highlights - so the year ended in good stuff!

Yesterday I went to Skansen (open air museum/zoo), and I patted a moose!!!!!! Everytime I´ve been there, I´ve tried to touch one, and this time, I did! Ears and nose are really soft, and the body very coarse. And I touched it! Yay!
Oh, and I found a Cram Cream tray I didn´t already have. Somehow that wasn´t the highlight of the day...

The day before, I got my package from Shikin in Singapore, a box filled with Sanrio/Hello Kitty and Cram Cream and other kawaii things, and I absolutely loved everything. I will tell you more and show you later (tomorrow, maybe).

My eBay account is working, now I just need to fix the card problem on my PayPal account, and then I´m off shopping!



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