and I was so happy about the fronts...

I´ve spent a couple of hours assembling my Marie Antoinette swap pages, and I´m not sure how I feel about the result. I was so sure that the ribbon I found would look so perfect, but now I think it almost ruins my pages. And the backs seemed like such a good idea, with the recipe for the Princess Cake she´s wearing in her hair, but I´m not sure I like how it looks. I´ll give the pages time to dry, and the ribbon might need some ironing to lay flat, and then I can see how it really ended up looking. But for now, the big feeling is disappointment...


ETA: I decided that I didn´t like the ribbon on the pages at all, it totally destroyed them, I think. So I cut it off... I think I´ll add some lace, or a beaded fringe instead. I wish I had realized this after the first page, not after making all 19...

Something that makes me happier, is that three gorgeaus Marie Antoinette pages are on their way to me! And bigger binder rings - my book has outgrown the ones I have.

Oh, and I do like the gold polkadots I added to the fronts!


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