a good thing, and a bad

I´ve completely finsihed all of my Tea Party chunkies, fronts, backs, chunk - all of it. Feels rather good, since those pages have been lying around forever. All I have to do now, is to await the arrival of the rest of the pages, enjoy the goodness, and then swap them out. I do love to host swaps!

Talking about arriving pages - I´ve recieved several of the Chunky PAT pages, and they are all lovely, and some of the participants have sent extra pages for me - so very thoughtful. But I noticed just now, adding a page to my Marie Antoinette chunky - it´s getting rather fat (yummy!), and the rings I´m using to bind it are getting a bit too small. And then consider this: I have at least 20 pages waiting to arrive for my book... I need bigger rings! Because I do want my book to be very fat and wonderful, I want all of those pages bound in one book.  


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