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the weightwatching is doing quite well - I´ve been walking everyday, I´ve followed the program, and in two weeks I´ve lost about 2 kilos - I couldn´t ask for much more! Tomorrow I get payed, I really need to shop for food, my fridge is so empty, I haven´t had a fresh veg for a few days, and I really miss it. So yay - shopping! This Friday, I´m going to Stockholm for some swap shopping as well, I think, it´s about time I started putting Belles (from Canada) package together, and tomorrow I have to send Dianes package, she´s had to wait far to long. So yay - money! They really have a way of brighten up my life!
Unfortunately my sister is not feeling as good about this weightwatching, she´s ready to give up, after only two weeks. I guess we´ll just have to cheer her up, helping her stay on the right track - I know she would hate herself, if all of us got thin and gorgeaus, and she was the only one that remained chubby. For the rest of us, my other sister and my friend, it´s going well, they are both losing weight, and they are both feeling good about this.
Me, I do a lot of wishful shopping in my head - buying clothes sucks when you´re fat, but it´s such a delight when you fit in all of the clothes in all of the shops - I hate the big-sections, they all assume that you are in your 50s, and I´m not even close. I´ve barely turned 30, and I love fashion, and I love to have a personal style - shouldn´t I be able to buy clothes as well? Well, in a year or so, I´m going shopping!

Postat av: Jo

WOW! 2 kilo! Looks like you are on your way to success! 1 of my good friend is a plus-size (14 or 16)...but we still can shop for fashionable clothes for her at Dorothy Perkins (sizes goes up to 18/20 i think) in Singapore. To me, their range is similar to Topshop (my fav), but at much cheaper prices. Wonder if u have it in Sweden... They are sooo GOOD! ;)

2007-04-26 @ 06:17:12
Postat av: malin

Hi Jo! I sure hope so! No, unfortunately, we don´t have Dorothy Perkins here (though I have a hoodie from them, bought second hand), they used to be at Debenhams, and they shut down in the beginning of the year. But 10 kilos or so will work wonders with the sizes, I hope, so I can shop H&M without looking at the plus sizes.

2007-04-26 @ 09:09:06
Postat av: Petra Ahlsten

Tycker om det du skrev! Skojigt att se lite schyssta grejer och inte endast det generella grejerna som man kan se om varje dag. ;)

2010-12-01 @ 19:50:37

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