lots of cheshire cats

I think I have my idea for a tattoo all figured out. I´ll use this pinup, and make it into an Alice in Wonderland, and then I´ll cover my old bird tattoo with a Cheshire cat. I think it will look absolutely perfect, and more importantly, it will be an image that has a meaning to me, not just a pretty picture. I don´t like the tattoos you make, just because you want a tattoo (such as my bird, and pretty much every tribal I´ve ever seen), I want it to represent  who you are or what´s important to you at the time you´re making the tattoo. I got a scarab on my ankle from when I studied egyptology, and a ball of yarn on my wrist. Alice in Wonderland is a big thing for me at the momen, I love the surrealism of both the story and the imagery, and the whole look of Alice and the Wonderland is a big influence on my personal style. I´m also doing a girl chasing bats on my back, which is an hommage to my gothic past (and the past of my personality that´s still dark and very infatuated with vampires and death), stars on my arm for the kilos I´m loosing, and then I have to think about the rest. Because there will be more - I want at least both arms and my back covered.

All of this, just because I wanted to post some pics of the Cheshire Cat...

A whole lot of cats to consider!


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