super pretty!

I have a problem uploading photos to my computer - suddenly it doesn´t work. But I managed to snatch one photo, of my pretty super girl:

I got the camera uploader to stay open long enough to copy my photos to a computer document, so you can see my latest chunky as well, a Parisian pretty girl:

I do like them both, I was very inspired by Suzi Blu, and tried my hardest to do layers and as mixed media as I could. What I really would like, though, are some acrylic paints and gesso, I´ll try to find some tomorrow when I get payed. Hopefully. 

Postat av: Gina Smith

Love your Vive la France girl. I don't know what a PAT is, believe it or not. I have about 5 left over original 4 x 4's from the Blythe book I hosted. These are by other artists. I also have 5 3 x 3's and 1 6 x 6. Let me know if you would like any of these. Why don't you and I swap 5 original 4 x 4's on any kind of girly theme- from pretty girls to Marie to Alice to whatever? How does that sound to you? I have lots of ephemera- anything special you are looking for? I can throw some in.


2009-05-24 @ 20:12:30

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