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It´s been said before, both here on the blog and in my life, hopefully I won´t say it again. Today I´m counting points again, trying to lose some weight with the help of my old Weight Watcher material. I have lost waeight on several occasions, but the most was the first time, and since that worked so well, that´s the material I´m using. So I´m paying no attention to some of the newer "rules" (limitless amounts of rice or pasta for a fixed points value, or as many empty points you want within your daily points). The old ways were less forgiving, I have to admit, but perhaps that´s why they worked so well the last time - I lost about 60 pounds, and hope to do that this time too. Because, of course, I have gained all of that, and then some.

image823 Here I´m almost at my least fat, this is what I aim for. I wat to get even smaller, but at least, I want to be like this.

Actually, I had no plans on trying to lose weight now, I was going to wait until it was time for my gastric binding surgery, and then let that be the solution. But my sister phoned the other day, and said she was going to do it now, and I know I can´t bare to see her get thin, and still being as fat myself. But it feels quite good doing it now, and hopefully I won´t have to go through with the GB later (I´m quite nervous and hesitant, and would be so happy if I could lose weight without surgery).

Postat av: Helena

Jag undrar verkligen hur du kan få in bilder i dina texter? I min blogg är text och bild för sig och det skulle ju vara kul att ha dem tillsammans någon gång...

2008-05-25 @ 23:03:15

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