successful week!

Last week (my first one counting points), I lost 2.2 kg, that´s almost 5 pounds. And that´s with my period (when I usually gain a couple of pounds)! So I feel very good about that, and I think that´s the best start I could´ve asked for. But somehow the week ended not that good: on Saturday I went with my sister to Stockholm, and in the morning I felt really good - I had lost some weight, I had done my hair and makeup real nice, I was looking forward to a good day. But somewhere in the middle of the day, I was getting blue, and it got worse and worse and finally, I almost started to cry in the middle of a store (and I usually don´t cry at all). It got a bit better, after I had some chocolate (low bloodsugar, I bet), but then, in the evening, I went to my other sister´s house for a girls party, and I had a miserable time, I was bored out of my mind, and I went home at 8.30 pm. So - a good week and a bad weekend.


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