painting owls

I´m doing an owl swap over at ATCs for all, so I have been painting owls for the last few days. You could choose between making (and getting) three or six cards, and after seeing all of the beautiful owl ATCs, I made six, since I want to get as many as possible (can you detect just a bit of greed there?), and then I made a couple of extra as a gift for the hostess.

image754 image755
As you can see, I went for three a bit more realistic, and three more retro looking ones. Painting realistic is difficult! I really need to practice a lot more!

As an hostess gift, I did one of Owl from Winnie the Pooh, and one of an old Greek coin, featuring the owl of Pallas Athena.

Can you tell that I love owls? By the way, I went to the Zoo last Saturday, guess where I spent the most time?



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