perhaps for a tattoo?

I´m doing a pinup tattoo on my left arm, eventually, but I don´t know what kind of pinup yet. Should she knit? Do housekeeping? Something completely different? I found this picture, and do like it a lot. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland (the croquet game with the Queen), but is very vintage pinup too. Maybe it´s this one?

I also got a very lovely  postcard of a bird and some flowers (feels rather Asian), which I´m thinking about doing to cover up an old tattoo of a very odd bird on my shoulder. I have been thinking about covering that tattoo for a long time, and haven´t found anything good so far. Maybe the bird I´m thinking about...

My taste in tattoos have gone from all black to very colourful, and that bird and flowers would definitely go with a colourful theme. When I loose all of my excess weight, I´m tattooing stars on my right arm. When you are Weight Watching, you get a star for every three kilos you loose, so I´m doing all of those stars on my arm. Before, I was thinking black stars, but now I feel like colour: yellow, turqoise, green, pink... And one gold star, for when I reach my goal weight.

Yes, I do love tattoos, and some day, I want a lot of me covered - my arms, my back, my ribs, my ankles, possibly my legs... Yes, I think Kat von D looks great, and Pixie (also on LA Ink) looks even better. Colour does the trick!

do I look fat in this?

I need to print this, and put it by my scale! This is not even close to me, yet, but in a year - you´d think this was me!


suicide girls

I saw CSI New York last night, and one of the cases was a Suicide Girl getting killed. I thought they´d made the whole Suicide Girls-thing up, but I had to google it - and wouldn´t you believe it - they are for real! And since I´m into both pinup girls and goth, well, it couldn´t be more perfect. They are so beautiful, if I was younger and thinner, maybe I´d try to do it myself, well, now I´m neither, so I´ll just have to look at them, go ahead, you can do it too!

image560 image561
image562 image564

You know I couldn´t resist, I found the Suicide Girls book on Bokus, I had to get it, it was fairly cheap as well, about 25 USD, how could I possibly pass it up?

UPDATE: I got the book the other day, and it was lovely! Plenty of nudity, I have to admit, but not in the cheap, porno way. It´s lots of piercings and tattoos, and all of the girls are style icons! It´s defiantely a book I can leave on the coffee table, without it causing to many comments!

pin-up girls

If you can recall, a while back I wrote a post about Dita von Teese, one of my fashion icons. If you can remember that, it might not come as a shock, when I tell you that I love pin-up girls. Not the porno kind, but the 40s-50s ones, the "Vargas girls", the ones that are both naughty and nice, and even a little bit naive. See for yourself, and tell me what you think - aren´t they great?!

image505 image506
image507 image508

A girl on flickr told me about the Cristel pin-ups, they are also really great, take a look!

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