another long time talked about swap

I´ve been talking about another swap with Yurippe in Italy forever, since last winter, and now it´s finally time - I´m putting together the last things for her package, and off it goes (in a couple of days, anyway). I know I´ll get some wonderful things from Yurippe, some bento muffin boxes just to mention a few, so I can´t wait! I bought her a couple of bento boxes as well, I only hope they will fit inside the package!
UPDATE: Later today: I just shipped Yurippe´s package - now it´s just the "wait-and-hope-she-liked-it"-part left. Hope she likes it!

On a completely different topic - I saw the new Harry Potter movie yesterday - very nice! Almost 2½ hours flew by! I had some complaints about things changed from the book, but overall it was really good! Oh, and one of my favourite books, The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper, is released as a film this fall! Yay!


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