some painting, but out of battery

I´ve painted some ATCs, a triptych for the Triptych swap at (a triptych is so to speak a painting in three parts, as if you´ve cut it in three, and a diptych is a painting in two parts - very fun, actually), an ATC for the Narnia swap (I´m not sure about that one, though) and another triptych for the swap. I have to paint another Sparky (I´m thinking about doing him in black and greys, to shake things up a bit), a couple more Narnia ones (I would like to send in 6, to get 6, I have a feeling they will be fabulous), and some more triptychs. It´s a good thing inspiration comes when I´m painting, or I would be worried...
(out of battery means no pics until tomorrow)

There, pics:

image807 image808

I also sent a big pile of ATCs today, I love it when they come dropping down the mail slot, I enjoy paining them, and I can send a big pile cheaper than I used to ship one of my swap packages (not to mention that the products used to make the cards are dirt cheap!) - I think I have found a hobby that´s just right for me!


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