big marie antoinette swap

I´m home sick since a couple of days, and apparantly that works wonders to spark the creativity... I´m doing the pages for the Marie Antoinette 4x4 swap on Marie Antoinette Mail Art, so far we are 16 participants, but I´m making 20 pages, in case more people want to do it - there´s about two weeks left to sign up. Since I don´t do any computer based art, and don´t have a printer, I´m tracing all pages by hand. Let me tell you - there are lots of pages! I see a silver lining though - the swap could be bigger - some of these swaps have 40-50 participants. Meaning that you do 40-50 pages... And even if you print the base of your page, you still have to do some assemblage and embellishing. A lot of work! I´m painting a Marie portrait with a bit whimsy to it - she´s got a cake in her hair, and you can see her hand sneaking up there for a taste of the cake. I did a Swedish Prinsesstårta (Princess cake), because it looks pretty, and the name is appropriately regal too. And then my plan is to have the recipe on the backs, so everyone can make Prinsesstårta. Oh, and then I have the most fantastic ribbon (do you still call it ribbon when it´s 3-4" wide?) in pale blue and yellow/gold, which I hope will look perfect on the pages!


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