I´ve seen several ATCs made in "Zetti" style, but I´m not sure what it actually is. There are lots of black/white stripes, very decorated faces, rich "circus-y" colours, embellishing... But I want to try it for myself, and I want it to actually look Zetti. I´m collecting some links and pics on Zetti here, but what I really should do, is to print a bunch of pics to bring home, and then doodle.

What does Zetti mean? (forum thread)
(where I found this explanation:

A little bit more info to help designate what is Zetti:
-Contrasting textures and patterns
-Bright colors
-Black and White patterns (especially striped pattern)
-Faces and Bodies that are mis-matched (including animals)
-Added body parts/clothes/wings
-Fantastic hats and crowns
-Quirky, Odd, Whimsical combinations of characters
-Lyrical, poetic, handwriting and text

Teesha Moore is apparantly the Godmother of  Zetti

image762 image763

image764 image765
image766 image767


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