in, I found some Cram Cream! Tote bags and small trays (yes, the same ones I´m getting), and very good prices. I got two totebags (so far), with sweets and with frogs. I will probably buy some more for me (to use, and not just to keep), and some to swap. I´m keeping my fingers crossed for some Cram Cream in swap packages for me too.

good things and bad

One good thing: I found Cram Cream yesterday!
One bad thing: It was the same trays that I already have (am getting for xmas).
How typical is that!
But I got my kitchen towels, and the new Adorn magazine (liked the deer cushion - might make it).

I´m doing a couple of new swaps with some old swappers, Charlene and Catherine, both from sunny California, USA. Why throw way a good thing?

One of my co-workers are going to Japan this Easter. I want to go too.... She promised to buy me things if I sent along some money, so that´s the next best thing.

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