last chunky pages for the pretty girls

I finished my last couple of pages for the Pretty Girls Mixed Media Chunky Pages this morning, including a page that eventually will become the front page of the chunky book to be. I have ordered a hole puncher, and hope it will arrive soon - I can´t wait to get my chunk on!


As usual, I´ve made one for myself to keep, it might not come as a surprise, when I say it´s the Alice´ one...

I have a bit of a problem, though - I´m running out of card stock! My ATC cardstock is not sturdy enough, and I don´t have many more notebooks to slaughter. And it´s more than a week until I get my pay! Oh no! I guess I´ll have to make some atc´s instead...

ETA: I took a photo of all the girls together - they would look really nice, if I made a book out of them! But I´m sure the book that I will eventually make, with all of the pages from the swap, will look even better!

Also - I made the Wixard of Oz cards from my atc card stock, I think they might work, I hope they aren´t too flimsy. And I hope my pretty girls aren´t too heavy...

ETA: I made a back for my Pretty Girls chunky book also:


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