lots of chunky pages!

I´ve been painting all weekend, I´ve seen a total of three TV programs (usually I´m such a TV geek), the rest of the time I´ve had a brush or a pencil in my hand, pretty much. I´ve finished all of the PAT pages (without the chunk), and I´ve done pages for some private trades. First the PAT ones:

oriental page for jonquil

orange page for adriayna

unicorn for maria magenta

fantasy for dolores4fun

goddess (Scandinavian Idun) for dolores4fun

Something Swedish for ElectaBlue (a Midsummer Celebration):

I´ve added the ball trim on my found poetry. Btw, I withdraw from that swap, so the pages are available for trade!

And two monochromatic pages for a trade with meganspaperstudio:


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