flying horse

My visitor count has sunken drastically lately, obviously not all of you think that ATCs is "da bomb"! I´m a bit curious - are the ones that keep coming old readers that wish for the return of happier days, or are you new, and into those little art cards? It would be fun to know, and it would be fun to know who you are, since most of you mostly lurk.

Anyway. I had an idea last night (the good thing about insomnia...), about moving wings on an ATC, so when I went up this morning, I had to try, and it worked like a charm:


I´m also making another house for Mr. Tumnus, for a trade, and I just joined the Join the Movement swap on, a swap with cards that move/open/slide/pop or in any other way can be played with. Fun! But it definitely takes a bit more of me as an "artist", now I have to get technical as well!


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