three made for PAT

I´ve painted three more pages for my chunky pages PAT, chunkified two of them, and added to my orange page:

monochromatic green (Emerald City)

fairytales (Rapunzel - of course I added a long braid!)

oriental/geishas (I really liked how the ribbons look, it feels rather Japanese, I think!)
I added the words, it´s a quote by Carl Sagan.

I´ve done 6 pages out of 11 (with some chunkification to do). I´m also doing quite a few chunky book swaps - the Pretty Girls Mixed Media (sent in), Wizard of Oz (halfway through chunking), Wonderful Trees (I´m not entirely happy with my trees, and I´m not sure they are good enough to send in), Found Poetry, a monochrome trade with meganspaperstudio, and then I´m also doing some 1/1 trades. You can safely say, that I´m up to my ears in chunkies! I can´t wait for my first pages to arrive - I really want to start assembling my books!


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