what a brillliant idea, if I may say so!

My bento accessory storage has run out of room - it´s jam packed, and it´s hard to find what I´m looking for, then I saw this great idea on flickr, and remembered this craft tool box I´ve seen at the craft store (not that expensive either!). I went there today, and it was every bit as perfect as I thought it would be, so I got it. Now I need to go home and organize my bento assessories! And there´s room for more as well - when ever I stumble upon some!

I had another great idea this weekend, well, maybe not an idea, exactly, and maybe not even mine, but still... I filled the freezer with bento sized lunch foods - I made tiny bread rolls, I did kind of pigs in blankets (tiny soy sausages wrapped in bread), little apple crumbles, mini Shepherd´s pies with aduki beans... Great things to have at home, when I don´t feel like cooking (hmm...), but still wants to enjoy a nice bento.

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I stepped up to the plate, sorry, lunch box!

You can´t pack a decent bento on an empty fridge, so I went shopping for food yesterday, even though I wasn´t going until next week - ah, well, now I have lunch for a while! I did some baking too - tiny muffins, perfect to pack in a bento. I brought one today, together with some grapes in a muffin box, but since I work and eat lunch with children, I can´t have the good stuff for lunch, so I had to have it at my morning brake. It tasted good, though! And I did bring a nice, packed bento today, with some spaghetti, mini soy dogs, falafel and veggies - not too bad, and looked pretty good!

can´t wait to make bento lunches!

What do you know - I had a post in me today! It´s been a while, but I feel the need for beautiful bento lunches again - for a long time, I´ve just put the food in the box (thanks to my earlier bento obsession, I have plenty of great lunch boxes!), now I´ve been looking at the bento group on flickr, and can´t wait to put together great lunches! And now I have some new boxes and accessories to use too!

I found some really good ideas:

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And if you ever wondered: Why do you bento?

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bento lunches

This weekend my sister and I went thrifting (she got really hooked, let me tell you!), and I was very financially sensible, I didn´t shop much (for about $3!), and I packed a bento lunch and brought along. Very simple, very yummy, very healthy: A fried egg sandwich, some broccoli, mini carrots and cherry tomatoes, and some physalis and orange. I felt very happy with myself!

I´ve got some half-packed bento´s in the fridge too, one of them will be eaten for lunch today. I´ve decided, that if I commit to eating bento sized portions, I can eat pretty much whatever I want, and I should still be losing some weight, since I usually eat too much (food is a good thing!). Clever, huh?

Found this, with a bunch of bento realted links: http://cookingcute.com/linksandresources.htm

my waiting is soon over!

I´ve been drooling over all of the amazing bento stuff on flickr, and now some is heading over to me! I ordered a bunch at ebay, one box, and some accessories, and I can´t wait for them to arrive, they should take 10-14 days (which is very decent, actually!). And than I will make bento lunches, and they will be pretty, and they will be healthy. Or they will be like today´s lunch, which was crap. But at least they will look good! Here´s a little taste of what I´m getting:

16274-472 16274-471 16274-470
16274-473 16274-474

Cute, huh? And now, when I look, there´s a lot more stuff I want, only since yesterday. Gaaahhh!

european mail is the best!

After only two days, I got my muffin boxes from Yurippe, and they are so great! Until I´ve posted pictures, go look at Yippe´s pics: the Christmas muffin box and the halloween muffin box. The bat cutter is a bit like this. If you want to buy something from Yurippe, go look in her shop!

You may have noticed a new kathegory, with my newfound obsession for bento´s, I had to make somewhere to put them, and since my obsessions usually end up in shopping sprees, well, there´s bound to be some bento writing and pics!

This is what I already got (can someone tell that I like pink?):
(click to see the bigger picture!)

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