finished amigurumis

I promised pictures of some finished amigurumis, so here we go!

16274-276 This first one, is the horse my sister got for her birthday. Since it´s sharp, you know she took it...

These three are me using up some old cotton yarn, it became a bear, a lion and an elephant (the red spots on the elephants neck is actually pins keeping the head to its bode - it´s not really finished yet). I like them, because they´re not copies of amis I´ve seen before, they´re all mine!

16274-267 16274-26616274-265

Postat av: Charlene

The horse is so cute! I like the elephant too

2006-07-19 @ 21:37:58
Postat av: Monica

Rosa elefanten var bäst!

2006-07-27 @ 21:08:20
Postat av: Monica

Jag har ny blogg nu, välkommen förbi!

2006-10-15 @ 09:19:32

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