some thoughts on my art, and some pics to go with them

When I scroll down my posts, I can see it´s a lot of ATCs here now. You know how it is when I get a new obsession - I´m all over it for a while, and then I get tired of it. Actually, I hope this ATC thing won´t pass, or it will be like knitting and crafts - I might not do it for a while, but I always return to it. Doing ATCs is such a rewardi8ng thing - I post them on, and there aren´t many of them that don´t get snapped up, pretty much the minute  post them. That´s good for my self esteem! Who knows, maybe I can draw (as my family always have told me), which I never really thought that I could (in art class in school I always got a very average grade, my thought on that, is that I never did assignments exactly as they were supposed to be done, I always did them my own way, and apparantly that wasn´t appreciated). Still, I´m not good at realistic painting (I would like to take some classes on that), but I guess I have a style of my own, and that´s not a bad thing, I think. You can always tell a Picasso from a Matisse from a Tulouse-Lautrec, because of their style.

I did some ATCs last night, and then I pile this morning:

image776 image777
The flowers are for the host of the Marimekko swap, as a thank you, and the cat is for a trade. I feel that I won´t be making a lot more of these cats, I want to make other things as well...

image778 image779
image780 image781
image782 I didn´t know what to paint this morning, but I wanted to so something, so I thought, why not some little people. So I draw two, and then I thought of another, and then another... Maybe I should call them "loving people" in stead of "little people"?

I finally found a good solution on storing my ATCs yesterday, it´s not new or in any way exciting, but very practical. Simply a binder with plastic sleeves holding 9 cards (your average trading card sleeve). I didn´t think that I would like how it would look, but actually, I do. So this will work until I get a fancier one. Or this is the version I´ll stick to. I can tell you - I can´t get any solution cheaper than this!


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