christmas shopping, just for me!

Ok, I made another entry before xmas, I´ll be home a half hour later instead, I think I should survive that. But after today, on the other hand, I just might not.... First I went with friend and kids to Stockholm for some last minute present shopping (toy stores are crazy two days before Christmas!!!), I managed the 5-year-old, she took the 10-year-old. Then, after sweating in the shops, I had to go meet my sister and son by the train, because she couldn´t carry all of her luggage, so I had to help carry. And then, finally, I could wave all of them goodbye, as they left for Jämtland (northern Sweden, back home). And then I could do my stuff. That is, I could shop just for me. Some things I wanted were gone, some were more expensive than I remembered, but I got some things anyway.
Pale pink bowl (so pretty!), pink plastic chopping boards and a tea ball with a pink handle, all for my kitchen, a couple of manga books, a gorgeaus nail polish (I had to let them gift wrap it, the wrapping bags were so beautiful, purple and black). Then I got some swap things too, for Charlene and Cat in California, USA, and for Shikin in Singapore. Yesterday I swap shopped some too, and found a dead cheap pink plastic bowl and a couple of plastic canisters. I love pink stuff, and I can´t deny...

Postat av: kwoozy

ok.. this is a little late since I have been off the radar for a week! Merry Xmas! Hope you had a good one.
And Happy New Year too.

looks like you enjoyed your shopping! and hello to your babies too!

2006-12-27 @ 02:37:17

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